Tuesday, 26 July 2016

No 11761, Tuesday 26 Jul 2016, Buzzer

1   Recurring characters in comic turned right incoherent (5) FUZZY FU(-nn+zz}ZZY (N turned through 90 Degrees becomes Z)
4   A TV series, controversially bold (9) ASSERTIVE*
9   Put a new cover on book to return (7) REBOUND  [DD]
10 Current express charges (7) INVOICE {IN}{VOICE}
11 Unlike Dracula saga in story lines ... (2,7) AS AGAINST [T]
12 ... because of love song at first (3,2) DUE TO {DUE T}{O}
13 After retirement I would be getting new fringe and a temporary tattoo (6) MEHNDI {MEH}{N}{D'I} <=
15 Time to stop getting into additional loan (8) MORTGAGE {T}{GAG} in {MORE}
18 Going around current favourite and individual port city (4,4) CAPE TOWN {AC<=}{PE T}{OWN}
19 Man caught in charge is furious (6) HECTIC {HE}{CT}{IC}
22 Falsifies/assumes name to get rights to another's property (5) LIENS {LIE{N}S}
24 Damage from driving out in rain (9) RUINATION*
26 Inputs altering litmus, acids essentially (7) STIMULI {LITMUS}*{acIds}
27 Managed to rebut judge's report (7) NARRATE {RAN<=}{RATE}
28 Work's environment related therefore income mostly trifling (9) ERGONOMIC {ERGO}{INCOMe*}
29 Swayed by sound variety of leather (5) SUEDE (~swayed)

1   Weapon set to hold attention (7) FIREARM {FIR{EAR}M}
2   At heart grizzly bear, fantastic wild creature (5) ZEBRA {griZzly}{BEAR}*
3   Expression of agreement from U SA? (3,4,2) YOU SAID IT {U SAID}{IT}
4   Warm painting hung outside study (6) ARDENT {AR{DEN}T}
5   Donatism unlikely to get holy status (8) SAINTDOM*
6   Wandered like a group of animals heading southwards (5) ROVED (-d)ROVE(+d)D
7   Travelling object in time seen over Northern Territory (9) ITINERANT {IT}{IN}{ERA}{NT}
8   I saw pronouncedly ugly building (7) EYESORE (~ i}{EYE}{SORE}(~ saw)
14 Trendy event (9) HAPPENING [DD]
16 Wordbook has suture misspelled (9) THESAURUS*
17 Being short-handed, ultimately firm was shot (8) DWARFISM {h...eD}{FIRM+WAS}*
18 Musical piece with rousing section of trumpets, electrifying (7) CELESTE [T<=]
20 Navy chief engineer breaking rules for grant (7) CONCEDE {N}{CE} in {CODE}
21 Picture no end to pleasant excursion (6) PICNIC {PIC}{NICe}
23 Reject special pot of tea (5) SPURN {SP}{URN}
25 Representation of one million years (5) IMAGE {1}{M}{AGE}



  1. An excellent clueing device used in 1ac.
    Can someone compile a list of such letter turns with appropriate direction, degree, etc?
    Will be useful for crossword setters.

    1. Will M be accepted as 180 deg reversal of W?

    2. I've seen BOSS on vehicle number plates instead of 8055

    3. Someone had this reg. no on his vehicle: KABALI.

    4. That can be read as KA 13A 41, the 4 to be written as L with a small line cutting the horizontal

    5. KA 13 is the identification for RTO Hassan

  2. Once again an outstanding puzzle. If Fuzzy was brilliant.as against too was one..very nicely hidden..Mehndi as temporary tattoo..lovely!

  3. A delightful puzzle as ever from Buzzer.

  4. Pick any for COD. Most enjoyable.

    Just proves that obscure and difficult words are not required to make a brilliant crossword.

  5. I feel today's offering is better than yesterday's. Enjoyed! Thanks Buzzer.

  6. 8008 in digital form? It's a mistake! (4)

  7. You said it,Buzzer! Took a long time to unravel that one- after filling.
    Right turn for N?! Loved it.

  8. KABALI actually was KA 8 AL 1

    1. KA 8 - KGF (Kolar Gold Fields)

    2. KA51M were called Kasim number plates

    3. The guy from Coimbatore to karnataka paid 8 lakhs it seems to get the KABALI licence plate before release of the film

    4. The guy from Coimbatore went to Karnataka and paid 8 lakhs it seems to get the KABALI licence plate before release of the film

  9. Ahem, is MEHNDI not a Hindi word? Nicely patterned MEHNDI crossie today. Buzzer is never FUZZY ! Smooth as suede !! Thanks.

  10. Ooh my was that the parsing for fuzzy .. Clever... No wonder I didn't get it :) airtel decided to end my data pack and had to go renew 😔 have this feeling I am fully getting the cleverness of u said it.. What am I missing??

    1. U SA = "You said" homophone clue. SA (sex appeal)= IT