Saturday, 30 July 2016

No 11765, Saturday 30 Jul 2016, Arden

Nice one from Arden. 5A was my CoD


1 Spies spoil a rejected script (7) ARAMAIC {{CIA}{MAR}{A}}<=

5 Feeling intolerant – I retired in other words (7)  BIGOTED {I}{GOT} in {BED}
9 By the time doctor returned it was the end (5) OMEGA {{AGE}{MO}}<=
10 Harness on time, suppressing stress (9) RESTRAINT  {RESTRAIN}{T}
11 Capital storehouse, as it's called (9) STOCKHOLM {~STOCK HOME}
12 Fish no good when drowned in booze (5) ANGLE {A{NG}LE}
13 Singer from the Orient is keen (4) DIVA {AVID}<=
15 Old city prison has painting by Henry (8) CARTHAGE {C{ART}{H}AGE}

18 His sermons (some of them) take for ever...endless (8) REVEREND (T)
19 Strive to hold ball in the air (4) VIBE {VI{B}E}
22 Male dragged in to meet working ant (5) EMMET {M} in {MEET}*
24 Argue to take ancient stronghold within hours (4,5) HOLD FORTH {H}{OLD} {FORT}{H}
26 She's immaculate covering centre court – takes enormous effort (9) HERCULEAN {HER}{C{coUrt}LEAN}
27 Salt in cheese without name (5) BRINE {BRI{N}E}
28 Oddly Iraq backs a talk arranged in a Syrian city (7) LATAKIA {A TALK}*{IrAq}
29 Girl's sojourn on the mountain (7) EVEREST {EVE}{REST}


1 There's nothing in a trick to turn on (6) AROUSE {A}{R{O}USE}
2 Annie does form a part of our DNA (9) ADENOSINE {ANNIE DOES}*
3 Surprised to have taken it (5) ABACK (CD)
4 Tend to feel inside paper cartridge (9) CARTOUCHE {CAR{TOUCH}E}
5 At heart it's pole within pole (5) BOSOM {BO{S}OM}
6 Russian leader quit – exceptionally brave protecting church (9) GORBACHEV {GO}+{BRAVE}* around {CH}

7 Making connections in a city in Germany (5) TYING (T)
8 Hesitate to leave girlfriend – missing child (6) DITHER {DITch}{HER}
14 Scared, so vehicle taking us (9) AWESTRUCK {A{WE}S}{TRUCK}
16 Strong suggestion of the French involvement in their socialist past (9) REDOLENCE {RED}{O{LE}NCE}
17 A breeding ground overall (9) GABERDINE {A BREEDING}*

20 Allow/don't allow – in short it's deadly (6) LETHAL {LET}{HALt}
21 Warning doctor to stay out of hospital (6) THREAT {T{H}REAT}
23 Worth admitting former Italian player (5) MERIT (T)
24 Scavenger on the way, two go away (5) HYENA {ON THE WAY}-{TWO}={NHEAY}*

25 Force accomplished account (5) FABLE {F}{ABLE}

Spies=CIA, Time=Age, Doctor=MO, Time=T, No=N, Good=G, Henry=H, Ball=B, Male=M, Hours=HH, Name=N
Nothing=O, Pole=S, Church=Ch, Child=Ch, So=As, Us=We, The French=Le, Socialist=Red, Hospital=H, Force=F

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  1. Lovely puzzle!+1 For the opening comments.
    Echoing Col's comment yesterday:tough but felt great after cracking it

  2. Nice puzzle, nice blog; thanks to both.

  3. Replies
    1. I retired = I got in bed = {I GOT} in {BED} = {B{I}{GOT}ED} = Feeling intolerant

  4. Thank you Col. Looks simple after your clarification!

  5. Views of flood hit Bangalore look grim reviving bitter memories of Chennai. Hope all our friends are safe and not affected.

  6. Reply to DG & CV for their yeaterdate's clarification about the funny-peculiar behaviour of my my Notebook and myself . I reckon, both my computer and myself are weird ? !!!

    I still maintain that I always get yesterday's first and then when I click for the next, I get today's !

  7. I always go to The Hindu site and today's CW is there except on odd occasions TH does not update it. You probably go directly to the saved CW in memory which may lead you to what you did last. Then you have to renew the page. I also do not have any O problem either.

  8. I was 14d at first look & I drew blank but slowly I caught the rope thanks to the blocks of clues building the edifice. To mention a few , 24,a -Fort is stronghold but the catch is within hours. 27 a- enjoyed the hide&seek by definition&clue. 25d- different from usual account.Simply put Arden had disengaged so many winners but engaged all of us invariably in all usages. Thank you sir.