Tuesday, 5 July 2016

No 11744, Tuesday 05 Jul 2016, Lightning

1   One in two Lithium and Iron atoms could be lost in this period (4-4) HALF-LIFE {LI} or {FE} &lit
5   One trips when drunk with this? (6) SPIRIT {1+TRIPS}* &lit
9   Flamboyant play to inaugurate contest for starters (8) DRAMATIC {DRAMA}{To}{In...e}{Co...t}
10 Related to one tying the knot, free to enter unending dance party (6) BRIDAL {RID} in {BALl}
12 Shrink left out in German city (5) ESSEN lESSEN
13 Provide housing identification to chief officer (9) PRESIDENT {ID} in {PRESENT}
14 Trade mixer endlessly (6) BARTER Anno pending (Addendum - {BARTendER} - See comments)
16 Clients adjusted sketching instrument (7) STENCIL*
19 Hint of writing liquid left in second last page (7) INKLING {INK}{L}{IN}{paGe}
21 Obvious doctor’s client is losing heart (6) PATENT PATiENT
23 Top ranked anaesthetist? (6,3) NUMBER ONE [C&DD]
25 Fabric made from thick substance – hard (5) CLOTH {CLOT}{H}
26 Axe a district attorney in American country (6) CANADA {CAN}{A}{DA}
27 Engineer faster in music and poetry (4,4) FINE ARTS*
28 Men surely providing guarantee (6) ENSURE [T]
29 Marked final route for frenzied dash (8) STAMPEDE {STAMPED}{r..tE}

1   Layer holding make-up did get concealed (6) HIDDEN {DID*} in {HEN}
2   Creditor at sea? (4,5) LOAN SHARK [CD]
3   Acquire list containing primary reference (5) LEARN {LEA{Re...e}N}
4   Past president appears in ad for swimming gear (7) FLIPPER {PP} in {FLIER}
6   Relevant ratio modified to get interpretation (9) PERTINENT INTERPrETatioN*
7   Go on horseback around German bank (5) RIDGE {RID{G}E}
8   One spreading rumours, say, unusually late (8) TELLTALE {TELL}{LATE*}
11 Chaos in dining room (4) MESS [DD]
15 Last batsman sore with pain (9) TAILENDER {AIL} in {TENDER}
17 Direction to go after criminal gathering (9) CONCOURSE {CON}{COURSE}
18 Top hotel in new place (8) PINNACLE {INN} in {PLACE*}
20 Light essentially short in luminosity (4) GLOW {liGht}{LOW}
21 Anticipate public relations announcement (7) PREDICT {PR}{EDICT}
22 Caught with speed that is unadulterated (6) CHASTE {C}{HASTE}
24 Disadvantage of minister at American country (5) MINUS {MIN}{US}
25 Elite engineer caught in crush (5) CREAM {E} in {CRAM}


  1. 14 Trade mixer endlessly (6) BARTER

  2. (off topic: from yesterday)
    12 Ambassador's greatness (10) EXCELLENCY [DD]

    What is the noun form of 'excellent'? 'Excellency' is the title. Would 'greatness' give 'excellency'? Do we now use 'excellency' where we would normally and usually use 'excellence'?

    1. Can we say 'The student achieved excellency is Maths'

    2. Further research informs me that, as I guessed, at present 'excellency' is the title. The noun form of 'excellent' is 'excellence' but 'excellency' was used in the past centuries by writers such as Fielding.

    3. I had the same doubt yesterday and Free dic. gave it as alternate. Thanks to CV for the research. Informative.

  3. Technology!Was travelling through remote parts of UP & Jharkhand but managed to solve through the IA version..Nice one as usual from Lightning

    1. Curious to know about the quality the net connectivity in those remote places. Do you get 3G? How frequently does the connection drop?

    2. Surprisingly the 3G connection was quite good with hardly any signal loss(the condition of road though was abyssmal...especially the Jharkhand side)

    3. Thanks Vasant. Good to know that net is not a big issue. Hopefully one day roads too won't be a big issue

  4. Lovely crossie - nice surfaces - Thanks Lightning!

  5. Yes, easy going and enjoyable too with some nice surfaces. Lightning for speed.

  6. Smooth going! Enjoyable one from Lightning. My number one COD was NUMBER ONE!

  7. In my opinion, some setters set it as a challenge, to solvers. It makes them difficult.

  8. Nice crossword today. Thanks Lightning

  9. Simple sweet one.. Bart(-end)er was really cool :)