Friday, 26 February 2016

No 11635, Friday 26 Feb 2016, Incognito

8   Insect initially found next to meadow (4) FLEA {Fo..d}{LEA}
9   Colour of Adam’s ale held by naval warrior (10) AQUAMARINE {AQUA}{MARINE}
10 Levy charged by a French king after a month (6) OCTROI {OCT}{ROI}
11,28 Meteor frequently seen in cowboy movies (8,4) SHOOTING STAR [DD]
12,18 Better neckwear may result due to CBMs (8,4) STRONGER TIES [CD]
14 Eccentric in-charge leaves and makes a list of errors (6) ERRATA {ERRATic}{A}
16 Special weapons and tactics are initially used in Pakistani valley (4) SWAT Acrostic
17 Faith displayed by ten losing second direction and ten returning subsequently (5) TENET {TEn}{TEN<=}
19 Drink stored in bar racks (6) ARRACK [T]
21 Ejaculates, “Old demands!” (8) EXCLAIMS {EX}{CLAIMS}
23 Mutilated visage of the common crossword criminal (8) SCARFACE {SCAR}{FACE}
26 Threatening words usually giving unmentioned dire alternative (2,4) OR ELSE [CD]
27 Fruit consumed with love (10) PASSIONATE {PASSION}{ATE}

1   People look up to this to find out the time (5,5) CLOCK TOWER [CD]
2   Accomplish and take away (5,3) CARRY OUT [DD]
3   Seaman's grading (6) RATING [DD]
4   Things like this that learner left may be found on billiard tables (4) CUES ClUES
5   Powerless person makes claim of being powerful (8) IMPOTENT {I'M POTENT}
6   Hole in the ground made right after the wooden box (6) CRATER {CRATE}{R}
7   In short, an unknown author will be seen soon (4) ANON [DD]
13 How far a gun can fire in the mountains (5) RANGE [DD]
15 Another most attractive appliance contains a temperature controller (10) THERMOSTAT [T]
17 What a violinist may do at the beginning and at the end of his performance? (4,1,3) TAKE A BOW [C&DD]
18 Go over retrograde art and poetry (8) TRAVERSE {TRA<=}{VERSE}
20 This clue is not that type of a clue (6) ACROSS Def by example
22 Strangler’s jewellery (6) CHOKER [DD]
24 Cold headgear’s converse (4) CHAT {C}{HAT}
25 Dame bustled and excitedly made cheese (4) EDAM*



  1. Far too easy even for a person with a low CQ ( Cruciverbalist Coefficient) like me.

  2. Was looking for theme/nina...couldnt spot one

  3. Straight forward one from incognito. a sorta TGIF perhaps? :)

  4. just by being modest and indirectly commenting on this crossword makes one feel its a childs play. On the contrary just imagine as to how most of the solvers wdould have felt today and this crossword is definitely above avarage by any stretch of imagination. Kudos to Incognoto. Keep up the good work.

  5. At last the long wait for samosas is over! Thank you, Kishore, for showing some mercy on a starving soul !!

  6. Samosas provided by Kishore well digested after the morning walk. Thank you Kishore for providing time for both and join the blog. Interesting all the same.

  7. 12,18 Better neckwear may result due to CBMs (8,4) STRONGER TIES [CD]
    CBMs = ? please!

    1. My observation was before seeing NR's reply.

  8. Except SCARFACE, solved all. Very happy after a period of scoring 60 to 80% only.
    @ MB - I think it is CuBic Meters. If you have the stronger ties, the volume will become less, so that when you make exports, you may pay lesser. Some Business Management abbr. may also be there; which I am unable to make.

  9. Nice puzzle.Helps to clear one week's drought thanks to leading clues.4d clueless 'l'.yet we could get the clue.17d-tugged at the heart with the homonym. Thank you Incog.

  10. Yes,pretty easy even for a new entrant to cryptic crosswords like me. Wonder how to pass the rest of the day!

    1. There are a lot many crosswords available online; you can try Economic Times Crossword; Business Line Crossword;Guardian Crossword; FT Crossword.
      Also you can try Jumble in Telegraph, Kolkatta edition.

    2. Of course, you can also indulge in some more useful occupation

    3. if CW solving is not a useful occupation!

  11. Cd DD day. Not my cup of beer :(

  12. When did you start taking beer in cups?!

  13. Some solvers want crossword to be easy
    Some want it rather hard, you see
    Setter's in a dilemma
    Enna panradhu, amma?
    Make it hard and easy - fifty-fifty.

  14. RR - I always tell folks when they tell me that they have time on their hands to lend me some !! Having spent much of my leisure hours solving cryptic crosswords, now I've decided to apportion my time between reading and solving crossies and yet I find the day having swished past me and lo- I'm ready to go to bed at midnight !! I wake up early and again start the day afresh with the same feeling-- can I have some more time? Since the THCC crossies are rather complicated ( coming from me that's a great compliment to the setters !) I reserve to do them last after comleting all other tasks at hand.

    NEVER complain that you have time weighing on your hands. Structure it and listen to good music, solve crosswords and do some gardening and enjoy reading all the good books that are available on line !
    Sorry for this unsolicited advice , my friend !
    To start with why not try compiling ?