Thursday, 11 February 2016

No 11622, Thursday 11 Feb 2016, Gridman

1   Virtue of a girl and niece broadcast (8) PATIENCE {PAT}{NIECE*}
6   What’s there on many a terrace or roof ? Gossip! (4) DISH [DD]
9   Traffic snarl? Clash? Get a container of preserves (3,3) JAM JAR {JAM} {JAR}
10 Say one's whole — that's deeply expressive (7) SOULFUL (~ sole){SOUL}{FUL}(~full)
13 Known not a little gloriously (9) NOTORIOUS {NOT}{glORIOUSly}
14 In Belur I debated. That's sensational (5) LURID [T]
15 Finishes objectives (4) ENDS [DD]
16 Fruit for dog, say, produces sadness (10) MELANCHOLY (~melon){MELAN}{CHOLY}(~ collie)
19 Jail big nut — and it's OK for rejoicing (10) JUBILATING*
21 Ball lost in marketplace in tourist city (4) AGRA AGoRA
24 New reporter has it in an old measure (5) CUBIT {CUB}{IT}
25 Handy general guidance (5,4) THUMB RULE &lit
26 Feckless heirs follow one royal Dublin native (7) IRISHER {1}{R}{HEIRS*}
27 See, are you on street extremely snappy and bad-tempered? (6) CRUSTY {C}{R}{U}{ST}{s...pY}
28 Tease a tribal (4) NAGA {NAG}{A}
29 Laughing at editor coming back on a motorcycle (8) DERIDING {DE<=}{RIDING}

2   In central Hawaii Edward stood by (7) AWAITED {hAWAIi}{TED}
3   Being the member of a court panel, causes hurt (6) INJURY {IN}{JURY}
4   Most specific sign in bird's home (9) NARROWEST {N{ARROW}EST}
5   Satisfies odd Pole leaving and relaxes (5) EASES plEASES
7  Conclude there's no ball of fire (7) INFERNO {INFER}{NO}
8   Leave for creator and tourist (12) HOLIDAYMAKER {HOLIDAY}{MAKER}
11 Open, roofless fun block (6) UNLOCK {fUN+bLOCK}
12 In exchange of views, I, in France, substituted a sudden exclamation (12) INTERJECTION {INTER(-a+je)JECTION}
17 Girl with gateman, no big communicator (9) ANNOUNCER {ANN}{bOUNCER}
18 Mark learner in mess (6) BLOTCH {B{L}OTCH}
20 Overindulging boy caught in brawl (7) BABYING {BA{B}YING}
22 Major consumer (7) GLUTTON [CD]
23 A limit? On the contrary, be overflowing (6) ABOUND {A}{BOUND}
25 Short hint to Communist ready to bed (5) TIRED {TIp}{RED}



  1. Put DIRT for DISH and missed the HOLIDAYMAKER...:(

  2. Enjoyed it but could only smell samosas. Missed out on babying and put jam in second half and was having car/ can for the first.
    I was doubtful about Irisher- thought it should be Irishman only.

  3. Three wrong answers for me..jam jar..narrowest & babbying...
    Lovely puzzle..

  4. Missed jamjar. I put canjar(can also preserves).cubit also failed me.20,22d- good stretch of imagination.Food for thought.25a- but for the intersecting letters I would not have made it.Overall another nice puzzle from GM. Thank you,sir.

  5. Yippeee crispy samosas today :) Thanks CV sir.

  6. Enjoyable crossword. Missed DISH and BABYING. Thank you, Sir.

  7. An enjoyable crossword sir,loved a major glutton.