Saturday, 27 August 2016

No 11788, Saturday 27 Aug 2016, Buzzer

Brevity is the soul of this crossword. 7D was my CoD


1 Indian state gaining good name ... (11) DESIGNATION {DESI}{G}{NATION}
9 ... with regard to tax break (6) RECESS {RE}{CESS}
10 See as right chasing criminals (8) CONSTRUE {CONS}{TRUE}
11 In two minds injecting heroin needle (5) THORN {T{H}ORN}
12 One port around western parts of Libya (7) TRIPOLI {I+PORT}*{LIbya} &lit
13 Mail lying right outside pigeonhole (8) POSTPONE {POST}{PrONE}
15 Respectful way to address father around an Indian town (6) PANAJI {P{AN}A JI}

16 Position a cello for tuning (6) LOCALE {A+CELLO}*
18 Embracing advantage round set point (8) ADOPTION {AD}{O}{POINT*}
20 Essentially 1% reduction in most unyielding crop (7) HARVEST {HAR(-d+V)EST} V=five,D=five hundred
21 Chief backing a stout follower (5) CHELA {CH}{ELA<=}
22 Imprint and emboss samples together (2,6) IN TANDEM (T)
23 Cure for being thin, eating more primarily (6) REMEDY {RE{More}EDY}
24 Far from satiated, can be stuffed (2,1,8) AT A DISTANCE {SATIATED+CAN}*


2 We've UN to put leaders off balance (4,3) EVEN OUT {wEVE+uN+tO+pUT}
3 Is taking in book by European (Norway) author (5) IBSEN {I{B}S}{E}{N}

4 Clothing accessory and pet to match (7) NECKTIE {NECK}{TIE}
5 Professional player of bowling or tenpins (6,3) TENNIS PRO {OR TENPINS}*
6 Antiquated old vase included brace (7) OUTWORN {O}{U{TWO}RN}
7 Insignificant one's position? (4,2,7) NEXT TO NOTHING (D&CD) 1 is next to 0 in number line
8 Risk appointed jury being skewed (3,2,8) PUT IN JEOPARDY {APPOINTED JURY}*
14 Flexible Biro pen end editor held (4-5) OPEN-ENDED (T)
17 First two alphabets run/orient side by side (7) ABREAST {A}{B}{R}{EAST}
18 Greek goddess' drawing above mermaids oddly out of place (7) ARTEMIS {ART}{mErMaIdS}

19 Heat related word describing hot internal-combustion (7) THERMIC {T{H}ERM}{IC}
21 For us, a carnival is around (5) CIRCA {CIRC(-us+A)}

Good=G, Regard=Re, Heroin=H, One=I, Right=R, Advantage=Ad, Round=O, Chief=Ch
Book=B, European=E, Norway=N, Old=O, Run=R, Hot=H, Internal-combustion=Ic

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  1. Fully agree with the tagline. Thanks Buzzer

  2. I too liked 7d for its simplicity and appropriateness producing the 'aha' effect.

  3. A classic. I agree with Ramesh about brevity- soul of wit. Not one word wasted and each word in its position.
    I would like to add as my COD's- 2D & 13A.

  4. Thank you Ramesh for the blog and the excellent deciphering of 1% in Harvest (20A) Though I got the word, I could not parse it.

  5. Beautiful one.

    Just a doubt on the % issue. 1% reduction means we are left with 99%? That is 495? Should it have been 99% reduction?

    1. I think it has been read as 'reduced to 1%'- V in stead of D.

    2. Maybe the % works both ways, depends on how you would like to see it.

  6. Bowling as Anind along with 'ten pins' was most enjoyable.
    T in 22A ( in tandem) was also very good.

  7. Awesome puzzle..+1 For the bye line
    Just loved all clues..if 7D was superb so were the two hidden words marvellously disguised..

  8. Our factory timings have changed from morning 8 to 8.30 am which gives me extra 30 minutes..on the other hand I am caught in the prayer & morning meeting at can come to the blog a bit late

  9. Ramesh, you may correct the typo of brevity in tag line. Brevity is the sole of not only this crossword but every crossword of Buzzer.

    1. I think you also have to correct a typo!

    2. Corrected by me, lest Ramesh will be wondering what is to be corrected

    3. Ha, ha...Can you not correct the other one?

    4. That cannot be corrected even by the soul who wrote it ;-)

    5. Double ha ha...only obliteration is the "soul"tion!!!

  10. Challenging and enjoyable puzzle. Thanks Buzzer! 7d was my favourite too.

  11. Wow Tks for the explanation for 1% absolutely did not get there.. 7d was simply marvellous .. Buzzer hums todAy .. Rather impressive I must say 😄👌

  12. Enjoyed solving this puzzle. As mentioned by most of you... 7D was just fantastic! Amazing how setters can be so teasingly creative... loved it! :)