Friday, 5 August 2016

No 11770, Friday 05 Aug 2016, Anon

If 23A was PATTON we could have had a theme today

1   Change direction, crawl (6) SWITCH {S}{WITCH} Witch and Crawl?
4   Suggests restructuring firm from end to end (6) TABLES (-s)TABLE(+s)S
9   Idiots retreat from retreats (4) SPAS <=
10 Unnecessary painting outside institution’s boundary (10) EXTRAMURAL {EXTRA}{MURAL}
11 Mendicant has counterfeit odd Euro (6) FAKEER {FAKE}{EuRo}
12 Unorthodox deal with assistant in Australian city (8) ADELAIDE {DEAL*}{AIDE}
13 Bye! Go on a third adventure! Have a safe trip! (3,6) BON VOYAGE {BYE+GO+ON+A}{advEn...e}
15 General protects left leader with gun (5) RIFLE RIF{Le...r}E
16 Southern leader enters British art gallery to relish (5) TASTE {TA{So...n}TE}
18 Earl of Emsworth finally goes in carriages (9) CLARENCES {CLARENCE}{goeS}
22 Confused little giant let out by plaintiff (8) LITIGANT {lITTeL+GIANt}*
23 Patent weird footwear (6) PATTEN*
25 Ruins igloo by mistake? Shameful! (10) INGLORIOUS*
26 Head off to scrape the outer covering (4) RIND gRIND
27 Get away through the final shaft (6) ESCAPE {thE}{SCAPE}
28 Old-fashioned fight with a student (6) FEUDAL {FEUD}{A}{L}

1   Porno actress loses heart, becomes singer (7) SOPRANO {PORNO+Ac...sS}*
2   Publication for children (5) ISSUE [DD]
3   Revolutionary adult left in time happily (7) CHEERLY {CHE}{EaRLY}
5   Nocturnal mammal gets into receding sea, fades away (6) ABATES {BAT} in {SEA<=}
6   Eulogy is a form of adulation (9) LAUDATION*
7   Investigation of returning boy for offence (7) SCANDAL {SCAN}{LAD<=}
8   Choking on short weird aunt’s oil (13) STRANGULATION {STRANGe}{AUNT+OIL}*
14 Bloody civil riot is destructive (9) VITRIOLIC*
17 Urge to throw fourth troublemaker out of the crowd (7) ADIENCE AuDIENCE
19 Answer by mail in ire, unusually (7) RIPOSTE {POST} in {IRE}*
20 Immortal bird trapped by spoilt ale (7) ETERNAL {TERN} in {ALE}*
21 Governor of South Africa returns to role (6) SATRAP {SA}{PART<=}
24 Hung up his boots with no hesitation; looking back, was exhausted (5) TIRED reTIRED



  1. Enjoyable Crossword today. Unable to find justification for 1A

  2. Re your query against 1ac.
    There is probably a careless mistake here.
    If we take corner to be SW (southwest), we're left with 'itch' But 'itch' is not 'crawl'. Probably the clue-writer had 'inch' in their mind and proceeded to indicate it rather than provide SI for 'itch'.

  3. For some reason didnt find this that easy..Tables..Extramural..Clarences..Rind..took a lot of time..Switch had a hitch..

  4. Missed out on adience though i did come up to audience :) .. nevva heard of the term .. rather pissed off about switch tho..not happy with soprano clue either..scape for shaft is a bit obscure.. cheerly took a while too - had all the letters but thought the normal usage was cheerily.. but delighted with the archaic theme - clarences bought a smile :) patten needed google help to confirm ..

  5. Many happy returns of the day, Raju. :)

  6. Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day,Raju.

  7. Miserably missed 4,18 A in spite of strong clue. Anyhow we owe much thanks to Anon for the thorough entertainer.Thank you,sir.

  8. Thanks to the online version of THC, i'm able to solve it completely for the last few weeks!!! Yay! love it! "Green is good" :)