Thursday, 18 August 2016

No 11780, Thursday 18 Aug 2016, Spinner

1   Perhaps lighter wife saves a bit of trouble for man who carries heavy loads (6,6) WEIGHT LIFTER {LIGHTER+WIFE+Tr...e}*
10 X-Rated commercial by group needing no introduction (5) ADULT {AD}{cULT}
11 Leaving husband worried, she tries to follow Spinner's puzzles (9) MYSTERIES {MY}{ShE+TRIES}*
12 Great to have a little pulao for dinner (6) SUPPER {SUP{Pu..o}ER}
13 Convict spotted hiding book next to church (8) SENTENCE {SE{NT}EN}{CE}
15 Praise for remodelled 'Beetle' car (9) CELEBRATE*
16 It is pumped in celebration as winning run's struck! (4) FIST FIrST &lit
20 Ultimately, Spinner had value (4) RATE {s...eR}{ATE}
21 Sand art made by extremely dexterous models (9) STANDARDS {SAND+ART}*{De...uS}
24 Periodic revision of a lesson covering introduction to astrophysics (8) SEASONAL {A+LESSON}* over {As...s}
26 Type of clothing to absorb hard vibrations (6) SHOCKS {S{H}OCKS}
28 Gold atom broken down with time by Integrated Circuit that's self-regulating (9) AUTOMATIC {AU}{ATOM*}{T}{IC}
29 Repeatedly playing note hovering around another (5) OFTEN {NOTE}* around {F}
30 Confess matter about abandoning model at a church, maybe? (6,2,4) CENTRE OF MASS {CONFESS+MAtTER}*

2   Setter deficient at the top gets hold of joke-kit (9) EQUIPMENT {cE{QUIP}MENT}
3   Met at this place inside empty ground (8) GATHERED {AT}{HERE} in {Gr..nD}
4   It's back to Spinner's spell! (4) TIME {IT<=}{ME}
5   Viewing cricket, for example, entertains some people in capital of Germany (10) INSPECTING {INS{Pe...e}ECT}{IN}{Ge...y}
6   Go to drink brewed tea, making truce (6) TREATY {TR{TEA*}Y}
7   Every now and then, free India has good leadership (5) REIGN {fReE}{I{Good}N}
8   Planet's hot wetland (5) MARSH {MARS}{H}
9   Looks like companion animal's having concern at heart! (7) ASPECTS {AS}{PE{conCern}TS}
14 Many degrees are available on this professional's area of research, for starters (10) PROTRACTOR {PRO}{TRACT}{Of}{Re...h}
17 Demonstrates one's distance running (9) INDICATES {1}{DISTANCE*}
18 Shriek at last shattered glass (7) CRYSTAL {CRY}{LAST*}
19 Mop with a paper from lavatory (8) BATHROOM {B{A}{TH}ROOM}
22 Stereotyped mom breaks down, trapped by limitation (6) COMMON {MOM}* in {CON}
23 Manipulating American leader to lose opener (5) USING {US}{kING}
25 Loft it up to get caught after a terrific start (5) ATTIC {A}{Te...c}{IT<=}{C}
27 Aspartame chose to conceal hint (4) ECHO [T]



  1. Found it relatively easy today.

  2. Aargh couldn't get EQUIPMENT from E_U_P_E_T

  3. I generally set little store by Comments put under various stories on the Internet.
    Sometimes they are by interested groups, sometimes by the less knowledgebale, mostly casual.
    Hence, I rarely visit the Interactive Version of THC to see if there is any Comment.
    A little while ago I idly visited the page. I find someone saying of 2 dn of YESTERDAY's crossword: How can you make horrible stuff like this?
    Was this an informed opinion? Was that clue really bad?
    What is your opinion?

    1. I thought yesterday's 2D was quite okay

    2. What can be wrong with that?

    3. I don't find anything wrong with that. The comment seems to be off the cuff. From the letters/mails received, we setters have rarely had a word of praise, but people are ever ready to damn something.
      I don't know if this particular comment was from a man who wants to see his women always in congenial surroundings, unperturbed by insects some of which can be human too..

  4. 'Setter' for 'cement' is occasionally used in crosswords.

    1. I had filled in equipment on seeing 'Kit' and the crossings, but waited for the blog to get the proper anno. Cement for setter is new to me.
      Thank you Spinner for straight forward but interesting (as usual) CW that I look forward from you.

  5. Some if our film heroes were real 1a what when up against overweight heroines

  6. Was it comparatively easy for them to catch up with those heroines when circling round trees?

  7. More than that, it makes it easier since they want to be caught!

  8. In Tamil there is the expression 'valainchu kodukkaradhu'... metaphorically yielding oneself.
    It was fun to see the heroines bending themselves for these heroes to pick them up...

  9. Simple n sweet.. Particularly enjoyed the cryptic defs for protractor and centre of mass 😄

  10. OT-
    In today's quick CW in TH
    1A- In these circumstances the usual rules of civilised behaviour are not to be expected
    The solution starts with a 4 letter word and "All's" was my last choice but is correct. Is it fair? (I mean the apostrophe)

  11. Fantastic puzzle.Nicely clued. 5d - an insect injected in view. Superb.20a- Skinner's last- r;had-ate. Nice trick.9d - clue equally impressive . A nice puzzle overall. Nicely woven with chosen warp&weft.Thank you Spinner.

  12. Extremely sorry.20A- Please read as Spinner's last.

  13. Nice easy one from Spinner...the googlies were well bowled..thanks Spinner..
    Couldnt come to comment in the morning as it was a hectic day at work..Raining here cats & dogs since last three days non stop

  14. Felt good solving today's THC online... I feel i'm am relying less and less on the "green" in the online version... The "green" has certainly helped me, an average crossword solver, in the last few weeks to improve my solving skills!! Thanks again to this blog and to THC online.
    QQ... I did not understand the anno on 19D - Bathroom. Where does the 'TH' come from? thx.