Monday, 22 February 2016

No 11631, Monday 22 Feb 2016, Arden

1   Wise to have a relationship when posted outside (7) SAPIENT {S{A}{PI}ENT}
5   A ticket — not only for team leader to take action (3,4) ACT UPON {A}{C(-o+t}T UPON}
9   Returned without Ted — made to repeat (5) RERUN REtURNed*
10 Overlapping signs at repositories (9) LIBRARIES {LIBR/A\RIES}
11 Meanness of making minors pay (9) PARSIMONY*
12 Echo of songs about unknown land (5) SYRIA {AIRS<=} about {Y}
13 What's done to reject cheese? (4) EDAM <=
15 Tampered with work — ripped through data storage (8) DOCTORED {DO}{C{TORE}D}
18 Keeping the Spanish wine over the sideboard (8) CELLARET {CLARET} over {EL}
19 Instrument to force out another (4) LUTE fLUTE
22 Take a month off — the dead will be relieved (5) EASED decEASED
24 Calender I'm unable to follow by month end (9) MENDICANT {M}{END}{I}{CAN'T}
26 After dusk the Queen has one, perhaps (9) SUNDOWNER {SUNDOWN}{ER} Semi&lit
27 Final admission of setter is correct (5) EMEND {ME} in {END}
28 Partners go through characteristic passage (7) TRANSIT {NS} in {TRAIT}
29 Not a setback as one writes scores (7) NOTATES {NOT}{A}{SET<=}

1   Shares storylines written within no time (6) SCRIPS SCRIPtS
2   Some game — not black bird (9) PARTRIDGE {PART}{bRIDGE}
3   You hear nine fighting boredom (5) ENNUI (~you){U+NINE}*
4   For God in later avatar, it's a formidable task (4,5) TALL ORDER {LORD} in {LATER}*
5   Can't escape from a river crossing Britain (2,3) AT BAY {A}{T {B}AY}
6   To a degree hauls up poisonous stuff (9) TOADSTOOL {TO}{A}{D}{STOOL<=}
7   A man of god in the past (5) PRIOR [DD]
8   Naval attack — officer away in Bahamas (6) NASSAU {N}{ASSAUlt}
14 Arden byline — unpalatable or sweet? (9) MELODIOUS {ME}{L}{ODIOUS}
16 Split commission, added extra (3,3,3) CUT AND RUN {CUT} {AND} {RUN}
17 Outgoing text perhaps describes party animal (9) EXTRAVERT {EXT{RAVER}T*}
20 Cheap accommodation — the thing's underneath the garden (6) BEDSIT {BEDS}{IT}
21 Adds to confusion when conflicting (2,4) AT ODDS*
23 Girl's climbing plant (5) SENNA <=
24 Painter’s picture after a day (5) MONET {MON}{ET}
25 Record breaking bid not well chosen (5) INEPT {EP} in {1 NT}



  1. Fifth time in 2016 we're seeing ennui (though all by different setters).

  2. Unusually took ages to complete Arden's puzzle - cellarat was a new word and needed help with that though I did have the el and claret !. and the calendar mendicant connection again needed google help (as i had extravert as extrovert first) .. at bay too took time esp since i had act upon as not open first !! btw thanks for the parsing on act upon .. didnt guess that one :) didnt help that i was half asleep while tackling this too :)

  3. Meeting of Libra & Aries was nicely done and enjoyable.

  4. Superb one!could do the puzzle late in the night...after a long the stillness of night...imaginative wordplay..superb cluing..just kept me glued to the puzzle..(this addiction doesnt let u sleep)
    Another hectic day...may be another night solve