Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2880), Sunday 14 Feb 2016

1   Dry artist in Scottish town making joke (9) WISECRACK {SEC}{RA} in {WICK}
6   Catch in revolutionary role (4) TRAP <=
10 Enduring hesitation, entering volcano attached to line (7) ETERNAL {ET{ER}NA}{L}
11 Kitchen appliance that's new at store (7)  TOASTER*
12 Explosive liquid's origin recently worked out (14) NITROGLYCERINE*
14 Look good in charge, showing sense (5) LOGIC {LO}{G}{IC}
15 Development of main adult state (5,4) TAMIL NADU* Nice to see an Indian state appearing here for a change, instead of the oft repeated American ones
17 Wasn't vigilant saint initially tempted to accept honour? (9) SLUMBERED {S}{LU{MBE}RED}
19 Group of eight hundred linked to fringes of tribe in part of Bible (5) OCTET {C}{TribE} in {OT}
21 Abandoned Hellenic truth, foolishly embracing force (4,2,3,5) LEFT IN THE LURCH {F} in {HELLENIC+TRUTH}*
24 Echo in endless ravine, one opening in awesome country (7) GEORGIA {G{E}ORGe}{1}{Aw...e}
25 Some against allocation set up (7) INSTALL [T]
26 Note about love beginning for teddy bear (4) TOTE {O}{Te..y} in {TE}
27 Near me, rat managed to create horrific experience (9) NIGHTMARE {NIGH}{ME+RAT}*

1   Bird in corner waking up (4) WREN [T<=]
2   Apparent view on dynasty (7) SEEMING {SEE}{MING}
3   Catch cross in game (8,6)  CONTRACT BRIDGE {CONTRACT} {BRIDGE}
4   Reptile's run under a log, tail twisting (9) ALLIGATOR {A+LOG+TAIL}*{R}
5   Fund of money provided for cat (5) KITTY [DD]
7   Wine container, not cold, overturned (7) RETSINA RETSINAc <=
8   Maintain exercises over time, cutting a tree up roughly (10) PERPETUATE {PE}{UP+A+TREE}* over {T}
9   Star going into battle with ready song (8,6) WATERLOO SUNSET {WATERLOO} {SUN}{SET}

13 Torch in escape broken by attack (10) FLASHLIGHT {LASH} in {FLIGHT}
16 Poor nag minded being vexatious (9) MADDENING*
18 Candid leader of union almost immediately securing following (7) UPFRONT {Un..n}{P{F}RONTo}
20 Act badly in opera, lacking heart for musical work (7) TOCCATA {ACT}* in {TOsCA}
22 Prepare retinue (5) TRAIN [DD]
23 Signal containing large hint (4) CLUE {L} in {CUE}



  1. Happy to have Sunday samosas too.

  2. Watch your weight!
    1A- (Sec) for dry? Could not get the anno though the word fell in with crossings.
    I was stranded in 'Waterloo'.

  3. Special at 10:30 by new setter Koteswar Rao

  4. sec 1 (sĕk)
    Dry. Used of wines, especially champagne. Freedictionary

  5. Waterloo Sunset stumped me. Searched Google for songs ending in Sunset with no avail. Nice cross word.

    1. You shd have searched the same thing i the same way on freedictionary and would have got the answer

  6. TAMIL NADU was used twice by Gridman in THC.
    The clues were:
    1. State it'd manual rewritten (5,4)
    2. Maudlin at exercise in a southern state (5,4)