Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 17 Jul 2016

1  Soldier favoured fortification (7) PARAPET {PARA}{PET}
5   Yankee after discharge receiving new antagonism (6) ENMITY {E{N}MIT}{Y}
8   Film that's funny has apt slips in it (4,2,6,3) THIS IS SPINAL TAP*
10 Control said to be restored (10) REINSTATED {REIN}{STATED}
11 Part of problem irritating ruler (4) EMIR [T]
13 Progress in skill with jargon (5) ARGOT {AR{GO}T}
14 Bad action in laboratory brought about, relating to plant study (9) BOTANICAL {B{ACTION}*AL<=}
15 Unreal yarn I concocted, taking wise men in (9) IMAGINARY {MAGI} in {I+YARN}*
17 Foolish sign painter leaving odd bits out (5) INANE {sIgN+pAiNtEr}
19 Boring master (4) TAME [DD]
20 Lover in trouble after a heartless lie (10) AFICIONADO {A}{FICtION}{ADO}
23 Terribly poor, in hole? Help, with hesitation, aggressive investor (9,6) CORPORATE RAIDER {C{POOR*}RATE R}{AID}{ER}
24 Departure following match (6) FLIGHT {F}{LIGHT}
25 Bone from bird among quantity (7) STERNUM {S{TERN}UM}

1   Saint alert to change in image, benevolent but intrusive (13) PATERNALISTIC {SAINT+ALERT}* in {PIC}
2   Fence poorly, overcome by resistance (7) RAILING {R}{AILING}
3   Shrub planted in location one approved initially (10) POINSETTIA {POIN{SET}T}{I}{Ap...d}
4   Act so unnaturally in opera (5) TOSCA*
5   Depression during bad year without question (9) EVIDENTLY {EVI{DENT}L}{Y}
6   Squalid plan (4) MEAN [DD]
7   Symbolic drink label, collector's first (7) TOTEMIC {TOT}{EMI}{Co...r}
9   All income, finally put on record with force, below average figure (13) PARALLELOGRAM {PAR}{ALL}{i...mE}{LOG}{RAM}
12 Refresh ratio given wrongly (10) INVIGORATE*
14 English fan transformed into animal in celebratory event (9) BEANFEAST {B{E}{FAN*}EAST}
16 Mad liar struggling to become officer (7) ADMIRAL*
18 Leave teacher to support a veto (7) ABANDON {A}{BAN}{DON}
21 County in short leading second game (5) CHESS {CHES}{S}
22 Member of family joined by good number (4) SONG {SON}{G}



  1. A bit toughie; yet solvable!

  2. Cold solved most clues..came here to peek at the rest..nice clues all round.

    1. Yes, some five clues I cold-solved in quick succession.
      I didn't continue though, as the text font used in print edition is light and unreadable for me. I believe sans-serif type too is not friendly to read. Letters to the RE have yielded no results.
      Also, my solving power seems to have declined!

  3. Cold solving power? Or is it the inclination? Font IS very tough to read.
    A mixture of good ones and unfamiliar words.

    1. I visited the original site and am now solving the week's puzzle there online. Very good clues that fall one after the other without much difficulty. Maybe nothing to despair!

  4. Thanks to the link here able to do it online.. As this is one of the old Guardian puzzles have done it before so several Clues could cold solve and just needed to check.. Some fine clue ing

  5. Missed out on Aficionado and "This is a spinal tap".New terms for me.