Saturday, 2 July 2016

No 11742, Saturday 02 Jul 2016, Incognito


1 Assertion: Last month Los Angeles got a share of resources (11) DECLARATION {DEC}{LA}{RATION}
9 Explosive intro circulated (5) NITRO {INTRO*}
10 Flattened Drone-I (6,3) IRONED OUT Reverse Anag of {DRONE-I}
11 Sets of bridal clothes designed by philosopher in vacant tents (10) TROUSSEAUS  {Tent{ROUSSEAU}S}
12 Case English treasury under influence, for starters (4) ETUI (Acrostic)
13 Venetian magistrate accepts first document's stratagem (5) DODGE {DO{Document}GE}
15 Nerd-like madness to light a fire once again (8) REKINDLE {NERDLIKE}*
17 Persons with cerebral palsy may use ecstasy preparation to become escapists (8) SPASTICS {SPASTICS+E}*=ESCAPISTS
19 Melted and supplied food around America (5) FUSED {F{US}ED}
22 Painful Scottish exclamation by Yankee (4) ACHY {ACH}{Y}
23 Cub hisses, “I pranced around some plants” (10) HIBISCUSES {CUB+HISSES+I}*

26 Oceanographers drop damaged cargo at sea leaving listening devices (9) EARPHONES {OCEANOGRAPHERS-CARGO}*
27 One had to return with oyster opener somewhere in North-Western US (5) IDAHO {I}{DAH<=}{Oyster}
28 The Duke of Edinburgh longs for country (11) PHILIPPINES {PHILIP}{PINES}


1 Do // the same as above (5) DITTO {DD}
2 Most finicky Tamil actor has an egg followed by incomplete afternoon nap (9) CHOOSIEST {CHO}{O}{SIESTa}
3 Obeyed and made an offer with some enthusiasm and daring after beginning of auction (6) ABIDED {Auction}{BID}{Enthusiasm}{Daring}
4 Revolve up alone at this point in lunar orbit (7) APOLUNE {UP+ALONE}*
5 Time to make an entry in a list (4) ITEM {TIME*}
6 Midday's revised edition I left in possession of drunken son (9) NOONTIDES {EDITiON}* in {SON}*
7 Married dancing nude has sex-appeal (6) UNITED {NUDE}* around {IT}
8 Travel in South East line (6) STRIPE {S{TRIP}E}
14 Earthquake after beginning of day raised level making it a dangerous location (5-4) DEATH-TRAP {Day}{EATH T}*{RAP<=}  Something is wrong here
16 Judge let off from administration of medicine with syringe for some fever and ailment (9) INFECTION {IN{-j+Fever}ECTION}
17 Announces: “Second son owns an art gallery” (6) STATES {S{TATE}S}
18 Repetitively intone incantation around 1(one) to get some wine (7) CHIANTI {CH{I}ANT]{I}
20 Dictator has stored some spaghetti in warehouse (6) DESPOT {DE{Spaghetti}POT}
21 Excavates living quarters used initially by some priests (4,2) DIGS UP {DIGS}{Used}{Priests}
24 Some tsars dance and become leading actors (5) STARS {TSARS*}
25 Asian national is hiding in fourth aircraft (4) THAI (T)

Last month=Dec, Los Angeles=LA, Ecstasy=E, America=US, Yankee=Y One=I 
Egg=O, Sex-appeal=It, South=S, East=E, Judge=J, Second=S, Son=S, 1=I

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  1. For the first time, completed the grid without any reference - that much easy. Very happy. Thanks Kishore!
    Col - What was the time taken for you today to complete? New record?

    1. He slept through or he took his pet dog out for a walk.

    2. I am not very sure about the Colonel, but it is usually the pet dog that proposes an outing ...

  2. An easy themed puzzle from Incognito..

  3. Why is Philippines part of the theme?

    1. Thereby hangs a tale ...

    2. Till end of WW2 Philippines was US colony

    3. Duke of Edinborough, Prince Philip is namesake of King Philip of Spain after whom the country is named. I was also curious to find out how it is connected to the theme and wiki told me that Philippines was at war with U.S. before becoming an independent republic after WWII.

  4. Yes, Ramesh, I have goofed up in 14a. Points to you for noticing that 28a is a part of the theme. I will leave it for someone here to explain why. A few other clues also have a connection in the text of the clue.

    Given the normal schedule of rotation, I expected this puzzle to come on Monday, the 4th of July, but then it looks like we missed Scintillator, and this came out a couple of days early. The best laid plans of men and mice aft gang agley ...

    1. I received a picture of the solved grid from one of friends at about 1.30 this morning when I had got up to go to the airport and realised that the puzzle had jumped the gun.

    2. Added some more theme words from the clues

  5. Here is the quote from wiki-
    As the 19th century gave way to the 20th, there followed in quick succession the Philippine Revolution, which spawned the short-lived First Philippine Republic, followed by the bloody Philippine–American War of conquest by US military force.[22] Aside from the period of Japanese occupation, the United States retained sovereignty over the islands until after World War II, when the Philippines was recognized as an independent nation.

  6. Dodge is a city in Kansas USA so that's also part of the theme

  7. Yes, and the Philippines was given independence by the US on the 4th of July, their own independence day. After treating 4th July as Independence Day for many years, Philippines changed their independence day to the day they had earlier on got independence from Spain.

  8. Very enjoyable puzzle from incognito.. well themed.. and played out. phillipines made me laugh :) wonder why 25d tho..

    BTW>. does anyone here do the Guardian Prize? Rather stuck and could use some chats :)

    1. yeah me too .. have u tried no 26, 926? by Picaroon.. i am stuck on the 14 letter clue !! and not even word finders able to help :) so wondering if i have some crossings wrong..

  9. Replies
    1. ok.. :) please try and let me know.. :)

  10. Kishore: Besides the theme, no one seems to have noticed at last eight answers ending in S ? very pluralistic indeed ! Yes?