Wednesday, 20 July 2016

No 11756, Wednesday 20 Jul 2016, Gridman

1   Summon girl for vocation (7) CALLING {CALL IN}{G}
5   Boy to set apart voting slip (6) BALLOT {B}{ALLOT}
9   Means to change directory listings (5) NAMES*
10 Command One in Artillery (9) ORDINANCE {ORD{1}NANCE}
11 Accepts invitation to drink (5,2) TAKES UP {TAKE}{S UP}
12 Doctor talks on and on limitlessly and becomes less interesting (7) DRABBER {DR}{yABBERs}
13 Stretch son going east for shades (5) TINTS (-s)TINT(+s)S
14 Places of chaos where there is something to munch (9) NUTHOUSES [C&DD]
16 Where head of team's seen twice in a hazy state (9) TENNESSEE {Team}{SEEN+SEEN}*
19 The Spanish end in France is fairylike (5) ELFIN {EL}{FIN}
21 Stop officer commanding beginning to criticise duel in an unacceptable manner (7) OCCLUDE {OC}{Cr...e}{DUEL*}
23 Hold over small girl's cry of praise (7) HOSANNA {H}{O}{S}{ANNA}
24 If you're are in this, you won't be at ease (9) ATTENTION [CD]
25 Girl takes Gridman for a drink (5) LASSI {LASS}{I}
26 Photocopies leave out nothing of the old Emperor (6) XERXES XERoXES
27 True, Ceres is running around home (7) SINCERE {CERES}* around {IN}

1   Approved walk (14) CONSTITUTIONAL [DD]
2   Chuck the French doctor's relative? (7) LAMBKIN {LA}{MB}{KIN}
3   Maintains it's sin – too bad – that grabs son (7) INSISTS {IT'S+SIN}* over {S}
4   Great publisher in good, small classifications (9) GROUPINGS {GR}{OUP}{IN}{G}{S}
5   Waited patiently – I had, in bed (5) BIDED {I'D} in {BED}
6   Yearn for a turn in the distant past (4,3) LONG AGO {LONG} {A}{GO}
7   Vehicle volume (7) OMNIBUS [DD]
8   Typical MLA, perhaps (14) REPRESENTATIVE [DD]
15 Order: Reship ten surgical saws (9) TREPHINES*
17 Windsor, e.g., is not for casual Fridays (7) NECKTIE [CD]
18 Nothing follows Agatha Christie's character in old biannual event (7) EQUINOX {QUIN}{O} in {EX}
19 Greek character gets revised slip in time (7) EPSILON {SLIP}* in {EON}
20 Tactful handling of female, fashionable, essentially lesser (7) FINESSE {F}{IN}{lESSEr}
22 Prepares altered diets (5) EDITS*



  1. It is always a pleasure to solve Gridman's. Learnt a new meaning for CONSTITUTIONAL. Thanks GM

  2. Enjoyable one from Gridman.
    My take on 12A was {DR}{gABBERs}

    1. My take was different from the Col's and yours!

    2. Is it DR(-j)ABBER(-s)by any chance?

    3. If it starts with Y , it should be Yapper, right?

    4. Though Gridman's take is different, Yabber also means the same. See the link n the main post

  3. Deepak has shown the Windsor knot. The Windsor tie is a little different and maybe more casual suited for Fridays

  4. Says a mail that I have received from the IT department: "Declare undisclosed income under income declaration scheme 2016. Get immunity from enquiry and prosecution."
    I have written to them to help me do exactly that.
    Living in these parlous times when two idlis in a non-star restaurant costs Rs 50 and scraping the bottom of the vessel, taxpayers such as retired people trying to find where the ends are to make them meet, will welcome if the IT informs the middle-class people WHERE the undisclosed income is so they can also tap it.

    1. It's not Spam. There are Ads in the papers as well

    2. I too received the same mail... I trade in stock market but I've incurred losses in excess of Rs. 3-4 lacs in over past 5 years.... Do I still need to declare that... ?

    3. These mails come soon after my CA e-filed my IT return.
      Isn't it an irony that one who has filed his return honestly before the due date should receive such a mail?
      The political bigwigs who at one election declare a sum as their assets and at another declare assets that have increased manifold - they should be sent these mails.
      BTW, I have also reason to think that this mail may indeed be a spam. How it escaped spam filter and landed in my inbox I don't know.
      The link did not lead to a secure website and I got a warning from my AV.

  5. Enjoyable one..this 14 letter grid from Gridman..Me!back after a long time..lovely cartoon..thanks Col

  6. Did Col. get his inspiration from CGB's story a couple of days back? Nice simple and apt cartoon after a long time. Thank you Col.

  7. Nice simple elegant clues- most enjoyable.
    21A- the longest anagram indicator I have come across!

  8. Thanks KKR.
    I should have written: "I intend writing to them."
    I am very careful about these messages which could be spam or phishing attempts.

  9. Nice one from gridman.. Neat classic clues .. Thanks

  10. I loved today's cartoon in TH on RaGa

  11. 14 across is the clue of my day. You crack the nut and then munch ? In any case, nuts are cracks !!!

  12. Really enjoyable one from Gridman. After a long time; I could treat myself to samosas!

    CV Sir - regarding 11A and 25A - you must have quite a hangover ! (:))

  13. He is careful to have ONLY lassi !

    1. Sridhar - I don't go to that extent. My friends know if I drink it's just for some pleasantness in a gathering with known people.

    2. Padmanabhan - He's looking only at the clues with no reference to the answers!

  14. 10A Command one in artillery. I feel command and not artillery is the definition for ordinance. Am I right?