Tuesday, 9 February 2016

No 11620, Tuesday 09 Feb 2016, Spinner

1   Surprisingly, court isn't after criminal establishment (12) CONSTRUCTION {CON}{COURT+ISN'T}*
10 This Setter has no special secret (5) INNER spINNER
11 Forgery I am into it, crazily! (9) IMITATION*
12 Supplying some marijuana amongst a cartel (6) ARMING {A}{R{Ma...a}ING}
13 Asses die strangely due to ailments (8) DISEASES*
15 Unsettled uncle left, jumping off moving train (9) UNCERTAIN {UNClE}{TRAIN*}
16 Start argument about a territory (4) AREA {Ar...t}{RE}{A}
20 CM is trying to contain smog (4) MIST [T] He sure is amongst all his antics!!
21 Settle their woes or... (9) OTHERWISE*
24 ...lie to leaders of Locomotive employees society, seemingly agitated (8) RESTLESS {REST}{Lo...e}{Em...s}{So...y}{Se...y}
26 Notices beer crates every now and then (6) ALERTS {ALE}{cRaTeS}
28 Wins for six hundred members of British party (9) VICTORIES {VI}{C}{TORIES}
29 Gas spreading over plantation (5) GROVE {G}{OVER}*
30 “It's a small, broken down workshop!” “That's adequate!” (12) SATISFACTORY {ITS+A+S}*{FACTORY}

2   Baubles, gold stars wrapped around book (9) ORNAMENTS {OR}{NAME{NT}S}
3   Forest rangers arresting unknown person (8) STRANGER [T]
4   Right to abet robbery (4) RAID {R}{AID}
5   It's primarily in charge during emergencies/attacks (10) CRITICISES {CR{IT}{IC}ISES}
6   Photographs Spinner playing games (6) IMAGES {I}{GAMES*}
7   Pins hurt when stuck into naked skin, at first (5) NAILS {Na..d}{AIL}{Skin}
8   Key model stored inside bottle (5) VITAL {VI{T}AL}
9   Abnormal rising sun captured by two undergraduate beginners next to Alabama (7) UNUSUAL {Un...s}{SUN<=}{Un...s}{AL}
14 Space Transportation System's creative but doesn't incorporate right data (10) STATISTICS {STS} has {ArTISTIC}*
17 River rose, flowing into lake (9) RESERVOIR*
18 Wander behind troublemaker in rally (7) IMPROVE {IMP}{ROVE}
19 Endless resolve to break into firm by evening (8) TWILIGHT {WILl} in {TIGHT}
22 Nearly every other ball leads to Malinga outsmarting Sachin Tendulkar (6) ALMOST {bAlL}{Ma...a}{Ou...g}{Sa...n}{Te...r}
23 One who leads you and me to that woman (5) USHER {US}{HER}
25 Belts worn on feet? (5) SOCKS [DD]
27 Finally, India is returning to the summit of Anatolian region (4) ASIA {i..iA}{IS<=}{An...n}


  1. Early breakfast of scrunchy satisfying samosas! Thank you Spinner for an enjoyable CW.
    Could not get the anno for 14D.
    Why did Sachin have to be outsmarted by Malinga? I would have preferred the other way!

  2. Struggled for a long time to fit in Ozone, taking gas as def. For lack of a proper anno., I started looking around and landed in the grove.

  3. Cake walk Samosas! Thank you Spinner

    1. My dear Ram, What did you finally eat? Cake or samosas? Or Kanchipuram idli or whatever was served at the breakfast table? Specify!

    2. LOL...Sir, it was Chappathi with panneer masala... to be specific.

    3. I suppose one has to go to the dining table only if he cannot get any cake or samosa here, am I right?

  4. Thanks Spinner :) certain words do strike a chord )

  5. Liked the clue 20a and the Col's apt comment against it. Nothing shrouded there!

  6. Thank you Spinner for offering crispy samosas!

  7. An easy but enjoyable fare from Spinner...lots of usual references to cricket made the puzzle lot spicier...a 30A solve

  8. A good feast indeed.words fell in from unexpected quarters thanks to handy clues.2d - new dimention to stars.6d- play with games or words? 25d -Top('s)imagination agitated. In nutshell most 'its a small broken down workshop' Thank you, top sir.

  9. Sorry for the typo.pl. read as dimension.

  10. It was smooth, consistent clearing the grid and done before starting for work. Thanks Spinner

  11. Long time ago I used to do Jumble which appeared in Indian Expresss.This was a creation by Henri Arnold..just rediscovered it in telegraph edition..http://www.telegraphindia.com/jumble

  12. Delectable fare.Thank you. You really TOP.

  13. Thanks for all the 'top' comments :)
    Paddy ji,the first few deliveries that beat the master's bat make the barrage of boundaries that ensue even more enjoyable.

  14. Spinner Srivathsan Santhanam haS Set a Satisfactory Sizzler ! Superb Solving Such a Smooth Sailing Ship !!

    Serve uS Some more !

  15. An Enjoyable and easy crossword ,got all today. Feeling great,thanks Spinner