Friday, 29 July 2016

No 11764, Friday 29 Jul 2016, Arden

Tough going today. But feeling great after having cracked it.

1   Good idea — old fellow is held in high regard (4-7-2) WELL-THOUGHT-OF {WELL}-{THOUGHT}-{O}{F}
10 Had lost after sacrificing Bishop (5) EATEN bEATEN
11 New Orleans is something you can get a feel of (9) SENSORIAL*
12 Outgoing text amended, keep writing till it's finished (9) EXTROVERT {R}{OVER} in {TEXT}*
13 Divine law to exclude a flower (5) SHARI SHARIa
14 One passes away in a sterile environment (7) ASEPSIS {1+PASSES}*
16 To salt away is hard for some people in the UK (7) CORNISH {CORN}{IS}{H} Never knew this meaning of Corn
18 Chosen feature not a test (7) INSPECT  {IN}{aSPECT}
20 In reality, it's from French act of frolicking (2,5) DE FACTO {DE} {ACT+OF}*
22 Calls in to pass on a message (5) NAMES [T]
24 Add and combine — becomes incomprehensible (9) REPLENISH IncomPREHENSibLe*
26 Hard sell other ideas without keeping runs in check (9) ADVERTISE {VE{R}T} in {IDEAS}* Reverse engineered the Anno after getting the answer
27 He doesn't represent America in Olympics (5) USAIN {USA}{IN} &lit
28 Breaking upgood in case Middle Eastern country is excluded (13) FRAGMENTATION {FRA{G}ME}{N{easTern}ATION} Reverse engineered again!

2   Felt it needed to be raised a bit to empower (7) ENTITLE [T<=]
3   With fire in the belly, angle at sea for crayfish (9) LANGOUSTE {OUST} in {ANGLE}*
4   Hurry to get pure cocaine out (5) HASTE cHASTE
5   Continued corruption surreptitiously (9) UNNOTICED*
6   Not bothered to give two of them (5) HOOTS [CD]
7   Beginning shortly around morning time — it's paper work (7) ORIGAMI {ORIG{AM}In}
8   Father and son facing production shortage (10,3) GENERATION GAP {GENERATION} {GAP}
9   Sight of Handel composing “An illusion” (7,2,4) SLEIGHT OF HAND*
15 With Saturn in eighth house one gets somewhat worried (9) SATURNINE [T]
17 Stock with sack on the back (5,4) RIFLE BUTT {RIFLE} {BUTT}
19 Tea dispenser's arms used to clutch eggs (7) SAMOVAR {OVA} in {ARMS}*
21 City in the past (7) CHICAGO {CHIC}{AGO}
23 On empty stomach throw, discard (5) SHRUG {St...cH}{RUG}
25 Fold in — it's a simple attachment (5) PLEAT [T]



  1. 13A great solve Col. I was thinking Swami as the solution.

  2. +1 for the opening remarks of Col. GENERATION GAP and CHICAGO win my COD handsdown. Thanks Arden.

  3. +1 for the byeline.A well thought out puzzle.Loved the wp..

  4. Tough going! Still managed to solve all but five mostly in the left half of the grid. Overall a nice puzzle and nice blog by Colonel Sir.

  5. ORIGAMI occurs often in crosswords. I have myself tackled it no less than 12 times, with some variety, I hope.
    Yet Arden's clue is refreshingly different.
    The flexibility of the Eng lang, with its plethora of synonyms, is marvellous and clue-writers revel in that.

    1. +1 I had a similar reaction to yours when I saw the clue. Kudos to Arden for finding new wine in an old bottle ...

  6. Tough going. Needed help to get as far as I did- still could not complete. Saturn in the eighth house brought out a smile. Blog cleared many doubts.
    A small correction in 14A- It is I+ Passes.

  7. I got WELL THOUGHT OF immediately on reading the clue ! Very Well thought out long phrases ! GENERATION GAP can never be bridged ! Because there will never be a production shortage as long as human beings continue to REPLENISH ! ! SLEIGHT OF HAND is a cunning device used by compilers to beguile the solvers. ARDEN's crosswords are always daunting at first sight but once each phrase in the outerframe is filled, all others fall like skittles. Somehow, ARDEN creates that telepathy for the solver.

  8. It seems one can access the HUB (by PC) after 1:00 pm daily. It is open now.

    1. Not on my machine, not by my service providers.

  9. Very amusingly, why is the O in origami not getting printed on the screen? I tapped, cajoled gently and even punched hard but the brattish O was Obdurate! This happens many a times when one solves on line. Again, once one keys in the online fcility, what appears is always the previous day's grid and clues and then one gets on to click the next day's it appears meekly and coyly !! Strange is the world of cyberspace !

    1. Raju, I think the types of problems narrated by you are computer-specific because I have not encountered such problems. I hope others are with me.

    2. I too faced the problem of O not getting printed a few times. But have not experienced the grid problem.

    3. I should think that a letter not appearing in a cell is because of obduracy of the key in the keyboard. Just now he O went in there obediently.
      The other problem that Raju mentions - I have no idea. I have not keyed in all the answers so far in the grid online.

    4. Both problems not encountered at my end

  10. No this is THC online specific . I have encountered such issues even when doing the Brand crossie of Sowmya Ramkumar in the Catalyst Business Hindu.

    As for the other problem, I meant that the grid and the clues when one first logs in is of the day before and only when one hits the small arrow for the next day , does the current day's crossie will emerge !

    These are not major issues as I'm quite happy with the Online THC the way it appears, with itss attendant minor glitches. Must be programmed so?

    1. I am an ordinary end-user but I think the problem is not the website's.
      If you enter , and on reaching the page, scroll down to The Hindu Crossword box and click on it (if and when the crossword is up) you will get the day's crossword.
      From whatever you do now, I think you are opening a cached page. If so, we have to refresh the page to get the latest uploaded page.

    2. I go to the Links in our blog and click on the first option- The Hindu Crossword Online- That's my starting point and I don't go to the site. From there, I click on the option to open when I get yesterday's grid and clues and then I click on next when I get today's puzzle on an interactive mode.

      Thanks to those for the interest shown to clarify your point.

      My question was: Wht yesterday;s first and not today's straightaway?

    3. I was solving so far through PP Madam's hub. But now that the blog is down, I have been solving the grid from TH paper online. On the main page, I click on the crossword link, if it is dated current. Otherwise, it will always take me to the last saved link.

  11. The answer is simple.
    It is something to do with what you're doing, not the website's way.
    I click on the link in the Col's blog and what I get is today's IA ver of the crossword. It is the largest grid, surrounded by archived puzzles with small icons.
    (Of course, if the latest, i.e., the calendar date's, crossword is yet to be uploaded, this won't be the case. Usu, it is up before we India sunrise.)
    It seems you've to check and mend your ways.

  12. "That's my starting point and I don't go to the site."

    Excuse me, from that starting point where else do you go except to the site?

  13. Raju @ 10:59 your computer must be really weird.
    Whenever I click on the link to 'The Hindu Crossword (Interactive)' on my blog it takes me to the CW of the day (Unless it is yet to be uploaded)

  14. What if the computer user is weird?

  15. I reckon, both my computer and myself are weird ? !!!

    I still maintain that I always get yesterday's first and then hen I click for the next, I get today's !