Saturday, 6 February 2016

No 11618, Saturday 06 Feb 2016, Sunnet

1   Best fellow to drop (6) FLOWER {F}{LOWER}
4   Sailor almost enters a small hollow nearby (8) ADJACENT {A}{D{JACk}ENT}
10 Passes above carts (9) OVERHAULS {OVER}{HAULS}
11 Just the French girl (5) LEGAL {LE}{GAL}
12 Pest to annoy Rex (5) BORER {BORE}{R}
13 Landing spot's defective (9) TOUCHDOWN {TOUCH}{DOWN}
14 Wax verbally without doubt for the most part (7) LACQUER (~lack){LAC}{QUERy}
16 Throw a vessel (4) BOWL [DD]
19 Nearly frighten Mark (4) SCAR SCARe
21 Collapsed arcade housed unknown crèche (7) DAYCARE {Y} in {ARCADE}*
24 Before youthful claimant (9) PRETENDER {PRE}{TENDER}
25 Captain takes Monday's stint (5) SKIMP {SKI{M}P}
26 Look to snare user credential (5) LOGIN {LO}{GIN}
27 Residents return officer's trophy to soldiers (9) OCCUPANTS {OC<=}{CUP}{ANTS}
28 Reportedly tear placed across another one is more fashionable (8) TRENDIER {REND} in {TIER}(~tear)
29 Physicians stop harmful exercises (6) DRILLS {DR{ILL}S}

1   Dance after end of game (8) FOOTBALL {FOOT}{BALL}
2   A dog's unable to cope with more than an idea at a time (3-5) ONE-TRACK {ONE}-{TRACK}
3   Queen holds the element (5) ETHER {E{THE}R}
5   Upset, I'd burst out (7) DISTURB*
6   Completely criminal and awfully wealthy (3,3,3) ALL THE WAY {AL}{L THE WAY}*
7   Urge to punch poultry container (3,3) EGG BOX {EGG} {BOX}
8   Knack of putting beer into explosive (6) TALENT {ALE} in {TNT}
9   Better boatman (6) PUNTER [DD]
15 Dirty relative also has a hint of eczema (9) UNCLEANED {UNCLE}{AN{Ec...a}D}
17 Not applicable for number in theoretical subject (8) NATIONAL (-no+na)NATIONAL
18 Came across climbing insects in storms (8) TEMPESTS {TEM<=}{PESTS}
20 Forbidden area in communist territory? (3,4) RED ZONE {RED} {ZONE}
21 Credit becomes straightforward (6) DIRECT*
22 Pineapple Technology's computer program (6) APPLET [T]
23 Circle of nearly three miles (6) LEAGUE [DD]
25 Excellent meal on spending a penny (5) SUPER SUPpER



  1. Replies

    2. @Raghunath: I believe it is something to do with today.

    3. raghu@9:40 got all but one of the theme words

    4. From Wikipedia: NFL Super bowl 50 to be played on Feb 7, 2016

  2. Former cricket umpire Darrell Hair would throw a fit at 16 A.

  3. Cute xword from Sunnet today - some slight tricky definitions :) Flower = best, overhaul = pass, national = subject etc.. enjoyed :)

  4. Satisfying solve for me as i had one clue missing(25D)(missing in The Hub)..
    Loved the clues...nice wordplay & variety too...

  5. An enjoyable exercise in spite of a few blanks and a few missing annos.
    Is 'Login' a hyphenated word?
    Want to ask where 25 D is available?!

  6. Hi everyone.

    Having been away from home on travel over the current week, I missed out on the 7th anniversary of this blog.

    Nevertheless, my belated wishes to the Col and his family and the entire band of solvers and regular visitors.

    Pardon if this is found impertinent. Those who have joined the blog only recently can read the following post of mine @ 8:01 am on Feb 4, 2014 on the occasion of its fifth anniversary (2014). For the old-timers, it could be a piece of nostalgia.

    1. Thank you for the link which revives old cherishable memories. I got the bearing right- I mean the latitude & longitude. Why impertinent? It was a good summarisation for both the old & new bloggers, with a request to write a new piece for next year's anniversary. Cheers!

  7. Cute little tricky one from Sunnet. Found NW corner the toughest...nevertheless an enjoyable solve. Thank you, Sunnet.

  8. 23D - League - reminded me to brush up on pirate literature.

  9. An enjoyable grid, Best for flower was tricky