Friday, 8 July 2016

No 11746, Friday 08 Jul 2016, Anon

1   Sailor at farm, for starters, inadvertently, ate fish with no gills (11) ABRANCHIATE {AB}{RANCH}{In...y}{ATE}
9   Taking spoilt ale through pipe (7) LEASING {ALE}*{SING} Anno for SING not clear See comments

10 Pictures stir, overwhelm one sister (6) MOVIES {MOV{1}E}{S}
11 Cross returning destitute squadron (5) TROOP {T}{POOR<=}
12 Cut nutty croissants after removing ant (7) SCISSOR CROISSantS*
15 Valets start to darn, fix (4) MEND {MEN}{D}
16 Assisted school to compose, edit a video initially (10) CULTIVATED {CULT}{EDIT+A+Vi..o}*
18 Old consort at extension of church (10) RETROCHOIR {RETRO}CHOIR Choir and Consort? See comments
20 Prompt overwhelmed student with hint (4) CLUE {C{L}UE}
23 Single children go to concerts (7) UNISONS {UNI}{SONS} Is this Plural form correct? See comments

24 Should remove source of cypher (5) OUGHT nOUGHT
26 Master looks back at parts of compasses (6) AMBITS {MA<=}{BITS}
27 Monitor lizards are let loose on Nagas (7) GOANNAS*
28 Robs half of Salzburg, Los Angeles’ towers (11) BURGLARISES {salzBURG}{LA}{RISES}

2   Boy hobbles on to airships (6) BLIMPS {B}{LIMPS}
3   Organism found in the glacial Ganges (4) ALGA [T]
4   In cartoon, entertainer has to remove his clothes (5,5) COMIC STRIP {COMIC} {STRIP}
5   In commotion, Ive new visa for trespassing (8) INVASIVE {I'VE+N+VISA}*
6   Instrument of torture in the trunk (3,4) THE BOOT {THE} {BOOT}
7   Veterans got lost, mired in a riot (3-6) OLD-TIMERS*
8   There! French hoodlum is at pond (6) LAGOON {LA}{GOON}
13 Mercy killing of a nausea-hit eccentric (10) EUTHENASIA* (Correction - EUTHANASIA* - See comments)
14 A tooth doctor admits initially vehement Christian (9) ADVENTIST {A}{D{Ve...t}ENTIST}
17 Showing off snake bite (8) BOASTING {BOA}{STING}
19 Partridge, naïve at first, escapes from mountain somehow (7) TINAMOU MOUnTAIN
21 Part of epilogue is fable (6) LEGEND {LEG}{END}
22 Roman sun God gives champion comfort (6) SOLACE {SOL}{ACE}
25 Fruit looks terrible, we hear (4) UGLI (~ugly)



  1. 1. It is EUTHANASIA, not '-then-'.

    2. For me 'unison' is uncountable. However, on checking I find some dictionaries say it is 'usually uncountable' - which means that the plural form might be allowed.

    3. When you pipe, you speak in a high, shrill voice. So as a verb, it might be taken to mean 'sing', as in "At the party, the teenaged girl piped a song from the Tamil film 'Kabali'." (Not sure if the connector 'through' works for the charade.)

    4. Unable to help in query against 18ac.

    1. Works if you take through=by=next to. Kind of indirect

  2. 18 Old consort at extension of church (10) RETROCHOIR {RETRO}CHOIR Choir and Consort?
    consort2 noun a group of singing or playing musicians, particularly specializing in early music.

  3. Thanks Anon for a nice crossie. Made only a few references; clues led to answers, mostly.

  4. As Raju said yesterday..solved by rot(!!)...easy one as usual by Anon..why Scintillator & Incognoto's second one did not appear?

  5. Peeping in here (I have not solved this puzzle due to a jamboree at home), I noticed Tinamou. Any Ludlum fans here?

    1. Kishore your memory is incredible. I had to Google the two to realise I have read it

    2. I was not a hundred percent sure, but had a doubt that I had read that word in a Ludlum book.

    3. No question about Kishore's memory. It's very good