Friday, 19 August 2016

No 11781, Friday 19 Aug 2016, Exa

7   Progress made by club member (5) CLIMB {C}{LIMB}
8   Fashion diva's fit and proper (9) ADVISABLE {DIVAS*}{ABLE}
10 Failure in business after film actor retires (6) FIASCO {SAIF<=}{CO}
11 Got into bed with a criminal (8) OBTAINED {INTO+BED+A}*
12 Kid is bound to find something to slide on (8) BANISTER {IS} in {BANTER}

13 Attain heroin in slum area (6) GHETTO {H} in {GET TO}
14 Snake correctly named by the charmer at last (7) MEANDER {NAMED*}{thE}{c...eR}
16 Endless longing for drug (7) ASPIRIN ASPIRINg
20 Messages them abuses right away (6) EMAILS {'EM}{rAILS}
23 Source of beautiful aroma is possibly this (8) AMBROSIA {Be...l+AROMA+IS}* &lit
25 Contacted Harry's buddy by telephone to know where potions are brewed (8) CAULDRON (~called){CAULD}{RON}
26 Way a jerk is resting (6) STATIC {ST}{A}{TIC}
27 British Party head's being audacious (9) BRAVENESS {B}{RAVE}{NESS} 
28 Crazy about electronic rhythms (5) BEATS {B{E}ATS}

1   Extremely useful cooking item purchased at last (8) ULTIMATE {Us..uL}{TIM{AT}E*}
2   Release energy on purpose (8) EMISSION {E}{MISSION}
3   Well-read journalists welcome to stay (7) ADJOURN [T]
4   Very unusual seating times (8) VINTAGES {V}{SEATING}*
5   Ridicule father outside a bar (6) SATIRE {SIRE} around {A}{T}
6   Right time to go after cocaine user (6) CLIENT {C}{LIEN}{T}
9   Very upset after start of big fire (4) BOOT {Big}{TOO<=}
15 Cherish being in her pants (8) ENSHRINE {ENS}{IN+HER}*
17 Tale I'd spread about child forgetting name is unusual (8) ISOLATED {TALE+I'D}* over {SOn}
18 Train set in motion (8) INITIATE [DD]
19 Dedicated trainees losing interest in work (7) EARNEST TRAiNEES*
21 Small male bird changing direction (6) MEAGRE {M}{EAG(-l+r)RE}
22 One racy novel showing intimacy (2,4) IN LOVE {1}{N LOVE*}
24 Book hotel to hold a small party (4) BASH {A}{S} in {B}{H}


  1. Superb puzzle!Exa entertains..
    Meanwhile Sakshi & Sindhu have done India proud..

  2. 25 Contacted Harry's buddy by telephone to know where potions are brewed (8) CAULDRON (~called){CAULD}{RON}

    Is the position of the homophone indicator(by telephone)OK in this clue?

    1. Contacted Harry's buddy might be equivalent to 'called Ron' (though I don't know who these guys are) - if so, the hom ind is at the right position.

  3. Having just read about the arrest by the Chennai police of members of 'recreational' clubs for gambling and recovery of more than Rs 6 lakhs in cash, I appreciate the surface reading of Clue 7ac.

    I find the surface reading of 20 ac awkward. Anyone agree?

  4. In 15d are the pants the real clothing? I think so, we generally desire to be in someone's shoes. That is idiomatic, metaphorical.

  5. I am in the middle of setting a crossword. I have to tackle MEANDER among three remaining gridfills. (I do the writing in strict order of appearance in the grid .) I find that for the word Exa has written a clue with a very convincing surface. His surfaces - er, I mean the surfaces of his clues - are usually smooth.

  6. Yes, very smooth surface- so apt and realistic.
    Meander breaks down to me and er. Maybe this will lead to another good clue.
    I loved 'Ambrosia' too. One among many. Thank you Exa.
    Cheered Sindhu as she smashed her way through the SF. Is it too much to expect the first Gold? Our Best Wishes are with her.It is reported that she lags their Head to head at 3-4, not that it matters. She may set right that one also.

  7. Nice one from Exa.. Enjoyed cauldron esp 😄 also ultimate and braveness .. In enshrine .. Is Ens=being?? What's the reference here.. Pls someone educate

  8. Col. has given the link. New to me as well.

  9. Ummm---- Very interesting red herring clues !

    Especially Pants as an anagram indicator for IN HER I wonder how ens figures for being ?

    A good Brains-out-of-the -cranium- box teaser puzzle ! Thanks EXA

  10. I wonder why the BRAND crossie by Saumya Ramkumar has ceased to appear since three weeks, on line?

  11. Enjoyed reading every comment as equal as solving the tricky grid of today...

  12. Nice one.Agood entertainer.Enjoyed the parrot sliding down the banister. Thank you,sir.