Saturday, 20 August 2016

No 11782, Saturday 20 Aug 2016, Gridman

Gridman is after girls today


1 Girl's move over one year in arrogance (8) AUDACITY {AUD}{AC{I}T}{Y}
6 Joint work needed in part (4) KNEE (T)
9 Girl provided money at last to revive (6) VIVIFY {VIV}{IF}{Y}
10 Girl, training with journalist, coped with change (7) ADAPTED {ADA}{PT}{ED}
13 Cosies up to girl's figure (9) ISOSCELES {COSIES*}{LES}
14 Girl in the beginnings of stupid relationship to break off (5) SEVER {Stupid}{EVE}{Relationship}
15 Good girl's spirited (4) GAME {G}{AME}
16 A girl in position for help (10) ASSISTANCE {A}{S{SIS}TANCE}
19 Fast route, say, has style (10) EXPRESSWAY {EXPRESS}{WAY}
21 Girl's key unvaried (4) SAME {SAM}{E}
24 Oats provided by street girl (5) AVENA {AV}{ENA}
25 Wages hammered in key AP pact (3-6) PAY-PACKET {KEY AP PACT*}
26 Girl's row more energetic (7) GUSTIER {GUS}{TIER}
27 Be off, girl, with Aunty heartily (6) AVAUNT {AVA}{aUNTy}
28 How some things come and go? (4) EASY (CD)
29 Girl and daughter tore off the sides of netted fabric (8) SUEDETTE {SUE}{D}{nETTEd}


2 Regular schoolchildren wear it (7) UNIFORM (DD)
3 A calm hearing for each (6) APIECE {A}{~PEACE}
4 One deputy rudely stills writers of pastoral poems (9) IDYLLISTS {I}{DY}{STILLS*}
5 Pays attention to not hard but extremely easy periods (5) YEARS {(-h+{easY})EARS}
7 Odd? (3,4) NOT EVEN (CD)
8 Don steers men to rewrite statements of support (12) ENDORSEMENTS {DON STEERS MEN*}
11 These things we own as groups (6) ASSETS {AS}{SETS}
12 With Inspector-General, shake leg; with Accountant-General, do the same — altogether move rapidly (6-6) WIGGLE-WAGGLE {W}{IG}{LEG*}-{W}{AG}{LEG*}
17 Lawyers want to win __ __ __, no matter what (2,3,4) IN ANY CASE (FIB&D)
18 National shoots plane over island (6) NEPALI {PLANE*}{I}
20 Delights from soft rental agreements (7) PLEASES {P}{LEASES}
22 Bolt, when he has a doubt, won't __ __ __, will he? (3,1,3) ASK A NUT Not sure how to classify this
23 Harm mother over a long period (6)  DAMAGE {DAM}{AGE}
25 Livens up, getting side benefits (5) PERKS (DD)

One=I, Year=Y, Provided=If, Training=PT, Journalist=Ed, Good=G, Key=E, Street=Av, Daughter=D
Deputy=Dy, Hard=H, With=W, Inspector-General=IG, Accountant-General=AG, Island=I, Soft=P (Piano)

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  1. 15 Good girl's spirited (4) GAME {G}{AME} G AMY

    Probably typo?

    1. Looks like Gridman intended it to be Gamy but Game seems to fit as well (Ame is a girl name too, though less popular than Amy)

  2. Did Indian girls' performance in Rio make Gridman dedicate this CW to girls?

  3. Girl power!Timely theme or is it just a coincidence...the crossword as beautiful as the game played by PV Sindhu last night..

  4. 1. His timeless task made easier by the bronze medallist(6)
    2. Drop Shots Ind. hussy played to win silver(6)

    1. Nice compliments to the medalists. Sakshi took a while- neatly done.

  5. Thanks Grindman for making us to follow soooo... many girls today!

    1. Grindman has lost the direction to be the setter! ;-)

    2. He will be a Grindman if he thinks setting crosswords is a grind!

    3. ram - wrt to your message above. You sure can... but I am not liable for any consequences that follow. Stalkers may be on watch now.

  6. My grouse is that Gridman did not include any Indian name this time, unless we include Eve & sis (U).
    A walk in the park (today's CW) with a bevy of girls! Constitutional?

  7. A consummate puzzle. After some initial hiccups I could find out the solution thanks to crystal like clues. Very happy. Thanks GM sir.

  8. Ok I did not like the xword per se tho the theme is appreciated.. How is Gus a girls name? They seem way Arbit and forced upon ..

    1. +1. Not a fan of lot of proper nouns :) and 7,17 and 22 down not cryptic enough I thought

  9. Girls especially the English ones....not my cup of tea!

    1. What do you have against them MB, is their tea too light?

  10. Thanks for your Comments.
    Srividya - Gus is generally a boy's name as you seem to think but it is also a girl's name. It means 'auGUSt, dignified, holy.
    All names were checked before a word with the letter-string inside was chosen.
    Just a gimmick as a change from humdrum.
    Agree a couple of clues are non-cryptic. Luckily, though the HC is indeed a 'cryptic' crossword, it is not called as such. Does that allow for these lapses into non-cryptic clues? Probably not.