Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2882), Sunday 28 Feb 2016

1   Complete nonsense about sports car's gentle pace (7) DOGTROT {DO}{GT}{ROT}
5   Tasteless material was first dealt with (7) TACKLED {TACK}{LED}
9   Self-control in contest with old firm (9) COMPOSURE {COMP}{O}{SURE}
10 Reward bishop with responsibility (5) BONUS {B}{ONUS}
11 Held in contempt, yob is vacant (5) EMPTY [T]
12 Part that must be played, being ordered to boil bag (9) OBBLIGATO*
13 Science lab is terribly hard to reach (12) INACCESSIBLE*
17 Turning bad in cup, a yellowish-brown soup (12) MULLIGATAWNY {MU{LLI<=}G}{A}{TAWNY}
20 Committee in favour of keeping nothing built badly (9) POLITBURO {P{O}{BUILT*}RO}
21 Try to follow noise leading to wild dog (5) DINGO {DIN}{GO}
22 Layabout unusually riled (5) IDLER*
23 Devout learner, one in area mostly connected with America (9) RELIGIOUS {RE{L}{1}GIOn}{US}
24 Refusal to join inspector in raincoat, wandering (7) NOMADIC {NO}{MA{DI}C}
25 Gives up in seconds, breaking rules (7) RESIGNS {RE{S}IGNS}

1   Feeble law endlessly hollow (8) DECREPIT {DECREe}{PIT}
2   Note, accepted by willing pawn, new strategy (4,4) GAME PLAN {GAME} {P}{LA}{N}
3   Wide unknown upland area to the north (5) ROOMY {ROOM<=}{Y}
4   Contemptible person in broadcast cut out real artist (8-7) TOULOUSE-LAUTREC {LOUSE}in {CUT+OUT+REAL}*
5   Problem, part resolved, involving heather and tree (9,6) TREMBLING POPLAR {LING} in {PROBLEM+PART}*
6   Sailor in cold port hired car (9) CABRIOLET {C}{AB}{RIO}{LET}
7   Straight part of tunnel in earth (6) LINEAR [T]
8   Awkward situation after editor upset dictator (6) DESPOT {DE<=}{SPOT}
14 Edges of canal said to be untidy (9) CLUTTERED {CanaL}{UTTERED}
15 Child beset by worries getting up for last performance (8) SWANSONG {SON} in {GNAWS<=}
16 Singular arrangement of posy in small sketch (8) SYNOPSIS {S}{POSY+IN+S}*
18 Alternative procedure with oxygen in container (6) OPTION {OP}{TI{O}N}
19 All so excited before start of main race (6) SLALOM {ALL+SO}*{Main}
21 Depth for example in the role of artist (5) DEGAS {D}{EG}{AS]



  1. Mulligatawny - an English soup after an Indian recipe; the name comes from the Tamil words milagu and thannir (மிளகு + தண்ணீர்) - pepper-water.

  2. Nice one. Happy to see our 'Milagu Rasam/kashayam'. Enjoyed samosas!

  3. I have heard my father mention this soup, but I was under the impression that it was a local slang used by Englishmen in India who could not pronounce 'Milabu Thanni'. Of course, after checking up Free Dic., I got the spelling confirmed. Interesting.

  4. Special at 10:30 by new setter Jerry

  5. Look forward to the special :) Quaint xword today - nice crispy samosas on a sunday :)

  6. Good one. Took a long time in solving miZhagu thanni. While the soup surely helps in digesting things, the indirect anagrams dehydrated the spirit.
    Good to see the Sunday crossie Indianised. Last week, it was Tamil Nadu.

    1. Indirect anagrams? Which ones? Did you mean anagrams + words like LOUSE and LING?

    2. Yes, Raghu. I am not sure how to classify them otherwise.

    3. Although I am not against occasional indirect anagrams

  7. Ask for mulligatawny in any restaurant in India and you are likely to get lentil soup