Tuesday, 23 February 2016

No 11632, Tuesday 23 Feb 2016, Arden

1   "Daily do something", it cries out — it's typical (14) CHARACTERISTIC {CHAR}{ACT}{IT+CRIES}*
10 Repeat — drop of angostura in a drink (5) AGAIN {A{G{An...a}IN}
11 No more beer, take last orderone's doubly impressed (9) OVERPRINT {OVER}{P(o..eR}INT}
12 She entertains those travelling on board (7) HOSTESS [CD] {Addendum - {THOSE}*{SS} &lit - See comments}
13 Sponge assumes name of seafood (7) SCALLOP {CALL} in {SOP}
14 Walk about with model where she walks (5) TRAMP {T}{RAMP}
16 Cook writes about his dish (5,4) IRISH STEW {WRITES+HIS}*
19 Used connections to put 10 back — was effective (9) NETWORKED {NET<=}{WORKED}
20 Godown as tyrant loses direction (5) DEPOT DEsPOT
22 Amma's free, gets top coverage — a subject of veneration (7) MAHATMA {HAT} in {AMMA*}
25 Refusal to play the guitar — is there a cure? (7) NOSTRUM {NO}{STRUM}
27 Waste swirling saree material (9) DUNGAREES {DUNG}{SAREE*}
28 Sprocket — what you have to pay between hands (5) ROWEL {R}{OWE}{L}
29 For a race both sides accept a bet — pole position will throw some light (7,7) CHINESE LANTERN {CHINESE} {L}{ANTE}{R}{N}

2   Advantage of being called loose loose woman (4,5) HEAD START {HEAD S}{TART}
3   Alien losing way to an extent (5) RANGE stRANGE
4   Cuts credit used to pick up food (9) CHOPSTICK {CHOPS}{TICK}
5   They happen within no time — double or quits (5) EVENS EVENtS
6   Limited force, hurt when fired (9) IMPEACHED {IMPEl}{ACHED}
7   Material makes husband embrace wife (5) TWILL {TILL} over {W}
8   Hatchet man's hand seen over criminal acts (4-3) CATS-PAW {ACTS}*-{PAW}
9   Bag — the fancy bag (6) SACHET {SAC}{THE*}
15 For royalty in the country, show reverence (9) PROSTRATE {PRO}{ST{R}ATE}
17 Country makes 11 occupy another country (9) INDONESIA {ONES} in {INDIA}
18 Step forward ignoring leaders, can be very good (3-6) TOP-DRAWER {sTEP+fORWARD}*
19 Promoted some cops, a day on the move (7) NOMADIC {NOM}{A}{DIC}<=
21 Head priest's here (6) TEMPLE [C&DD]
23 Capital invested in commodities other than oil (5) HANOI [T]
24 Charlie goes for a Mediterranean Island mountain ridge (5) ARETE (-c+a}ARETE
26 Fish for Jack, as the children would say (5) SPRAT [C&DD]



  1. 12 She entertains those travelling on board (7) HOSTESS [CD]


  2. She entertains would be the def. & the rest wordplay,right?

  3. 7D- 'Till'- husbandry is the meaning used here?

  4. 4D- I was trying to imagine a single chopstick being used to pick up food! Using 2 is tough already. I thought like scissors it comes in plural.

  5. I was groping in the dark as Chinese lantern didn't throw much light!
    Thanks Arden.

  6. Took me a while today but better than yesterday...didnt get hanoi though. Had it as Hundi :) Nice clues..Hostess esp. thanks Arden :)

  7. I liked the wordplay of 22A - Amma's free, gets top coverage (indeed:-) subject of veneration..but LOL when crossing with 15D - Prostrate :-)