Monday, 15 August 2016

No 11778, Monday 15 Aug 2016, Afterdark


9   Orange juice, egg and herb (7) OREGANO {ORANGE}*{O}
10 E-mail received by English recluse (7) EREMITE {E}{REMIT}{E}
11 Mysterious Bermuda Triangle; Narrated/released by country (7) BELGIUM {BerMUda+trIanGLE}*
12 Establish food store at famous university (7) DELIMIT {DELI}{MIT}
13 Noise in good vehicle/carriage (6,3) DINING CAR {DIN}{IN}{G} {CAR}
15 Country's best comeback, stopping nosediving income for starters (5) INDIA {Nosedi...g}{In...e} in {A1<=} To get D it should have been 'nose diving'
16 Battle for office or after that? (7) POSTWAR {POST}<=>{WAR}
19 Country's no good, antelope roams around (7) ENGLAND {NG} in {ELAND}
20 Bad or excellent within, admire (5) ADORE [T]
21 Being hedonistic, I visit city bars fanatically (9) SYBARITIC {I} in {CITY+BARS}*
25 Gossips on model's latest fling (7) TATTLES {T}{LATEST}*
26 Again startled about luxury car's charge (7) ARRAIGN {AGAIN}* about {RR}
28 Social media humour image's not circulated as keepsake (7) MEMENTO {MEME}{NOT*}
29 Passion and love seen in country (7) IRELAND {IRE}{AND} over {L}

1   Jumped with Robert on cot (6) BOBBED {BOB}{BED}
2   Rat seen in rear part of hotel, large, round and nauseating head (4,2) TELL ON {hoTEL}{L} {O}{Na...g}
3   Wise men's endless illusion (4) MAGI MAGIc
4   Comics distributed worldwide (6) COSMIC*
5   Police officer from Germany almost upset, arrests Dutch at Spain (8) GENDARME {GEN{D}ARMy*}{E}
6   Church-worker fiercely rebelling to secure right (4,6) BELL RINGER {REBELLING}* over {R}
7   At 6 a.m., idea hatched for compromise (3,5) VIA MEDIA {VI}{A M}{IDEA*}
8   Laid on the mirror, it’s always right (4-4) LEFT-HAND [CD]
14 Contemporary fire gate seen in country (3,7) NEW ZEALAND {NEW} {ZEAL}{AND}
16 Quiet place/space for school-break (8) PLAYTIME {P}{LAY}{TIME}
17 Small question perhaps, span of matinee? (8) SHOWTIME {S}{HOW}{TIME}
18 Break gate; inside is one device (8) RESISTOR {RES{IS}T}{OR}
22 Support's final, letter given by India, Libyan head and another country (6) BRAZIL {BRA}{Z}{I}{Li...n}
23 Case to arrest British native (6) TRIBAL {TRI{B}AL}
24 To be able to reach Australia, primarily drive to Argentinian capital or some other country (6) CANADA {CAN}{Au...a}{Dr..e}{Ar...n}
27 Inlet's mouth is blocked, there is stench (4) REEK cREEK



  1. Great solve on a great day! Happy Independence Day!!!

  2. Thank you Col. for the nice fluttering Tricolour.
    Walk in the park- at Brazil? Nice Independance Day 7 Olympic offering, but sad to see hardly any comments. Long weekend holiday mode?
    Missed all the fun at yesterday's spl. since I was out the whole day. Did a late solve and enjoyed it.

  3. Inclusion of showtime could make it an Olympic theme. Of course Cosmos is also there to make it universal.

    1. The grid and clues feature all the 12 nations that participate in Olympic hockey

  4. Replies
    1. Shrikanth, In my view, it is either Easy (E) or GK.

    2. I thought Laid=Left; mirror=hand; & Lit.

    3. Laid = L aid = Left ;; hand = aid, as in 'give me a hand'. This may be the compiler's intention.

  5. Happy Independence Day!
    AD's 12 Nation Hockey Team was most enjoyable.
    Super Blog too Col!

  6. In case there is no CW in the paper tomorrow I will be publishing a special at 7 AM IST, to enable people to tackle it before getting to office/school/college

    1. Thanks Col..what would I do without THCC & you?

  7. Did AD's Puzzle for the 2nd Anniversary Souvenir of 1 AC today.
    Lovely clues.

  8. Replies
    1. Not exactly. It is a new Social networking site 'HELLO' by the same person who started ORKUT. The social network HELLO is right now available in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Canada and Brazil. Hello will be heading to India this month.

  9. Happy Independence day to ye-all ! The flag of India may always remain aflutter ! How did you mange to get the flutter of the flag, Col?

    Laid on the mirror, it’s always right (4-4) My interpretation: Look at a mirror and you will find your right hand on the left side and vice-versa ! Mirror image ? Hahaha !

  10. Happy Independence day... lovely theme by AD

  11. I just saw that there is a blog that helps explain the crossword Clues.. Absolutely Smashing....