Friday, 5 February 2016

No 11617, Friday 05 Feb 2016, Afterdark

9   Son took money to acquire a costly weapon (7) SIDEARM {S}{I}{DEAR}{M}
10 In a weird sense, married middle class are in all together (2,5) EN MASSE {M}{clAss} in {SENSE}*
11 Ate, digested beaten eggs that are most bulky (7) BIGGEST {EGGS}* in {BIT}
12 Search for mother and her sister seen outside National Highway (7) MANHUNT {M}{A{NH}UNT}
13 Somehow coerce me to invest money in a new age business (1-8) E-COMMERCE {E} in {COERCE + ME}* E for money? (Addendum - {COERCE + ME }* over {M}  - See comments)
15 In essence, forensic manual plainly creates boredom (5) ENNUI {forENsic}{maNUal}{plaInly}
16 Irregular peristalsis; vomits ales, liquor etc. (7) SPIRITS  PeRISTalsIS*
19 Group around American President is unreliable (7) SUSPECT {S{US}{P}{ECT}
20 Producing cinema without some estimate is crazy (5) MANIC CINeMA*
21 Frequent need to collect duty, income tax at beginning of the year as obligation (9) NECESSITY {NeEd}{CESS}{IT}{Year}
25 Belligerent Australians destroy Iran in a violent act (7) ASSAULT AUSTrALianS*
26 Bar featuring in Hebrew publication (7) BREWPUB [T]
28 Send that mobile, shun the model, and get another perhaps (7) HANDSET {SEND + tHAT}*
29 Bowl on a dining table with green stew on plate (7) EPERGNE {EP}{GREEN}*  EP=Record=Plate ?

1   Working in America's clever (6) USABLE {US}{ABLE}
2   Notice a soldier having a ball with slow music (6) ADAGIO {AD}{A}{GI}{O}
3   Produce man in place of wife at funeral (4) MAKE (-w+m)MAKE
4   Buyer is almost vain, gets gold (6) EMPTOR {EMPTy}{OR}
5   Smooth ocean, deep water little inside (8) SEAMLESS {SEA}{M{L}ESS}
6   A mother and two sisters, boarding last carriage with a literary assistant (10) AMANUENSIS {A}{MA}{NU{c...gE}N}{SIS}
7   Family gets new can for supplying provision (8) ISSUANCE {CAN}* in {ISSUE}
8   Regulate sleep, limiting rice on time (8) RESTRICT {REST}{RICe}{T}
14 Primary dish of Suriname is cooked by adding a bit of chilly and oregano (4,6) MAIN COURSE {SURINAME + Ch...y + Or...o}*
16 Understanding my different approach, say is heartlessly overpowering (8) SYMPATHY {MY*}{PATH} in {SaY}
17 Charging for the best upset one Punjabi almost (8) IONISING {NO 1<=}{1}I{SINGh}
18 College model dressed with common sense and displayed virtue (8) SANCTITY {C}{T} in {SANITY}
22 Spinner's home was at Chennai outer, behind Washermanpet electricity board initially (6) COBWEB Acrostic
23 Misplaced gumption to go out and challenge (6) IMPUGN GUMPtIoN*
24 Shrink sent back, fed with counter suggestion to talk rapidly (6) YABBER ? Anno pending
27 Impartial CEO avoids benching analysts every second (4) EVEN {cEo}{aVoids}{bEn...g}{aNa...s}



  1. Replies
    1. Ray=Suggestion (In the sense of a trace/hint)

    2. Great. Though I got yabber, I still connected shrink with Psychiatrist, esp. with Y there.

  2. 3 Somehow coerce me to invest money in a new age business (1-8) E-COMMERCE {E} in {COERCE + ME}* E for money?
    E = € = Euro

  3. 29 Bowl on a dining table with green stew on plate (7) EPERGNE {EP}{GREEN}* EP=Record=Plate ?

    EP = Electroplate?

    1. EP & LP were records/ plates- commonly used (in good old days before tapes & CD's)
      Epergne spoiled my plate (of samosas) seamlessly.

    2. Maybe it is Plate = Disc = Record (EP/LP)etc!?

    3. EP=Electroplate seems more likely

  4. Missed samosas yesterday narrowly, but not today! Thanks for the lightweight puzzle, Afterdark!

  5. Washermanpet EB was as intricately spun as the cobweb!

  6. 13A- E should be replaced by M in Col.'s anagram fodder.

  7. Quite enjoyable. 4d- could draw from the Latin phrase 'caveat emptor'. 6d- could easily crack thanks to compartmentalised clue though though the word is not even in my passive vocabulary. In fine its a wholesome package. Thanks AD.

  8. Missed EPERGNE and AMANUENSIS.Enjoyable crossword.