Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 10 Jul 2016

1   Upset one saint in costume (8) DISTRESS {D{1}{ST}RESS}
5   Forlorn search for second drink (6) CHASER*
9   Sick heart of artist, revolutionary (5) TIRED {arTIst}{RED}
10 Bound to follow bad issue (9) OFFSPRING {OFF}{SPRING}
12 Psalm, a bit revised, relating to religious rite (9) BAPTISMAL*
13 Suffer from strain currently (5) INCUR [T]
14 Motown star with opinion about Detroit initially in control (6,6) STEVIE WONDER {STE{VIE W}{ON}{De...t}ER}

18 Weapon held by party reversing support for financial statement (7,5) BALANCE SHEET {BA{LANCE} SH}{TEE<=}
21 Help in trouble, following Bible (5) AVAIL {AV}{AIL}
22 Mischievous creature limping endlessly to conceal energy (9) HOBGOBLIN {HOB{GO}BLINg}
24 Clip plus last bolt (3,3,3) CUT AND RUN {CUT} {AND} {RUN}
25 Plant fears in clan losing regular characters (5) ERICA {fEaRs+In+ClAn}
26 Ready to protect place in disturbance (6) RIPPLE {RIP{PL}E}
27 Trail involved great slog with lack of oxygen (8) STRAGGLE {GREAT+SLoG}*

1   Collection of facts supplied by sailor while in court (8) DATABASE {DAT{AB}{AS}E}
2   Head of state caught in financial difficulty (8) STRAPPED {St..e}{TRAPPED}
3   Notice, in river, two bones (5) RADII {R}{AD}{II}
4   Maiden in tale, we hear, sadly consuming time in song (6,7) STORMY WEATHER {STOR{M}Y} {T}in{WE+HEAR}*

This reminds me of the limerick from my school days about this man from Madras :-)

6   Delight in strange sin, perhaps? Not right (9) HAPPINESS {SIN+PErHAPS}*
7   Joker in school for a change (6) SWITCH {S{WIT}CH}
8   Concern doctor raised, keeping passion up (6) REGARD {R{EGAR<=}D<=}
11 Item of office furniture reassembled in nice big flat (6,7) FILING CABINET*
15 Tennis player making new advance in match without resistance (4,5) IVAN LENDL {rIVA{N}  {LEND}L}
16 Agent, deceitful, giving answer (8) REPLYING {REP}{LYING}
17 Learned about mood in prehistoric time (5,3) STONE AGE {S{TONE} AGE}
19 Curse a broken dish (6) SAUCER*
20 Left suitable work for computer (6) LAPTOP {L}{APT}{OP}
23 Letter that's become garbled to some extent (5) OMEGA [T]



  1. Nice Clues.
    The Sunday Times Xword was lot easier today.
    Paddy, hope you have completed.

  2. Special at 10:30 by Balderdash. Today the special will be restricted to 2 answers per commenter till 1 PM. One more can be taken after 1 PM if there are any remaining

  3. Easy crossword, did not INCUR DISTRESS or STORMY WEATHER. Not TIRED, didn't STRAGGLE.