Monday, 11 July 2016

No 11748, Monday 11 Jul 2016, Incognito

So Balderdash was proved right yesterday when he said Portugal Win. He wasn't wrong about France though, they really did 'get it' 

1   Faraday converts slide rule into decorative design (6-2-3) FLEURS-DE-LIS {F}{SLIDE+RULE}*
9   From the sands, a knight pushed out a seat (5) BENCH BE(-a+n)NCH
10 Minutes in each half or degrees in each half of a right angle? (5-4) FORTY-FIVE [DD]
11 Penalties may result from flashing this jaundiced character (6,4) YELLOW CARD [CD]
12 Cabinet Secretary's devices for catching creatures (4) NETS [T]
13 Name top-class city (5) DUBAI [DUB}{A1}
15 Rod Italy made skilfully (8) ADROITLY*
17 Half define aim of King's guard (8) DEFENDER {DEFine}{END}{ER}
19 Ails badly in front of Karat's surgery (5) LASIK {AILS*}{Ka..t}
22 State learner's aim (4) GOAL {GOA}{L}
23 Change submarine institute (not Indian) (10) SUBSTITUTE {SUB}{inSTITUTE}
26 Mad men leave confused numerologist for a doctor, perhaps (9) UROLOGIST {nUmeROLOGIST}*
27 Faithful GI Lee travels (5) LIEGE*
28 Drunken seer crosses witches (11) SORCERESSES*

1   Last fish appendage held by criminal (5) FINAL {FIN}{AL}
2   Horny African, I phone at 1, excitedly (9) ETHIOPIAN*
3   Repair outer surface of engineer's cafe building (6) REFACE {RE}{CAFE*}
4   Maroon, for instance, Doctor Edward outside the boat (4,3) DARK RED {D{ARK} R}{ED}
5   Puts down some licorice, say, confusedly (4) LAYS {Li...e}{SAY*}
6   Scrambling test pilots leaving first post make deadly killers (9) STILETTOS {TEST+pILOTS}*
7   Followed instructions of Turkish chieftain and editor (6) OBEYED {O}{BEY}{ED}
8   Old language spoken in July in a Channel Island (6) JERSEY {ERSE} in {JY}
14 Plants behind naked animals (9) BUFFALOES {BUFF}{ALOES}
16 Where one may expect Wells to build silo around farming area (9) OILFIELDS {SILO}* around {FIELD}
17 Cavity resulting from some French disease (6) DUGOUT {DU}{GOUT}
18 Difficult to find European veil around US (7) ELUSIVE {E}{{L{US}IVE*}
20 Concubine and queen's retainer (6) KEEPER {KEEP}{ER}
21 Fly Lawrence around movie scenery arrangements (6) TSETSE {SETS} in {TE}
24 Addicts have American money to get ecstasy (5) USERS {US}{E}{RS}
25 Kung Fu Panda has got gold — he can't be this ... (4) POOR {PO}{OR}


  1. Nice farewell to the match. Thanks Kishore for the enjoyable crossie!

  2. Unexpectedly easy one from Incognito!

    Col, I think the number of letters doesn't add up to 11 for 1AC. Where does the second S come from?

    1. Yes, I expected an exciting-clash-like crossword today!

    2. KKR, the S comes from 'Sterday's puzzle. ;-)

      This error was noticed and corrected as rules and designs, but I think I sent the previous file to TH

  3. My yesterday's 10.56 pm guess was correct...Incognito follows up on Balderdash's prediction with this theme pn the beautiful game
    1A reminded me of The Three Musketeers...

    1. And Milady, perhaps? ;-)

    2. Yes, Vasant, you did get my drift!

    3. Who can forget this memorable character from one of the most famous stories of intrigue

    4. Writing my comments in spurts as I am coping with Monday work in plant

    5. Vasant, you seem to have a wormhole into my head. Yesterday was Athos, today Porthos ....

  4. Bravo Kishore, Bravo Portugal!

    1. Though I do admit Portugal got into the quarters with a rather lack-lustre performance and relied on the talent of a star player later and also managed to get the title in extra time in the final (where Christiano Ronaldo's early departure probably unleashed the latent aggressiveness of the team), I did have a soft corner for our former colonisers (who left Goa shortly after I was born). Call it the Stockholm syndrome, if you so please.

  5. I was born so near the other colony- Pondichery. This coloniser ended up on the losing side. I still clearly remember getting quite a few duty free goods (during my school days) from across the border!

  6. Nice Monday fare from incognito.. Light..

  7. Fleurs de lis is a plural word. Design is singular. Also how the extra s is accounted?

    1. Pandy,

      See comments of Kishore at 9:01. It appears you have not gone through the comments

  8. Fleury de lis?? FY as Faraday??

  9. Thanks Mr. Deepak Gopinath.

    I had gone through the comments but not properly.. Sorry..
    I completed fully but stumbled except this one.