Monday, 1 August 2016

No 11766, Monday 01 Aug 2016, Incognito

8   Top medal or .... (4) GOLD [DD]
9   Soldiers' endurance training trip came to Ruhr erroneously (5,5) ROUTE MARCH*
10 Red strand (6) MAROON [DD]
11 Organ is in favour of country (8) PROSTATE {PRO}{STATE}
12 Fastest pirates sailed around Land's End (8) RAPIDEST {PIRATES|}* around {lanD}
14 Sister's evil arrangement to get precious metal (6) SILVER {EVIL}* in {SR}
16 Composer residing in Korba, Chhattisgarh (4) BACH [T]
17 The endless fight to fling (5) THROW {THe}{ROW}
18 Loop back to Lido, perhaps (4) POOL <=
19 Sage dancing around a couple of ladies made foolish mistakes (6) GAFFES {SAGE}* around {FF}
21 Tabasco, for example, may lead to fiery lip (3,5) HOT SAUCE {HOT} {SAUCE}
23 Sailor and German soldier make plenty (8) ABUNDANT {AB}{UND}{ANT}
26 Reckless around Kangaroo Island initially and dissolute (6) RAKISH {RA{Ka...o}{Is..d}SH}
27 Loyal support to Albert with support to a Scotsman’s church (10) ALLEGIANCE {AL}{LEG}{IAN}{CE}
28 Propellers are outside a river skiff in the beginning (4) OARS Acrostic

1   Beach policeman takes a taxi to an airport at first (10) COPACABANA {COP}{A}{CAB}{AN}{Ai...t}
2   Scold Monisha gallivanting around capital of Delaware (8) ADMONISH {MONISHA}* around {De...e}
3   Brother, New Zealand has some enthusiasm — it will get a medal, perhaps (6) BRONZE {BRO}{NZ}{En...m}
4   Assault Miss Spring (4) JUMP [MD]
5   Nonet was confused about instrument (5,3) TENON SAW*
6   “Peanut” Jimmy changes sides finally and forms consortium of companies acting in concert (6) CARTEL CARTE(-r+l)L
7   Child leaves premium whiskey for highlander (4) SCOT SCOTch
13 Illuminating device that is carried to Roman Catholic hospital (5) TORCH {TO}{RC}{H}
15 They despatch bad spirits, so Rex cries violently (10) EXORCISERS*
17 Island's model male is in Asia (8) TASMANIA {T}{AS{MAN}IA}
18 Under a flat wooden piece, you'll find 100 organisms (8) PLANKTON {PLANK}{TON}
20 Sportsperson’s dealer in hot property has right ... (6) FENCER {FENCE}{R}
22 ... goal to obtain black material in the beginning (6) TARGET {TAR}{GET}
24 Run with a rifle part made by Lieutenant under tree (4) BOLT {BO}{LT} [DD]
25 Small part of bulletin/yearbook (4) TINY [T]



  1. Off to Rio to rake in Gold, Silver,Bronze but my route march landed me in the Copacabana beach!
    The moment I saw Incognito's name I started looking for the Rio connection. Thank you Incognito for yet another timely presentation.

    1. I have to thank the Colonel for pointing the way. (Ref. his opening comments on 3rd June).
      I hope he does not plan to use the oars from 28a to row to Rio. It's a long row and there are already many rows affecting Rio ... The Zika row, the dope row, the Russian ban row, the non readiness of infrastructure row, the disillusionment of locals row, ...

    2. Paddy, thanks for noticing the timeliness. You may like the one tomorrow too ...

  2. Needed some help to get the hot sauce and the red starnd. Tiny was well done with the slash distracting you a little bit.

    1. It is always a pleasure to see that telescopic clues getting split into two lines at the crucial point. While 16a has been so split in both the print and the interactive versions, 25d has got split only in the print version.

    2. INCOG

      Good observation. This is a good ploy used as a subterfuge . But I wonder how the printers know the compiler's mind to make the telescopic clue split in one line and below ! Are there specific [sic' instructions to them? If they fail to, the whole ploy is defeated !

      Today's crossword is a precurosr to a tougher one tomorrow?

  3. Today's crossie with usual K's stamp. Thank you K!

  4. Deepak
    Re your bubble talk...
    Be prepared for a dope test.
    In case you fail, please keep a return ticket so you're back with us.

    1. Come back even if you pass, boss!

    2. Dopes tests are for dopes! Literally

    3. So, even if you fail a dope test, you pass being not a dope.

    4. Time to read you the Rio-t act

  5. Out here, this puzzle is the only game in town for an easy walk in the park! Thanks, Incognito :)

  6. Thank you INCOGNITO for a good beginning of the day, the week and the month.

  7. Enjoyed the Rio send off! Here's hoping for more gold for India! Smooth and easy - thanks Incognito!

  8. Managed to get all but 4 answers - very good for the morale when getting back to crosswords after a hiatus. Thank you for today's puzzle.

  9. Nice puzzle with a timely theme..
    Thanks Incognito

  10. No Internet for a few days . so trying to play catch up with the blog and the online xwords.. just finished this one.. very happening theme ! :)