Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 24 Jul 2016

1   Iron commitment ultimately put into state security (6) SAFETY {FE}{c...nT} in {SAY}
4   Correct answer about cleric (8) ACCURATE {A}{C}{CURATE}
10 Mineral starts to appear blue and silver in turn (9) ALABASTER {Ap...r}{Blue}{And}{Si...r} in {ALTER}
11 Feeling essential to brass ensemble (5) SENSE [T]
12 Text's aims lie in unravelling philosophy (14) EXISTENTIALISM*
14 Charges to screen large fights (5) DUELS {DUE{L}S}
16 Trace idea reforms wipe out (9) ERADICATE*
17 State endless desire, then deceive with misdeed (9) WISCONSIN {WISh}{CON}{SIN}
19 Joint work about semi-aquatic mammal (5) HIPPO {HIP}{PO<=}
21 Opposing action from token ruler? (14) COUNTERMEASURE {COUNTER}{MEASURE}
24 Notice colour around snake (5) ADDER {AD}{DER<=}
25 Queen with sign joined by secretary in court before artist (9) CLEOPATRA {C{LEO}{PA}T}{RA}
26 Settle with noble publican (8) LANDLORD {LAND}{LORD}
27 Performed unusually adeptly, short of time (6) PLAYED ADEPtLY*

1   Reduced depth in amendment of second law (6-4) SCALED-DOWN {D} in {SECOND+LAW}*
2   Delicate piece of cloth in folder (7) FRAGILE {F{RAG}ILE}
3   Child, when tucked in, warm (5) TOAST {TO{AS}T}
5   Character at home with a burden accepting new one? (8,6) CARDINAL NUMBER {CARD}{IN}{A}{L {N}UMBER}
6   Comedian finally among us, mischievous kind (9) UNSELFISH {U{c...aN}S}{ELFISH}
7   Inability to remember bad men dividing continent (7) AMNESIA {A{MEN*}SIA}
8   Always this crossword? Not half (4) EVER EVERyman
9   Painter showing variety of planet's scenery (7,7) STANLEY SPENCER*
13 Earlier group full of energy loudly followed by rising idol (10) BEFOREHAND {E}{F}{HERO<=} in {BAND}
15 Rogue doctor absorbed by working on clues (9) SCOUNDREL {DR} in {CLUES+ON}*
18 Today, surrounded by signs of approval, climbing mountain (7) SNOWDON {NODS<=} around {NOW}
20 Quiet duck, truly wild fowl (7) POULTRY {P}{O}{TRULY*}
22 Shock upset father and friend (5) APPAL {AP<=}{PAL}
23 End story in hearing (4) TAIL (~tale)



  1. 8d can be solved only when one knows that this is EVERyman's. Luckily crossings helped me.

  2. Special at 10:30 by Dr Satyen Nabar

  3. (off topic)
    I am not getting PP's THC forum on The Hub. I am an Airtel customer.
    The Hub is based abroad, I think, and forums relating to films may have had links to pirated editions of the recent film.
    It is possible some service provides are blocking the Hub.
    Don't know why that can't be confined to offending forums, if any.

    1. I am able to access through Idea Network

    2. I got the message from BSNL that the site is blocked due to copyright issues

    3. Logged into the HUB using my Reliance datacard

    4. Why would only some ISPs block a site?

    5. Copyright issues as I have mentioned above

  4. Done and dusted.. Yep ole Everyman .. Today's Everyman also nice and sweet