Saturday, 16 July 2016

No 11753, Saturday 16 Jul 2016, Aspartame


1 Lecherous behaviour in busses? (5,8) FUNNY BUSINESS Rev Anag of {IN BUSSES}
8 Temper brought about destruction (4) DOOM {DOOM<=}
9 Communists annex country having n-natives (3,7) RED INDIANS {RED {INDIA}{N}S}
10 Send troops to protect wildlife at the borders located near Norway (6) SWEDEN {SEND*} around {WildifE}
11 Myth and lore decoded for understanding (8) MOTHERLY {MYTH+LORE}*
12 One approbation from a primarily blissful writer (1,8) A BLESSING {A} {Blissful}{LESSING}
14 Instruction for soldiers to move out of road (4) STET {STreET}
15 Support is out of date (4) BACK (DD)
16 Will he never lose balance? (6,3) STABLE BOY (CD)
20 Small notes on Nokia oddly found in the Indian Ocean (3,5) SRI LANKA {S}{RI} {LA}{NoKiA}
21 Speaker of Marmora torched (6) ORATOR (T)
23 How cops may go sometimes to catch criminals (2,8) IN DISGUISE (E)
24 Flower’s light controlling component (4) IRIS (DD)

25 Doctor searched route to find residence (8,5) TERRACED HOUSE {SEARCHED+ROUTE}*


1 Consumer resource system made by idiots the French discarded (4,3) FOOD WEB {FOOl}{D  WeEB}
2 Traveller at capital of Denmark after touring Oman (5) NOMAD {OMAN}*{D}
3 Say, why are germs all over underwear? (1-6) Y-FRONTS {~WHY=Y}-F{~ARE=R}ONTS}
4 Masters were kidnapped by criminal aunt, right? I’ve become uninterested (15) UNDEMONSTRATIVE {AUNT+R} around {DEMONS}+{IVE}
5 Stylish house at corner is natural (6) INNATE {INN}{AT}{E}
6 Key point of oriental main-course mostly involves stuffing of spice (9) EPICENTRE {E}{PIC}{ENTREe}
7 Quantum state ‘T’ (7) SINGLET 'T'= SINGLE 'T'
13 Creole’s team manufactures wood wool (9) EXCELSIOR {CREOLES+XI}*
15 ‘Order in durbarone trumpeted (7) BARONET (T)
17 A short description to show lack of a field of study (3-4) BIO-TECH {BIO}-{TEaCH}
18 Starts to open deep golden eyes of the auditor to spray perfume (7) ODORISE {Open}{Deep}{OR}{~EYES=ICE}
19 Mystery magazine deleted main content easily (6) ENIGMA {MAGazINE}*
22 Sound of a drop of water causes cheers (5) ADIEU {A}{~DEW=DIEU}

Communists=Reds, Soldiers=RE, Small=S, Notes=Ri&La
The French=Le, Right=R, Corner=E, Oriental=E, Team=XI, Golden=Or

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. Great day. Finished before 8.30 AM. Enjoyed the puzzle. Thanks to sugarless sweet aspartame

  2. Enjoyable one from Aspartame..Loved Funny Business, Food Web, Stable Boy, In Disguise.
    Lovely Blog too

    1. No extraneous words. That shows the compactness of clues.

  3. Easy & enjoyable. A fast ride before receipt of print edition- enough time for morning walk. Thank you.
    Lot of work for Ramesh- nicely done. Thanks again.

  4. Simple and elegant. Enjoyable one. Thank you, Aspartame.

  5. This run no puzzle from Scintillator & Sunnet?

  6. 5 Stylish house at corner is natural (6) INNATE {INN}{AT}{E}

    Anno : {IN}{N(AT)E} Any possibility?

    1. I don't think the above anno works.
      For AT to be in NE, the words "house at corner" don't work - grammar is absent in that group of words.
      In the anno given in the blog, I don't understand why INN is 'stylish house'.
      Sometimes I wonder if some clues in THC would bear intense analysis for grammar, usage and style.

  7. Didn't find it that easy today .. Never heard of food web 😄 funny business quite a hoot .. Enjoyable one aspartame

  8. Neither easy nor hard - it is like 'medium' coffee...

  9. I found it difficult, however, managed to solve all but one.