Friday, 15 July 2016

No 11752, Friday 15 Jul 2016, Afterdark

9   After commencement, alliance in delight (7) ELATION rELATION
10 Accountant, before depression secures a large investment (7) CAPITAL {CA}{PIT}{A}{L}
11 Fruit found in street by scoundrel wearing goggles (7) AVOCADO {AV}{O{CAD}O}
12 Pilot is held by Ravi at Orlando (7) AVIATOR [T]
13 Pirated contraption barred by China is very inexpensive (4,5) DIRT CHEAP {CH} in {PIRATED}*
15 Things are given by almighty out of love and sympathy primarily (5) GOODS {GO{O}D}{Sy...y}
16 In-house preparation is atrocious (7) HEINOUS*
19 Say, nothing sits right with self-centered people (7) EGOISTS {EG}{O}{SITS*}
20 Assumed winner over time acquires depth (5) ACTED {AC{T}E}{D}
21 One bold eve, in other words not popular (9) UNBELOVED {UN}{BOLD+EVE}*
25 Inside, Sardar lingers with sweetheart (7) DARLING [T]
26 Film cameraman gets girl's still finally, to print (7) DEVELOP {EVE}{s..lL} in {DOP} (Director of Photography) To be correct, developing is actually the process before printing. I used to  develop and print when we were in the Black and White era, I still have my father's enlarger with me.
28 Birds from north seen on felled trees pecking some seed (7) NESTERS {N}{TREES*}{Seed}
29 Husband found in rental building's entrance (7) ENTHRAL {H} in {RENTAL}*

1   Question name being entered wrongly in DD (6) DEMAND {NAME}* in {DD}
2   Tour leader leaves behind dog, perhaps with workers (6) LABOUR {LAB}{tOUR}
3   City described by Bengali master (4) LIMA [T]
4   Earning in cents' nothing, millions expected for starters (6) INCOME {IN}{C}{O}{M}{Ex...d}
5   Regularly secure fruit and meat dish... (8) SCRAPPLE {SeCuRe}{APPLE}
6   ...special grill Ron prepared and snack (6,4) SPRING ROLL {SP}{GRILL+ROLL}*
7   Posts data about charged particle (8) STATIONS {STAT}{IONS} (Addendum - {STAT{ION}S} -See comments}
8   No doubt they expect their business to be blooming (8) FLORISTS [CD]
14 Meteorites are made of rich stone with diamond deposit (10) CHONDRITES {D} in {RICH+STONE}*
16 Difficult to pass order in midnight gathering (8) HOARDING {H{O}ARD}{IN}{niGht}
17 Trainee's mostly excellent without leadership fascination (8) INTEREST {INTERn}{bEST}
18 Advocate earning money is the most complacent (8) SMUGGEST {M} in {SUGGEST}
22 Compromise on time allotment (6) BUDGET {BUDGE}{T}
23 Vendor clever in returning fastener (6) VELCRO [T<=] Velcro is actually the name of the company holding the trademark for it
24 Spot district attorney and public prosecutor with flyer regularly (6) DAPPLE {DA}{PP}{fLyEr}
27 Choose to have book boxed (4) VOTE {'VE} around {OT}


  1. AD does an Incognito! Enjoyed - Thanks

  2. As per Chambers, Velcro is a type of fastener. So, it may be OK.

    1. That is correct.

      From Wiki (See the link given in the main post

      De Mestral gave the name Velcro, a portmanteau of the French words velours ("velvet"), and crochet ("hook"), to his invention as well as his company, which continues to manufacture and market the fastening system.

    2. The Col added some detail; I don't think he implied the term cannot be used for a fastener. After all, it is so universally used in that sense.

  3. A quick run through before the arrival of the TH paper. Enjoyable and thank you AD.

    Yes Col.- you are right about the developing and printing of good old days which now seem as if from stone age!!
    Certain trade names like xerox & welcro seem part of the dic.

  4. Thanks AD for a thoroughly enjoyable grid !

  5. Did the puzzle early in the morning..a quick solve...

  6. kats comments occasionally but we know little about him. Will be nice if he says where he is and comes a little closer to us. Many of us here know each other well and we have even visited friends in other cities.

  7. Ah DOP couldn't parse that :) and lil zapped on the assumed =acted but else a fine xword from AD.. More like early morn light rather than after dark.. Or is after dark mean after the dark?? Anyway thanks :)

  8. Nice one.. ..enjoyed....thank you ....AD...:)

  9. Shouldn't 7D be ION in STATS instead of STAT+IONS? I think it's better "anno"ed that way.

  10. Loved UNBELOVED-- NOt popular? A case of unrequited love? Jilted Juliet? Once chosden as a beloved who'll dare to be made unbeloved ? I'd like some one to use this word UNBELOVED in a regular sentence.

    1. Raju sets a task for the visitors! Himself a writer of no mean credentials (he will hark back to his Nairobi days), why he cannot attempt putting in a sentence a word that tickles him no end is beyond my comprehension. Be that as it may, the invitation of Raju, a good fiend of mine (I have visited him in his Coimbatore home twice), cannot be ignored. So I shall try to fulfil his desire.
      I know what a sentence is. But I really don't know what a regular sentence is. I shall leave it to my gentle reader to decide whether what I am about to write is a regular sentence or irregular. Please do tell me.
      The twenty-something girl, whose English was below par as she had only studied in a remote rural college, did not meet with approval when she used it in her job at a technological firm in the big city; fearing that she might face the ignominy of losing her job, and thinking that she might undergo further misery when she went back home, where she felt she was unbeloved by her stepmother, she hanged herself from the ceiling fan of her hostel room.

    2. It is a regular sentence marred by an irregular act and the fact that the statutory indication of Sneha Helpline no. was not furnished! May her soul rest in peace.

    3. Thanks CV. I chose to invite others' imagination and your story uses UNBELOVED. However, has anyone come across this word used in any sentence anywhere?

      Of late, I have seen the word UNSURPRISED uses especially in the US. Won't a simple I'm not surprised do ? LIke in your story, why can't it be that Sneha's stepmother does not have any LOVE lost for her? To me, the syntax doesn't gell well using UNBELOVED ! One has to be a BELOVED of someon first to be later be made UNBELOVED. MY opinion only. English and especially Americanized Engish is very funny peculiar !!

      Any way, our blog is very BELOVED to me and no one dare UNBELOVED it here !!

  11. I am back to doing crosswords after a week. A good way to get back to the early morning routine. Thanks for the lovely crossword, AD.

  12. Very interesting puzzle.Thoroughly enjoyed thanks to apt clues.20 a - First I tried'aired' but winner got me 'acted' the real winner..28a,7d- nicely clued & nicely linked to definition.Simply put an engrossing&engaging wordplay.Thanks AD.