Monday, 15 February 2016

No 11625, Monday 15 Feb 2016, Gridman

1   Uh ohbout turns into chaos (8) TOHUBOHU*
5   Exit, say, on ship (6) EGRESS {EG}{RE}{SS}
10 Signal in heroic tale about regular suer (7) GESTURE {GESTE} around {sUeR}
11 One-time payment by high class politician in Lok Sabha to Guam, regularly (7) LUMPSUM {L{U}{MP}S}{gUaM}
12 Jerk's jeer at church (6) TWITCH {TWIT}{CH}
13 Queen's vehicle (8) VICTORIA [DD]
15 Old writer is frank (4) OPEN {O}{PEN}
16 When it's the end of night (5,2,3) BREAK OF DAY [CD]
18 Cheer up, greeting cricketer with tea in the river (10) EXHILARATE {EX{HI}{LARA}{T}E}
20 Sweet, top-class teacher (4) GURU {GUR}{U}
23 Military branch to express power (3,5) AIR FORCE {AIR} {FORCE}
24 Where a serviceman packs his troubles? (6) KITBAG [CD]
26 He disparages a big shot (7) KNOCKER [DD]
27 Save student kidnapped by brute (7) SALVAGE {SA{L}VAGE}
28 Mind on varied nets (6) RESENT {RE}{NETS*}
29 Regular incline of scholar that is no trump (8) GRADIENT {GRAD}{IE}{NT}

1   Well-balanced individual in the street show (9,6) TIGHTROPE WALKER [CD]
2   Very many on French island are antagonistic (7) HOSTILE {HOST}{ILE}
3   Throw out second-rate measure (6) BOUNCE {B}{OUNCE}
4   Chase scoundrel (4) HEEL [DD]
6   Fortitude of good referee, not one to quaver (8) GUMPTION {G}{UMP}{NOT+1}*
7   Made certain end user's fulfilling experience (7) ENSURED*
8   Danger mummy just unravelled in court verdict (7,8) SUMMARY JUDGMENT*
9   Secretive person about Indian workers being those making demands (9) CLAIMANTS {CLA{I}M}{ANTS}
14 Rep and corder together rush to tape in advance (9) PRERECORD*
17 Language almost completely good and working with family (8) ALGONKIN {ALl}{G}{ON}{KIN}
19 Endlessly fool around with officer in luxury car — how awful! (7) HORRORS {R{O}R} in {HORSe}
21 One takes it in offence (7) UMBRAGE [CD]
22 French girl and daughter have had enough food to eat (6) FILLED {FILLE}{D}
25 Russian despot's star turn (4) TSAR*



  1. Gridman's "15 letter" grid was thoroughly enjoyable...nice start to a new week

  2. Interesting and enjoyable CW. Got all but a few in the first round, but had a few gaps in SW corner. Managed to breast the tape (samosas?) with a good bit of dictionary & google.
    Tried to fit in 'Brouhaha' for 1A before search.Enjoyed the 2 long verticals,Queen's vehicle and the CD's.
    Algonkin was the last to fall.

  3. Vasant is obliquely hinting at how to identify any of Gridman's grids. I use six grids, the first of which will have words/phrases of ten letters and less. The second will have 11-letter slots and less, third 12 and so on to one with slots of 15 letters and less. These grids have been appearing appear in a cyclic order since the beginning, unless a special grid is used for any special crossword.

    1. Sir, you had given a detailed account to one of my earlier now I have only six of your grids...
      The whole process of preparing a grid..filling & then clie writing is a fascinating process & your blog in crossword unclued remains one of favourites & is a manual in itself for all budding setters

    2. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. A gentle start to the week. Enjoyable as always...with samosas! Thank you, Gridman. :)

  5. Hat trick samosas from GM. Thank you Sir.

  6. Enjoyable Grid, tohubohu and algonkin were both new to me.Loved 'Tightrope walker'.
    'twitch' is not too clear to me ,as the def is jerk and twit also seems to come from jerk in a different sense.
    Thank you Sir

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  7. Great xword Gridmanji :) Most opportune .. didnt get it all though - missed out on kitbag :( But sure had fun in the circs :) Thanks a million..