Wednesday, 27 July 2016

No 11762, Wednesday 27 Jul 2016, Arden

1   Deny time out for girl — give protection (6) REFUGE REFU(-t+g)GE
4   Went into dock with a congenital problem (5,3) CLEFT LIP {LEFT} in {CLIP}
9   Dance trainer's lost heart, straying (6) ERRANT TRAiNER*
10 Coppers given order by Royalty — it's cool (8) CUCUMBER {CU}{CU}{MBE}{R}
12 The crew will curse to put it on (8) MENSWEAR {MEN}{SWEAR} Semi&lit
13 Bear witness for a dead Italian leader (6) ADDUCE {A}{D}{DUCE}
15 Be in charge — make the attempt to enter bids (4,3,5) CALL THE SHOTS [DD]
18 Knife the rogue — it gives her high standing (8,4) STILETTO HEEL {STILETTO} {HEEL}
21 Trainees free to leave home for a festival (6) EASTER TRAinERS*
22 Meat dish provides pleasure to people (8) FLESHPOT {FLESH}{POT}
24 Entrance is hidden by centre stage — it attracts fans (8) CHARISMA {CHAR{IS}M}{stAge}
25 Black mineral and metal from Northern regions (6) BOREAL {B}{ORE}{AL}
26 Setter entering final, making changes (8) EMENDING {E{ME}NDING}
27 He stopped short on the way back from city (6) GENEVA {GENt}{AVE<=}

1   Animal rose, came out behind the plant (8) REEDMACE {DEER<=}{CAME*}
2   It's painful to see mink with the pawn broker (8) FURUNCLE {FUR}{UNCLE}
3   Picture accompanied the draught (4,4,3,4) GONE WITH THE WIND {GONE WITH} {THE WIND}
5   Yahoo not included (4) LOUT {Left}{OUT}
6   Start building stationone will commemorate the event (10,5) FOUNDATION STONE {FOUND}{ATION ST*}{ONE}
7   Place to test our work force (6) LABOUR {LAB}{OUR}
8   Stout caddie (6) PORTER [DD]
11 Below the head everything's up on the knee (7) PATELLA {PATE}{ALL<=}
14 Alternate transport (7) SHUTTLE [DD]
16 Usual complaintPeter's girl keeps quiet (3,5) PET PEEVE {PET {P}E}{EVE}
17 Short run up to a fighting unit (8) FLOTILLA  {FLOw}{TILL}{A}
19 Prompt to support others, no time to bail out (6) RESCUE {RESt}{CUE}
20 Guess I'm not allowed any property (6) ESTATE ESTimATE
23 Sign appealing to workers (4) OMEN {O MEN}



  1. Nice puzzle!
    What happened to Neyartha's run?

  2. Enjoyed the crossie. Thanks Arden.

  3. Felt a little tough on the first look. Once 15-lettered clues gave in, the going was smooth

  4. Nice xword... I liked flotilla clue surface a lot.. Furuncle new word..

  5. Surprised to see Arden's CW and it turned out to be pleasant one at that.Thank you.
    Nice to see the all time classic 'Gone withe wind'. Had a smile while filling in 18A- a new name for stiletto.
    The setter's favourite- Patella- also finds a place, for a change with a brand new clue! CV's database will show in how many ways it has been clued.

  6. I had come across 'carbuncle' (Sherlock Holmes?) but furuncle was new, but the pawn broker led me to it.

  7. Yes. Vague memory, but checked up later- short story,'The adventure of the Blue Carbuncle'.

  8. Fantastic challenge !! CLEFT LIP left me with a clipped lip !! Good imaginagtion ARDEN !

  9. Off topic

    Saw an obituary poster

    Sri xxxxxx
    Died on xx xxx xxxx

    Is there anything known as "HAPPY DEMISE"?

    1. If someone left a huge property on his demise, it could be considered by the survivors as a happy demise!!!

  10. Point taken.But should it be assumed that if there is a sad demise there should also be a happy one? Let us take it that though all demises are sad, stating it again as 'Sad' adds to the sadness. Also, it is sad for him, but not necessarily sad for everyone- say strangers.
    My point is about adding 'Sri' to a demised person.

  11. On my desktop I have a software to block ads.
    On some sites we get the message that we may disable it and support them.
    Now I suspect that a certain site has found a way to show ads even tho the extension is still enabled on the browser.
    Where do we go from here?

    1. Is it AdBlock? If so I too am using it and I find it to be a good app to have

  12. Furuncle or "Boil" is an extremely common skin condition especially in summer seen more often in children.Usually responds to antibiotics and drainage of pus.The management of carbuncle is more complicated.

  13. Obviously you are a medical man. For us, aam aadmai, everything boils down to a boil!
    Thank you for the clarification. Good to know the tech. difference.