Thursday 25 February 2016

No 11634, Thursday 25 Feb 2016, Scintillator

As usual I have a lot of unanswered questions when Scintillator appears?

1   Some teachers be lecturesome about famous people (6) CELEBS [T<=]
4   Northern state gets a reduction — that's a blow! (8) UPPERCUT {UPPER}{CUT} (Addendum - {UP}{PER}{CUT} - See comments)
9 Caught entering playfully — Judge ruled out a crime (6) INCEST {IN(-j+c)CEST}
10 Last hurrah from a graceful bird? (4,4) SWAN SONG [CD]
12 Tooth biting in sleep when it is freezing outside (8) PREMOLAR {P{REM}OLAR}
13 An alto could be jarring (6) ATONAL*
15 A crow heading out from a small stream (4) ROOK bROOK
16 Condition I see a lot is dwarfism (10) ATELEIOSIS*
19 Woollen fabrics wrinkled in some regular creases (10) CASSIMERES {In+SoMe+CREASES}* Anno not clear 
20 Reject ingredients of medical drug (4) ACID [T<=]
23 God provided your first branch (6) RAMIFY {RAM}{IF}{Your}
25 No upper-class Incas settled here? (8) SCANSION* Definition not clear (Addendum - ASUNCION* - See comments)
27 Hardly a font applicable to certification (8) NOTARIAL {NOT}{ARIAL}
28 Having false statements on bachelor's, they don't deserve to be looked at (6) UGLIES {UG}{LIES}
29 Placed golf ball around tree, swung and moved unsteadily (8) TEETERED {TEED} around {TREE}*
30 Resolute support that's outwardly cunning (6) STEELY {S{TEE}LY}

1   Cheerful carpenter, possibly (7) CHIPPER [DD]
2   Promiscuous hero seduced by crafty clues (9) LECHEROUS {CLUES}* over {HERO}
3   For two times, betray a religious leader (6) BISHOP {BI}{SHOP}
5   Uncle would take that puppet (4) PAWN [CD] [DD] See comments
6   One could be involved in intense workout (8) EINSTEIN {1} in {INTENSE}* Is this supposed to be an &lit?
7   Head of country, Queen to possess this? (5) CROWN {Co...y}{R}{OWN} &lit
8   Switches to somewhat minor bolting horse (7) TOGGLES {TO}{GG}{LESs}
11 Strongholds of religious sects supporting Left (7) CASTLES {CAST{L}ES}
14 Navy is rather depressed (7) FLUENCY Is the only thing I could fit here. Don't know how to classify the clue if it is right (Addendum - BLUEISH [DD] - See comments)
17 Let go of rule when facing coldness after a lot of axe (9) SACRIFICE {SACk}{R}{IF}{ICE}
18 Defence to show off influence (3,5) ?I? FORCE AIR FORCE (Addendum -{AIR} {FORCE} - See comments)
19 Military officer seizes yellow bag and small 7 Dn. (7) CORONET {C{OR}O}{NET} Yellow for gold?
21 Extremely deadly and foul family (7) DYNASTY {De..lY}{NASTY}
22 Honourable man emerging from dark times, say (6) KNIGHT (~night)
24 Leading milliner puts it on 3 Dn.? (5) MITRE {Mi...r}{IT}{RE} Semi&lit
26 Friend, the game ends here! (4) MATE [DD]



  1. 14 Down: I filled BLUISH as blue relates to Navy and Depressed.

  2. 25 No upper-class Incas settled here? (8) ASUNCTION*

    anagram of NO + U + INCAS

    1. yep me too..had it as Asuncion as above.. and 14d as Blueish hence

    2. Asuncion is a city in Paraguay,SA. 'Here?' is the def.?
      PS- No T in the fodder.

    3. Yep here is the def.. the T is a typo.. its Asuncion

  3. 18D Defence to show off influence (3,5) {AIR} {FORCE}

  4. 19D- Yellow for gold?
    Gold is often referred to as yellow metal.

  5. The best I have been able to do in A Scintillator CW. Holes in SW corner.
    Missed sacrifice since I had put in sturdy in stead of steely for 30A.
    Nice way to end the CW in checkmate!

  6. Overall a good solve today .. tks scintillator..

  7. Replies
    1. SHOP: [slang, chiefly Brit] to inform on or betray, esp to the police (Free Dict)

  8. Came to solving after missing out 2 days due to hectic work schedule...lots of holes..maybe due to lack of concentration..

  9. To PP mam: I have been trying to register in the Hub but Im not getting the password despite filling in the necessary details..Request your can notify me in the following

    1. PS:The hub has been a great help for me..i get the clues early in the morning(thanks to Bhavan & Col sir)

    2. I thought you were Sarang on The Hub

    3. I too have the same difficulty. Although I was hubbing earlier, I forgot my password and asked the admin for change passowrd. Nothing happened so far. I gave up

    4. Vasant, I have sent a pm to RR, the administrator. Also has mentioned about KK Rao's password application. I really missed him and wondered why the gems are keeping away. AMany unforgettable orkut friends!

    5. Vasant,you can use facebook to login.

    6. Vasant there is f connect icon at the top of the page. Just click that & it will ask you for user id & password.

  10. Did the last 2 days crossword...enjoyable stuff but agree with the general feeling that Arden's puzzles are getting tougher

    1. Since I had not Arden's last 2 xwords...i did them today

    2. Vasant, am surprised at your not getting HUB membership. Shall put in a word.

    3. My mistake of not contacting you earlier..had applied at least 5 times

  11. 5A was meant to be a DD (Uncle=Pawnbroker). The theme is that of chess pieces and their symbols.