Tuesday, 9 August 2016

No 11773, Tuesday 09 Aug 2016, Skulldugger

1   What nosedives may end up in? (9) TAILSPINS [CD]
6   Oddly effete, small crawlers (4) EFTS {EfFeTe}{S}
8   Easy going A-student falling behind in class (8) INFORMAL {IN}{FORM}{A}{L}
9   See, for starters, clues assassin left behind at edge of crime scene (6) LOCALE {LO}{Cl..s}{As...n}{L}{c..mE}
10 Mr. Anarchy, Kid Dot corrupted ordinary people (3,4,3,5) TOM DICK AND HARRY*
11 Exhausted, uneasy without energy (5) WEARY {W{E}ARY}
13 Old flame pretending to be tough (8) EXACTING {EX}{ACTING}
15 Leaderless people conquered through Lockheed Martin's metier (8) AVIATION {nA{VIA}TION}
18 The devil you see might disappear, but he's never getting out (5) LIFER LucIFER
20 Really attracts fame of a different order (2,1,6,2,4) AS A MATTER OF FACT*
23 Studies bores (6) PROBES [DD]
24 Coppers without borders splinter politburo section? (8) INTERPOL [T]
25 It's all downhill from here! (4) APEX [CD]
26 Wise, if largely melancholy. Polite, though not right (9) SAGACIOUS {SAd}{GrACIOUS}

1   Spicy flavour — nothing one won't do for this (5) TANGO {TANG}{O} It takes two to tango
2   So as to be fashionable, take fringe off skirt (2,5) IN ORDER {IN} {bORDER}
3   Absurdist turns up with spice (5) SUMAC <=
4   Oddly flat and meek after being sick, leading to low esteem (3,4) ILL FAME {ILL} {FlAt+MeEk}
5   Cocktail venue for vegans? (5,3) SALAD BAR [CD]
6   Tendency to go topless might mesmerise (7) ENCHANT pENCHANT
7   Acceptance for scarf initially lacking by majority of European nation (9) TOLERANCE {sTOLE}{fRANCE}
12 Spy operation cut short following adverse development (9) EAVESDROP {ADVERSE*}{OP}
14 Clumsily curtsies and grimaces (8) RICTUSES*
16 Collection in this for flock of wild ox, lamb and sheep primarily (4,3) ALMS BOX {OX+LAMB+Sheep}*
17 Requiring ingredients shaken, not stirred! (7) NEEDING INGrEDiENts*
19 “Hell no,” federal exchequer chiefs interrupted “Our money comes first” (7) INFERNO {IN}{RE}{Fe...l}{Ex...r}{NO} (Correction - {IN{Fe...l}{Ex...r}R}{NO} - See comments)
21 Chiefs of principality took intelligent counsel of the seer (5) OPTIC Acrostic
22 Put out burden (5) CROSS [DD]


  1. Probably the best from Skulldugger. Some clues were really good

  2. 10 & 20 A - Long ones were easier to get. Overall enjoyable. Thanks

  3. Lovely one from Skulldugger..
    Instructive blog Col..

  4. Out of three CDs got two easily...APEX & SALAD BAR.For the 3rd one I filled in 1Ac initially as ACCIDENTS and naturally went into a TAILSPIN for a while!

  5. Very happening xword from Skulldugger today.. i quite laughed at the charades.. lifer, sagacious, aviation.. though my fav was tango.. thanks for an enoyable ride :)

  6. Loved solving today's THC. Lucifer to LIFER was just devilish! I initially had 20A as AS A MASTER OF NONE... however, the FACT was different! Thanks for this blog Mr Deepak Gopinath. :)