Sunday, 7 February 2016

Special, Sunday 07 Feb 2016, Raju Umamaheswar

Three answers per commenter (with annotations) till 6 PM.
All your answers to be preferably provided in one comment.

1   Old bird in tavern creates a stink (American?) (3,4)
2   Are gorillas able to make hors d'oeuvres? (7)
9   Dance hugged by a Swiss ambassador (5)
10 Talkshow group gives bad review to English records (9)
11 Out patient colonists will admit 200  dwellers (9)
12 Topic - hedge in a note (5)
13 Intended to get one to me in the interim (8)
15 Tabloid editor carried on (5)
17 Taunt topless women in the family (5)
19 They toil, ultimately wearing overshoes (8)
22 Drainage system for tailor? (5)
23 Lover intoxicated in this? What a comic ursine? (9)
24 Adrenal anti-inflammatory release (9)
25 Genuflect in pews--) suitor's device? (5)
26 Chrisie's forte'- with nothing changed for error in my tale (7)
27 Hordes start to riot inside the itsy-bitsy piece (7)

1   American waiter - lad follows a  carriage (6)
2   Check out innocent's speech - threats hovers over the head (9,6)
3   Impassive head of college bears a torn pad (7)
4   Sorry, gutless people get involved in a landlord's job (9)
5   Average person's figures (5)
6   Recklessly put on alert-- journo's nightmare (2,5)
7   'Cattle class' flier - or geese snapping? (9,6)
8   Noses out to shell American reserves (8)
14 Near falling buyer in NSE who isn't excited? (9)
16 Pepper Crown composed music (8)
18 Artists go up to eat fish (7)
20 Wrecker splitter (7)
21 Do these beauties sound sweet? (6)
23 To start with, wet, slimy, makes you sick! (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at RAJU U 4



  1. 13 A Intended to get one to me in the interim (8) MEANT I ME
    22 A Drainage system for tailor? (5)SEWER

  2. 13A: (MEANT)(I)(ME)

    1. Making up for 13A

  3. DOWN
    1 American waiter - lad follows a carriage (6)BUS BOY

  4. 2(corrected 5) A Are gorillas able to make hors d'oeuvres? (7) (CAN)(APES)

  5. 1A Old bird in tavern creates a stink (American?) (3,4) BA(D ODO)R

  6. 2D Check out innocent's speech - threats hovers over the head (9,6) DAMOCLES'S SWORDS

  7. 9A SAMBA [T]
    17A AUNTS {tAUNT}[S}?
    3D {DEA{PAD}*N}

  8. 6D- No later- (On alert)*
    Def.- Journo's nightmare

  9. 24a CORTISONE (E)
    26a MY/ST(=E)[-o]RY
    4d RE(P..E)NTING

  10. 11A {O(CC)(U?)P}{ANTS} couldn't get how 'U' came in.

    1. If it was 200 posh (or) 200 high class (or) 200 urban, then we would get CC/U

  11. 12 A THEME [ T(HEM-hedge) E-note ] def : Topic

  12. Still on board:
    Across: 10, 19, 23, 25, 27
    Down: 5, 8, 14, 20, 21, 23

  13. Lovely Puzzle.The two long ones were really were the others..

  14. 19 A G RUBBERS
    23 D W OOZY
    25 A KNEEL DD

  15. 19A G RUBBERS
    23A {W{OLVER*}INE}
    27A TH{R}ONGS

  16. Compensating
    20D BREAKER (DD)

  17. 5D - {C}{ONES}
    21D - BELLES (~bells)
    14D - E{BULL}IENT Can't get the annotation

  18. I am also curiously waiting for the anno of 'Ebullient'- I had to fill it in, but does not fit in meaning. It is the antonym of one who isn't excited! Can we expect a clarification from Raju later tonight? He sticks to U.S. timings even when he is here.

  19. Hi ! Hope ye-all enjoyed. I should think so, as no brickbats were thrown my way !! If there are no bouquets , I'm still at peace, for I'm a stithapragna, you see ! Thanks Vasant. I try to compile but do not enjoy doing it. I was merely filling the gap for the COl's appeal. Thanks Col for your forbearance. I enjoy cooked food on my table, you see
    Near falling buyer in NSE who isn't excited? (9) EBULLIENT. Sorry, there was a typo- it should have read FAILING and not falling !

    E+ BULL + I.E- N'T - Bull for one who buys in the stock exchange- National Stock Exchange

    1. Raju it's still not clear.

      How is near failing = E, from where do I.E and N'T come from?

    2. Does "isn't " become "ient"?

    3. F would be failing. So E is nearly flunked. Def is excited. IENT I have not followed

    4. Maybe the clue should be 'that is'nt' instead of who isn't

  20. Interesting xword. Found the clues a bit unusual ! Thanks Raju Umamaheshwar

  21. Were there any clues left to be completed ? I'm asking this because 8d has been entered at 2044 hrs?

  22. That is a repetition of the clue solved earlier. But we are expecting furthe clarification reg. 14D.

  23. E+ BULL + I.E- N'T - Bull for one who buys in the stock exchange- National Stock Exchange .

    Going back to yesterday's 14 down: I had meant isn't as int . On Thursday, I had put together this crossie in a hurry to reach the Col on time for the Sunday Special. That's how the clue ' no later ' got germinated ! As ye-all know, annotation is not my forte' nor is splitting hair , so long the answer falls in place. I'm still learning the grammar of cryptic crossies and do find the latest techniques of deletions and additions and alternate letter- building as specialised by Afterdark and others and marvel at their patience in building up such clues. I'm more used to a ready-to-use food on the table and by and by will try to stir up some good stuff, garnishing and all. I am not a foodie and believe in the dictum: Neeyat bharna and not peth bharna ! If the taste is good, presentation can take a second place for me !! Sorry folks, may be a few typos also got ye-all climbing the wall !!