Thursday, 28 July 2016

No 11763, Thursday 28 Jul 2016, Arden

9   Go across river to Japan (7) VARNISH {VA{R}NISH}  
10 Another name over our entrance (7) ENAMOUR {NAME}*{OUR}
11 Model will copy – take no note (7) REPLICA REPLICAte
12 Calm and clear about one (7) PATIENT {PAT{1}ENT}
13 No top positions? utter nonsense to start acting funny and causing hold up (9) OBSTRUENT {jOBS}{UTTER+No...e}*
15 They may be celebrities, the scribe ignored (5) ELITE cELebriTIEs*
16 Naked without a shred of clothing facing fire (7) BARRAGE {BAR{RAG}E}
19 Royalty given protection – reliable in centre of country (7) CROATIA {C{R}OAT}{relIAble}
20 Deposit hundred Yen (5) CACHE {C}{ACHE}
21 Dealt with precious metal – lost soul to curse (9) IMPRECATE {PRECIous+METAl}*
25 Said to be not for minors – full of gas (7) AERATED (~ a rated)
26 Stop briefly to see hen clutching most of the eggs (7) LAYOVER {LAY{OVa}ER}
28 A European assumes saint would mean one among the original twelve (7) APOSTLE {A}{PO{ST}LE}
29 Cops not involved in persecution, may be those who followed (7) RETINUE pERsEcUTIoN*

1   Exaggerate about work (6) OVERDO {OVER}{DO}
2   Religious type covering up for an examination (6) TRIPOS {SO{PI}RT}<=
3   Fruit bird (4) KIWI [DD]
4   The short people in ancient kingdom (6) THRACE {THe}{RACE}
5   In a month, notice one has become autocratic (8) DESPOTIC {SPOT}{1} in {DEC}
6   Struggle to work on the game (10) BATTLEDORE {BATTLE}{DO}{RE}
7   He stirs up controversy on European roads (8) POLEMIST {POLE}{M1}{ST}
8   It may rhyme with tea but you go all red (8) ERYTHEMA {RHYME+TEA}*
14 Property – actual value not one million (4,6) REAL ESTATE {REAL} {ESTimATE}
16 Climbing vehicle given weightage in game (8) BACCARAT {CAB<=}{CARAT}
17 Run to Olympic venue, time to face unrest (4,4) RACE RIOT {RACE} {RIO}{T}
18 Villain will make lover die (8) EVILDOER*
22 Mean to go with friend (6) PALTRY {PAL}{TRY}
23 A day for escape is coming (6) ADVENT {A}{D}{VENT}
24 Those highly educated lost money... made money (6) EARNED lEARNED
27 It evokes still some interest (4) YETI {YET}{In...t} &lit



  1. New meaning for Varnish...Easily solved the 3 quarters...The NW corner posed challenge which was overcome slowly.Thanks Arden!

  2. 4d I had it like TH (RAC) E....short people RAC e in

  3. Slightly tougher than yesterday, but yet(I) enjoyable.
    Yesterday we had furuncle, today it is 'erethema'. Boiling all over?
    Ram@ 8.35- question of punctuation- where to put the comma.

  4. Col.,
    Small correction in 21A-'i' to be pinked.(part of anagram fodder)

  5. Couldn't log into the HUB today even through my Reliance connection

    1. It is on now! I have posted my answers there.

    2. Looks like Reliance has also blocked the HUB

    3. I posted early morning through Idea..BSNL is still blocking the site

  6. Same problem. Not able to login to The Hub with Asianet broadband for the past few days :(