Wednesday, 31 August 2016

No 11791, Wednesday 31 Aug 2016, Arden

Some unusual definitions today.

1   Partyman got it before '99 in a game (8) POLITICO {IT}{IC} in {POLO}
5   Hides review about key cuts (6) SNICKS {SKINS<=} around {C}
10 At the entrance he has a choice to work both sides (7) DOORMAN {DO}{OR}{MAN} &lit
11 Change in name only — yen spent in name only (7) NOMINAL {IN+nAMe+ONLy}*
12 It’s normal in America, even rurally (5) USUAL {US}{rUrAlLy}
13 Use our money on church regularly (9) ROUTINELY {OUR}*{TIN}{ELY}
14 Building material for bridge — gets to choose something clean (5-3­-4) SPICK-AND-SPAN {S{PICK}-AND} {SPAN}
18 Better impressions over good clues (12) FINGERPRINTS {FIN{G}ER}{PRINTS}
21 Perhaps then, you say “Carol's showing interest” (9) ENTHUSING {THEN}*{U(~you)}{SING}
23 Next character on top of Polish river (5) RHINE (-s+r)RHINE
24 I belong to another base (7) IGNOBLE*
25 Price of beer from the plant (7) ALECOST {ALE}{COST}
26 Graham's for say, solar power (6) GREENE (~ green)
27 Group test depends on division (8) SECTORAL {SECT}{ORAL}

1   Stage a cricket match — half pound to cover it (6) PODIUM {P{ODI}UMmel}
2   Search for country within group set up (4,2) LOOK UP {LOO{K U}P}<=
3   Terror in parts of photographic technique (4-­5) TIME-LAPSE Anno pending (Addendum - T(TIME}error{LAPSE} - See comments)
4   Engineers have to take Carbon out to help avoid issues (14) CONTRACEPTIVES {CONTR{AcCEPT}IVES
6   Then I'm bitter seeing some dark clouds (5) NIMBI [T]
7   Caught on bait, heaping scorn (8) CONTEMPT {C}{ON}{TEMPT}
8   Saw restricted place, spreading out (8) SPLAYING {LAy} in {SPYING} (Addendum - {PL} in {SAYING} - See comments)
9   Currently covering one in offending gag (10,4) INSULATING TAPE {INSUL{A}TING} {TAPE} Iffy definition
15 Discourage him to wash his clothes (9) DETERGENT {DETER}{GENT}
16 Give a call right away, it's a gift (8) OFFERING {OFFER}{rING}
17 Admitted position for example (8) INSTANCE {IN}{STANCE}
19 Strict usage of energy happens with change in leadership (6) RIGOUR (-v+r)RIGOUR
20 Crazy not to lose heart during lunch, say (6) MENTAL {NoT} in {MEAL}
22 Old city will catch up with new city (5) URBAN {UR}{NAB<=}


  1. 3 Terror in parts of photographic technique (4-­5) TIME-LAPSE
    T/error - in parts
    T: time
    ERROR: lapse

  2. 9D I know gag is Jape. Don't know how Tape is fixed here!

  3. When you TAPE someone's mouth, you GAG him.

  4. Phew!
    Huffed & puffed to complete this one..found it very tough....
    Many annos were missing..thanks once again for a most instructive blog & for the comments..
    Clues though were outstanding..the definition makes the clues harder more than wp imo & there were a lot of unusual def today eg..contraceptives..Graham wash his clothes

    1. Agreed! I got the answers (guessed), however, needed the anno to make sense. PODIUM, TAPE, TIME LAPSE... a few of the unusual definitions today!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed this one from Arden's Den !! Fantastic long words, well woven. Can't single out any one as the clue of the day !! Felt more like solving a jigsaw puzzle !!

  6. Lovely x'ie.First look gave me a blank &slowly I could catch the rope thanks to well tiered,well-tried &tested clues.1A- I could get the gambit move.18A-4D- gave me grist to my lateral thinking ability.(if at all I have)20D-slightly tricky but not misleading(of course the clue 'not ' leading put a thorough entertainer from Arden. Thank you, sir.

  7. I found it very hard today. Supremely happy to have completely solved it, even though without all the annotations.