Thursday, 4 August 2016

No 11769, Thursday 04 Aug 2016, Vulcan

1   Influenced by Independent Member of Parliament, took initiative (8) IMPACTED {I}{MP}{ACTED}
5   Play for broke before facing defeat, say (6) FROLIC {FOR*}{LIC}(~ lick)
10 Fault is in the oddly-designed alarm (9) TERRORISE {ERROR}{IS} in {ThE}
11 Asian greeting to welcome a person (5) OMANI {MAN} in {OI}
12 Is it out there? On the contrary, it's to be intrinsic (6) INHERE opposite of OUT THERE
13 No tea is brewed in this country (7) ESTONIA*
14 Shows speed in the area just above the earth (8) AIRSPACE {AIRS}{PACE}
15 Expert not reacting quickly (6) PRONTO {PRO}{NOT*}
18 Run after Mark and Harry (6) BADGER {BADGE}{R}
20 Pattern in mostly blended sheets (3,5) BED LINEN {IN+BLENDEd}*
22 Setback in stock exchange following weaker returns (7) RELAPSE {PALER<=}{SE}
25 This young flier is say, carrying a permit (6) EAGLET {E{A}G}{LET}
27 German river's height kept in check (5) RHEIN {R{H}EIN}
28 Kind of option in basically red wine (5,4) PINOT NOIR {OPTION+IN}*{Red}
29 Small vessel to keep potassium rod (6) SKEWER {S}{K}{EWER}
30 Sweet thing, one added in different whey drinks primarily (8) HONEYDEW {ONE} in {WHEY+Dr...s}*

1   Hint: It's an article about love (4) IOTA {I{O}T}{A}
2   Married a fool we hear, after break up (9) PARTNERED {PART}{NERED}(~nerd)
3   Fail to win in sporting contest — shut entirely (5,2) CLOSE UP {LOSE} in {CUP}
4   Show ends in debate probing for data (8) EVIDENCE {DebatE} in {EVINCE}
6   Bird list includes duck (7) ROOSTER {RO{O}STER}
7   Acquire knowledge/skill eventually and make money (5) LEARN {skilL}{EARN}
8   Film shot with Canon (9) CHINATOWN*
9   Basic part of disclaimer explained (4) MERE [T]
14 A mass that which is floating in the sea, right, is whale secretion (9) AMBERGRIS {A}{M}{BERG}{R}{IS}
16 Special crown, one with diamonds, it's used for a particular occasion (5,4) NONCE WORD {CROWN+ONE+D}*
17 Scorching hot en route to this place (8) HEREUNTO {H+EN+ROUTE}*
19 Range of vessels in English river (7) EXPANSE {PANS} in {EXE}
21 Member, one finding support for beneficiary (7) LEGATEE {LEG}{A}{TEE}
23 Present false information about for instance, a superior (5) LIEGE {LI{EG}E}
24 Everywhere state political leaders taking money, finally we get to see (4) ESPY {Ev...e}{St..e}{Po...l}{m..eY}
26 Team of mediocre wrestlers (4) CREW [T]



  1. Interestingly LIEGE means 1. a feudal lord entitled to allegiance and service; and 2. a feudal vassal or subject

  2. Simple & enjoyable!
    Remembered Richard, one of the oldest commentors here. For Chinatown he would certainly have remembered the old movie starring Shammi Kapoor & the song " Baar baar dekho, Hazaar baar dekho"

  3. Dekhne ka cheez hai tho, dekhengae!

    Excuse if my Hindi is faulty.

  4. Found this offering from Vulcan a bit tough today .. Nonce word totally new term - Rhine vs Rhein confused.. chinatown last to fall - it was kinda obvious but "hota hai...hota hai" ha ha

  5. I am reminded of 'Hoga, hoga...' in a Hindi film song of long ago.

  6. why the mayyam thread is closed by telecommunication dept