Saturday, 27 February 2016

No 11636, Saturday 27 Feb 2016, Incognito

Note: Starred clues have no definitions but share a common theme.


8 Japanese container found in the middle of main road (4) INRO (T)
9 Old Mexican from Arizona’s next to Lawrence and Charlie (5) AZTEC {AZ}{TE}{C}
10 First, tightly embrace a criminal (4) THUG {Tightly}{HUG}
11* That woman's after a soldier (6) ANTHER {ANT}{HER}
12* First Indian cry (8) FILAMENT {F}{I}{LAMENT}
13 Kiss large copper after time (8) OSCULATE {OS}{CU}{LATE}
15 Create electrically charged particles using material from onion? Is expensive! (6) IONISE (T)
17 Pans used for frying // eight legged creatures (7) SPIDERS (DD)
19 A six-footer on my back? Just the opposite (7) ANTONYM {ANT}{ON}{YM<=}
22 Holds hundred and fifty snakes (6) CLASPS {C}{L}{ASPS}
24 Handicapped devil broadcasted (8) IMPAIRED {IMP}{AIRED}
26 Had a second look at scene through mouthpiece of 32 (8) REVIEWED {RE{VIEW}ED} 
28* Return sauce around first (6) PISTIL {P{IST}IL<=}
30 Rush past menagerie mortuary initially (4) ZOOM {ZOO}{Mortuary}
31* Eggs are placed on a line (5) OVARY {OVA}{RY}
32 Boer is endlessly after round instrument (4) OBOE {O}{BOEr}


1 A 'no' in French can mean quite soon (4) ANON {A}{NON} 2 Baffle and persecute a dog (8) FOXHOUND {FOX}{HOUND}
3 Student renders song around the end of Lent as an adoration of the Holy Trinity (6) LATRIA {L}{ARI{lenT}A}
4 I ran after Saint suffocated (7) STIFLED {ST}{I}{FLED}
5 “Old maid, kill in Mumbai suburb!” (8) SCULLION {S{CULL}ION}
6* Soldiers follow some terrorist attackers initially (6) STAMEN {Some}{}{At..ers}{MEN}
7 Run excitedly after model and gyrate (4) TURN {T}{RUN*}
14* Leaps around (5) SEPAL {LEAPS*}
16* Found in nasty legends (5) STYLE (T)
18 Got up in front of forest tree (8) ROSEWOOD {ROSE}{WOOD}
20 Miss Ono excitedly hugged setter by oversight (8) OMISSION {MISS ONO}* around I
21 One of those grains that one might sow in the heat of youth (4,3) WILD OAT (CD)
23* Mother chases soldier retreating on street (6) STIGMA {ST}{IG<=}{MA}
25 Father has a yen for fruit (6) PAPAYA {PAP{A}{Y}A}
27 Cupid's present at the tail of a rhinoceros (4) EROS {rhinocEROS}

Reference list

Arizona=Az, Lawrence=TE, Charlie=C, That woman=Her, Soldier=Ant, First=F, Indian=I, Large=OS, Copper=Cu, Six-footer=Ant, Hundred=C, Fifty=L, First=Ist, Line=Ry, Round=O
No in French=Non, Student=L, Saint=St, Mumbai suburb=Sion, Soldiers=Men, Model=T, Setter=I, Mother=Ma, Soldier=GI, Street=St, Father=Papa, Yen=Y

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. Woke up early & solved this theme based pangramatic offering from Incognito..was searching for double pangram..didnt find it

    1. Had lot of time in hand to tackle the challenging annotations posted in Crossword Unclued..lovely clues...& quite a challenge to would have been a child's play for our Anno Queen, Sandhya mam

  2. Apt title- Anno Queen! I second it.

    1. And sooner..rather than later..she is going to be a seeter..the clues posted by her in 1 Across are terrific

  3. On a hat trick for samosas. Botany was not my pet subject in my school days - did not dare to go anywhere near it in college. But still managed from what I learned later- enjoyable theme all the same.
    What about 29D? Clue left out by TH (more likely) or the setter or ??

  4. Thank you Ramesh for an excellent job.

  5. 29D Metal press (4)

    It left from my side, alright, ...

  6. Just with the crossings of i?o? I had put in iron..

  7. Oh what a breath of fresh air Incognito brings! Enjoyed remembering my school Botany lessons. Too many samosas can be bad for physical health, but so good for mental health!!
    3D had me foxes for a bit.

  8. Yes, the Delhi edition did not have 29D, so I, too, put iron.

  9. My 9:53 - had me foxed, auto correct can be quite irritating!

  10. I thought 29D could be Iron/ Icon.
    Many a slip between cup & the lip.

    1. As long as one does not enquire about the A,B or C of ....

    2. I am still recovering from the iron grip of 20d

  11. I think 29d went outside the text box created for the puzzle.
    If it were a long clue spilling over to the next line and if the clue had been incomplete, the sub passing the page proof would have noticed it and brought in the line. As the entire clue was outside and as the last line/clue made sense, the sub might not have noticed the omission.
    I am not trying to excuse any inadvertence but I am only trying to say that though the crossword undergoes inspection at different points a mistake might still appear at the last minute in the print edition as a third or fourth check was not done more than cursorily.

    1. Thank you for explaining the nuances of blue penciling. Looks obvious how the slip could have occurred after reading it. We, the readers, see only the after effects of it.

  12. Cute one from incognito :) reminding us of our school days..pretty straight forward once the theme is solved.

    1. 'Twas usually the hibiscus flower that bore the onslaught of our blades and forceps

  13. I have heard that hibiscus is as good an example as any to teach all aspects of a flower to a botany student- typical specimen?

  14. Very happy today. Could easily crack thanks to crystallised clues.Filament was the element popping up first.Botanist(s) incog. followed suit. Thanks sir.

  15. I'm an amateur crossworder, could some one provide me some guidance or tips to crack the crosswords.

    1. Kindly go to blog Crossword is given on the left hand bar...go to seven steps for beginners

  16. Bangalore edition too was missing 29 D.

  17. After the powercut, could login late. Had tasty samosas! Thanks K!