Monday, 18 July 2016

No 11754, Monday 18 Jul 2016, Spinner

1   A drug district — space that's largely stoned (8,4) ASTEROID BELT {A}{STEROID} {BELT}
10 Section of epic cryptic by Exa (5) PIECE {EPIC*}{E}
11 It can nurse on destruction/loss of treasure, basically (9) INSURANCE {It+CAN+NURSE}*
12 Clip hidden by dupatta-choli (6) ATTACH [T]
13 Collected CD having mix of love poems (8) COMPOSED {O+POEMS}* in {CD}
15 Saved penalty at the beginning by substitute, to get draw (9) PRESERVED {P}{RESERVE}{D}
16 Fledgelings have an advantage (4) EDGE [T]
20 English defenders' corners resulting in goals (4) ENDS {EN}{De...rS}
21 Advocate takes up second half of expert's broadcast (9) ADVERTISE {expERT} in {ADVISE}
24 Pressure's about making money at the start of business (8) COMMERCE {Ma...g}{Mo..y} in {COERCE}
26 Film on fish extremely elegant (6) CARPET {CARP}{El...nT}
28 Mobile roaming it means moving from one area to another! (9) MIGRATION*
29 New form of energy mostly environment-friendly (5) GREEN ENERGy*
30 Fellow criminal to portray me differently (12) CONTEMPORARY {CON}{PORTRAY+ME}*

2   Protected the elders' ground (9) SHELTERED*
3   Hesitation standing in the way of duty/work (8) EXERCISE {ER} in {EXCISE}
4   Drop-out appears before American University (4) OMIT {O}{MIT}
5   Figured out Spinner's Across clue (twelve-lettered) finally (10) DISCOVERED {DISC}{OVER}{cluE}{t...eD}
6   Extraordinary Portuguese guts forgotten by France, Wales, Croatia etc. (6) EUROPE PORtugUEsE*
7   Cast nets the other way, covering shelters (5) TENTS [T<=]
8   At the end, farmers beg for shower (5) SPRAY {f...rS}{PRAY}
9   Prepares to scan items at regular intervals (7) READIES {READ}{ItEmS}
14 Cover it up properly with some dress that's valuable (10) PRODUCTIVE {COVER+IT+UP+Dr..s}*
17 Setter's program gets appreciation after chief developers withdraw (9) DISAPPEAR {De...s}{I}{S}{APP}{EAR}
18 At heart, Joachim Loew unsettled by Spinner's greeting (7) WELCOME {joaChim+LOEW}*{ME
19 Holy man's row with religious head is more puzzling (8) STRANGER {ST}{RANGE}{Re...s}
22 Stay arrest on mother's intervention (6) REMAIN {MA} in {REIN}
23 Rock-strewn path on city's limit (5) STONY {ST}{ON}{citY}
25 Wise men note skill (5) MAGIC {MAGI}{C}
27 Break for short siesta (4) SNAP {S}{NAP}


  1. Nice one Spinner. Thanks

  2. Delightful Spinner :) asteroid belt was beautiful ... So also discover with use of spinner for disc really.. Quite inspired some of these clues today .. :)

  3. Loved today's spin. Thank you.
    Took a while to get to the 'asteroid belt', but once there enjoyed it.
    Needed the blog to get a few annos sorted out- like deletion from Portugese. Euro '16 continues.

  4. 19D- I took it as ST R ANGER, with 'Row' for anger.

  5. Replies
    1. It comes from maths, like the others - giga, tera, nano etc.

      Agree with the rest about it being an excellent puzzle.

    2. Thanks, Bhavan. What is an Exa in maths. We Chartered accountants, with a few exceptions, only know sole arithmetic.

    3. Exa- is 10 raised to the power of 18.

    4. Thank you Bhavan. I did not know it until I saw your reply and out of curiosity googled it-

    5. Wow! If you counted Warren Buffet's net worth in Japanese yen it would still not reach one exa.

    6. Our own Exa may be just a reversal of Axe as musical instrument.

    7. I was just wondering about his power!

    8. Thanks, Bhavan for clarifying about Exa = E. And yes Suresh ji, it is indeed a big number, no Exa-ggeration.

  6. 17D- ear from? I was trying to place 'Praise' for appreciation.

    1. Ear = Sympathetic or favorable attention [Free Dict]

  7. Football fever continues!The many references to the beautiful game & Euro 16..Enjoyable one Spinner!

  8. wonderfully spun. Nicely woven. well-knit fabric. Enjoyed every inch.Thanks Spinner.

  9. The MAGIC of Rajnikanth as Ranjith's Kabali is to be DISCOVERED soon.

    People in India, US, Malaysia, EUROPE and elsewhere are eager to WELCOME the movie
    with a red CARPET.

    Some crazy fans will EXERCISE their interest with a large scale MIGRATION to the
    theatres - to PITCH tents and remain SHELTERED to SPRAY milk on the cut-outs during
    the auspicious time.

    Some others would be GREEN with envy at those who managed the FDFS tickets.

    COMMERCE has PRESERVED the Super Star's image in silver coins.

    Die-hard fans may not remain COMPOSED sitting in the EDGE of their seats as the show
    unfolds itself.

    PRODUCTIVE work may be absent and DISAPPEAR on the opening days.

    Let us enjoy the movie, remain COMPOSED and not ATTACH too much importance
    to the movie and CONTEMPORARY look of the star which is to be admired.

    1. Have missed these little compilations! Good one CGB sir.

    2. Thank you Srivathsan for today's Spinner. Enjoyed it.

  10. Great to have you back in action with a SUPER story.Thank you.