Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 03 Jul 2016

1   Clean directors have total success (5,3,5) SWEEP THE BOARD {SWEEP} {THE BOARD}
9   Criminal met hero to make proposition (7) THEOREM*
10 Bow string attached to metal, not unknown (7) INCLINE {zINC}{LINE}
11 Embrace electronic giant (4) HUGE {HUG}{E}
12 Man with ship at sea in simple part of world (10) HEMISPHERE {HE}{M{SHIP*}ERE}
14 Pine tree in sound location in California (4,5) LONG BEACH {LONG} {BEACH}(~beech)
15 Give notice, restricting conflict (5) AWARD {A{WAR}D}
17 Film actor free from pressure (5) LAYER pLAYER
18 One old dam cracked, presaging disaster (4-5) DOOM-LADEN*
20 Conquering savage to capture hill (10) VICTORIOUS {VIC{TOR}IOUS}
22 Promotional piece yielding bravo for Britpop band (4) BLUR BLURb
24 Flower in spring, not large, in decline (3,4) SEA PINK {lEAP} in {SINK}
25 Employee of coffee shop in Italian city street area (7) BARISTA {BAR}{I}{ST}{A}
26 Work by Joyce Grenfell initially in broadcast wins a keen fan (9,4) FINNEGANS WAKE {Gr...l} in {WINS+A+KEEN+FAN}*

1   Bag some winnings at Cheltenham (7) SATCHEL [T]
2   Start to express compassion, receiving information in crisis (9) EMERGENCY {Ex...s}{MER{GEN}CY}
3   Opening fortified wine (4) PORT [DD]
4   Strike on day, thus disrupting joint, showing sign of communism (6,3,6) HAMMER AND SICKLE {HAMMER} {AN{D} {SIC}KLE}
5   Historic album, unusually absorbing book on one part of Canada (7,8) BRITISH COLUMBIA {HISTORIC+ALBUM}* around {B}{1}
6   Adequate account with chart about church power (10) ACCEPTABLE {AC}{CE}{P}{TABLE}
7   Urge resistance in disreputable bar (5) DRIVE {D{R}IVE}
8   Champion fed up before finish (6) DEFEND {DEF<=}{END}
13 Party lashed by wild rain, bane of Scottish city (10) ABERDONIAN {DO} in {RAIN+BANE}*
16 Article on a sundial designed in region of Spain (9) ANDALUSIA {A}{A+SUNDIAL}*
17 Note to guard against one son becoming prodigal (6) LAVISH {V}{1}{S} in {LAH}
19 Report flowed, written up with speed (7) NARRATE {NAR<=}{RATE}
21 Rubbish banter (5) CHAFF [DD]
23 Painful upset for god of love (4) EROS <=


  1. Simple and straight forward xword today .. pleasant :)

  2. Nice one. Missed out on 24Ac SEA PINK.

  3. 26AC couldn't solve. Took google's assistance