Wednesday, 3 August 2016

No 11768, Wednesday 03 Aug 2016, Lightning

8   One displaying warning around university to get court order (4,5,6) SHOW CAUSE NOTICE {SHOW CA{U}SE} {NOTICE}
9   About to look for probe (8) RESEARCH {RE}{SEARCH}
10 One amidst exchange of abuse (6) TIRADE {T{1}RADE}
11 Relatives for a change are flexible (9) VERSATILE*
12 Vice left in area for tents (5) CLAMP {C{L}AMP}
15 Experienced accountant joins assistant lawyer and engineer (7) CAPABLE {CA}{PA}{BL}{E}
17 Approach criminal with diplomacy (7) CONTACT {CON}{TACT}
19 Rapid ships in the navy (5) FLEET [DD]
20 Confused representative returns to mistakenly expel democrat (9) PERPLEXED {REP<=}{EXPEL*}{D}
23 CIA spy for the most part extremely crazy (6) AGENCY {AGENt}{CrazY}
25 Witty sayinga top gem constructed with humour primarily (8) APOTHEGM {A+TOP+GEM+Hu...r}*
26 Magician gets religious man to move one toe with a twig? Ordinary ruse for starters (15) PRESTIDIGITATOR {PR(-1)EST(+1)I}{DIGIT}{A}{Twig}{Or...y}{Ruse}

1   Expression of toast king blurted out at English cottage, say (6) CHEESE {CHEErS}{E}
2   Decisively win prize in lottery (10) SWEEPSTAKE {SWEEP}{STAKE}
3   Bob for one with a slithery move (9) HAIRSTYLE*
4   A special check for building material (7) ASPHALT {A}{SP}{HALT}
5   Join peacekeepers with appeal and energy (5) UNITE {UN}{IT}{E}
6   Saturn regularly orbiting a celestial body (4) STAR {SaTuRn} around {A}
7   Account a medic modified for researcher (8) ACADEMIC {AC}{A+MEDIC}*
13 Maybe a top location to place one’s name? (10) LETTERHEAD [CD] (Addendum - {LETTER}{HEAD} - See comments)
14 Side perhaps for dividing national force — it is not commercially motivated (9) NONPROFIT NON{PRO}{F}{IT} Anno pending (Addendum - {N}{ON}{PRO}{F}{IT} - See comments)
16 Proceed right into passage of short story (8) ALLEGORY {GO}{R} in {ALLEY}
18 Cream spread on one cold porcelain dish (7) CERAMIC {CREAM}*{1}{C}
21 Departed with two grand, returned to get a drink (6) EGGNOG {GON{GG}E}<=
22 Pessimist often crying in public at the end (5) CYNIC {CrYiNg}{p...iC}
24 Retreat in fine state (4) NEST [T]



  1. 14a side perhaps=on, national=n, for=pro

    1. To make it more clear
      N (ON PRO) F IT

    2. It seems most of the setters prefer playing on side shots only!

    3. That's correct! But I am yet to see an 'off side' shot cum clue!

  2. I took no-side as in Rugby, followed by national for it

  3. 13d A is letter;top position is HEAD - I had like this. Completed about 80% in a LIGHTNING speed that too without any reference! Balance took a little while. Thank you

  4. Lightning speed as ever. Thank you for an enjoyable time.

  5. It was a gallop for me! Thank you, Lightning. :)

  6. Nice one as usual from Lightning.
    Talking of lightning..the place where I live is lightning prone & day before yesterday lost out my wifi router to it..have to do with mobile internet connection..create wifi hot spot through it..access hub..copy clues from there & solve as usual in xcel

    1. do not have access to the online version Vasant? Or do not like the colour coding on it??

    2. Having got used to solve in excel..i like solve in it
      I find the online version a bit distracting..the red letter for wrong letter typed is a dead give away imo

    3. ha ha... me also not allowed to solve online - sometimes when it is easy I can cold solve a lot and mentally hold the letters in the grid and finish for the others.. but that is not always possible when I can cold solve only a few and need to see the letters in the grid... now Colonel has sent across a vast number of grids by the various setters but sometimes it is a pain to find the right grid for some setters who use many grids.. find it easier to hand draw it :) i wish there was some other way for me to classify the grids (not by just setters but by grid type) .. then i could also use it for non online xwords like FT too.. all suggestions invited :)

  7. interesting one today from Lightning...with a couple of biggish words thrown in :) 11 was funny..