Wednesday, 10 August 2016

No 11774, Wednesday 10 Aug 2016, xChequer

7   Harbour seen in pretty small channels (6) CHUTES {C{H}UTE}{S}
8   Garden without drain getting washed out (8) BLEACHED {B{LEACH}ED}
9   Steer controlling modified hot rod as usual (8) ORTHODOX {HOT+ROD}* in {OX}
10 Just shifting earth to get grain (6) BARLEY {BAR(-e)L(+e)EY}
11 Stern rule in mess (5) HARSH {HA{R}SH}
12 Ruler shoots rebels riding home (6) SHERIF {FIRES<=} over {H}
14 Rear gunners are called this in battles (4-3,8) TAIL-END CHARLIES* &lit as well
17 Widespread alert to nab spy largely reflecting self-confidence (6) APLOMB {MOLe<=} in {APB}
18 Reluctant beginner with promise (5) LOATH {L}{OATH}
22 This may be the case in undertaking (6) COFFIN [CD]
23 A particular type of dislike (8) AVERSION {A}{VERSION}
24 Lawyer morose, oddly making mistakes (8) BLOOMERS {BL}{MOROSE*}
25 Parts with men on board (6) PIECES [DD]

1   Maid bringing up birth-related fraud (9) CHARLATAN {CHAR}{NATAL<=}
2   Is the cause primarily rash desires? (6) ITCHES {Is}{The}{Ca..e}{HES} also {IS+THE+Cause}*
3   Outrageous ideas apart… (5) ASIDE*
4   … sage, perhaps Agastiya, originally airlifting collections of dried plants (8) HERBARIA {HERB}{Ag...a}{AIR<=}
5   Contemptuous son, going against the grain, not quite satisfied (8) SCORNFUL {S}{CORN}{FULl}
6   Modelled the wedding clothes (5) HEWED [T]
8   Completely change direction in case some chaps finally get frustrated (3,3,7) BOX THE COMPASS {BOX} {SOME+CHAPS+geT}*
13 Correct to keep it raised, unit brought up (9) MENTIONED {TI<=}{ONE} in {MEND}
15 Jump ahead, turning page for end of novel (8) LEAPFROG {PAGE+FOR+n..eL}*
16 Exercise left one losing weight? Wrong, not any more (2,6) NO LONGER {L+ONE+wRONG}*
19 Various teddy bears brought down (6) OUSTED [T]
20 Global undertaking to conserve oil at last (5) WORLD {WOR{oiL}D}
21 Continued to accumulate millions? That’s neat (5) KEMPT {KE{M}PT}



  1. Far easier offering from xchequer..
    Loved doing it

  2. Concur with Vasant with regard to easier part.

  3. 2D: I took it as (IS+THE+Cause)*

    1. Me too. RASH is the anagram indicator.

    2. That seems to be it. HES is overstretching abbreviations.

    3. Why do you say it is overstretching? If we can use MIT and so on why not HES. Though the anno given by Vasant also works

    4. For a solver to get HES from rash would be extremely difficult. And I felt the setter would not resort to it.

  4. Quite easy for xchequer 😄 I had itches as (is the C)* coffin really clever surface .. So also box the compAss .. Very nice surface. Is this a usual phrase? Never heard of it before ..

    1. Link added for 'Box the compass'

    2. The phrases used by Xchequer are unique..very innovative..where does he get them from?

    3. Google Andavar helped me to get the answer. Col K and MB would have got it instantaneously, I thought

  5. How this mutterfly can encroach? Col, did you permit?

    1. I assumed he didn't & cleaned up. Looked a spam to me

    2. It is obviously spam. Wonder how they get access!

    3. There are 2 ways to stop it. Both are like using a sledge hammer to crush an insect. Option 1 - Moderate comments. i.e Col approves every comment.
      Option 2 - Force word verification for every comment that is posted i.e users will have to type in the word shown (like what irctc does to book tickets) for their comments to be posted.

    4. Axing either way is taxing to Col.
      Better to live with the pest.

    5. Whenever I see a spam I delete it without a trace, using my privilege.
      It's only occasionally one stays and is noticed by readers before it is deleted by one of us.
      The best way to stop a spam is NOT to notice it.

  6. Exchequer with his Treasury of unusual words and phrases ! I have banked these words in my reserves !

  7. For the first time I felt like going ahead with solving. Otherwise I used to toss the paper into the bin as I see the byline xChequer. Glad the setter has deigned to please lesser mortals.

  8. Clue from today's cryptic in the Guardian, by Picaroon:
    What makes CV an authoritative source(7,3,5)
    Fits our own CV like a T.

  9. Widespread Alert = APB. Couldn't get that. Can someone explain.

    1. See the link in the main post
      APB = All-points-bulletin