Monday, 8 August 2016

No 11772, Monday 08 Aug 2016, Scintillator

1   Point to binary digits close to ten (4,2) ZERO IN {0} {1}{teN}
4   Sweeper covers that mostly dirty cleaning area (8) BATHROOM {THAt}* in {BROOM}
9   Not admitted in hospital, I consumed drug for sleep (6) OPIATE {OP}{I}{ATE}
10 Lift ring to propose, courting playfully (8) FLIRTING*
12 Pull a fast one on exposed sting (8) OUTSMART {OUT}{SMART}
13 Manager interrupts — “It's a terrible brand!” (6) STIGMA {GM} in {ITS+A}*
15 Story thread (4) YARN [DD]
16 A garden set with a TV? That's unconventional (5-5) AVANT-GARDE {A+GARDEN+A+TV}*
19 Dangerous criminalstheir leader's sins will involve inciting riots (10) TERRORISTS {Their}{ERR{RIOTS*}S}
20 Return blows to create dispute ... (4) SPAR <=
23 ... and to invade war-torn country (6) RWANDA {AND} in {WAR}*
25 Divine being lured to abdicate rule, lost respect (8) DEVALUED {DEVA}{LUrED}
27 Grant credentials to IT cadre to code using C (8) ACCREDIT {IT+CADRE+C}*
28 Dome built by Paul and co. (6) CUPOLA {PAUL+CO}*
29 Nation to put in order a representative system (8) NOTATION*
30 Take apart European immigrant (6) PARSEE {PARSE}{E}

1   Friends of X scoring zeros record study (7) ZOOLOGY {OO}{LOG} in {Z}{Y}
2   Terrier so bubbly — he's a party animal (9) ROISTERER*
3   Point, I mean, to some extent be punctual (2,4) IN TIME [T]
5   'Yavarum ...' : primarily everyone is a kinsman (4) ALLY {ALL}{Ya...m} As per the clue this should be YALL
6   Man quits retreat for ancestral property (8) HERITAGE HERmITAGE
7   Bending when bishop leaves is due (5) OWING bOWING
8   Businessman's money connected with father (7) MAGNATE {M}{AGNATE}
11 Lag behind while overcoming partial tax and excessive labour (7) TRAVAIL {VAt} in {TRAIL}
14 A throne remodelled as a different one (7) ANOTHER*
17 In great delight, let out (a) purr (s) (9) RAPTUROUS* Out on double duty
18 Timidity not just to stand on ice (4,4) COLD FEET [C&DD] 
19 They're regularly getting showers in this region (7) TERRAIN {ThEyRe}{RAIN}
21 Reportedly studied video showing government formalities (3,4) RED TAPE (~read){RED} {TAPE}
22 Light not attenuated at first when circumventing a copper cavity (6) LACUNA {Li..t}{A}{CU}{Not}{At...d}
24 Lucky charm heading out for racecourse (5) ASCOT mASCOT
26 Bengali dollies circling open pool (4) LIDO [T]


  1. KKR - Some Comments added this morning under Sun Spl blog.

    1. Vasi sir, I replied now. Had problems in posting via laptop.

  2. Liked Bathroom and Terrain. Thanks Scintillator.

  3. An early morning breakdown in plant..came back at 5...surprised
    Myself by solving in double quick time..a Scintillating puzzle..

  4. Scintillating evoking sparks.29A-good definition.6D- man represented by 'm' & not by'he' in grist to our lateral thinking ability. A thorough entertainer by Scintillator.Thanks sir.

  5. 5D-'ally' brought out clue moving later'ally'

  6. For those not conversant with Tamil lit. -
    Unfortunately defective 5d recalls a famous line from a classical poem.
    It is 'Yaadhum oorae, yavarum kaelir...' every town is our town... everyone is our kin
    Universalism and inclusiveness were the hallmarks of Tamils, ancient Tamils.

  7. 17d. I think 'let' is the anagram indicator. 'Let' in the sense of 'cause to move'

  8. Nice flowy xword from Scintillator..streamed rather well !