Friday, 26 August 2016

No 11787, Friday 26 Aug 2016, Neyartha

Very colourful CW.

7   Disappointments resulting from a wet Deepavali in Chennai? (4,6) DAMP SQUIBS [C&DD] Why Chennai? See comments
9   Lines in speech about a colour (4) ROSE (~ rows)
10 Bill and the princess violate limits in steep descent (8) NOSEDIVE {NOSE}{DI}{Vi...tE}
11 University's participation in urban development provides colour (6) AUBURN {U} in {URBAN}*
12 Part of the response time for an attack (5) ONSET [T]
13 Quarrel over Mali's messed up social system (9) FEUDALISM {FEUD}{MALIS*}
14 Its recovery might be a tall task (3,4) BAD DEBT [CD]
17 Colour of escaping fluorine confirms refinement (7) CRIMSON CONfIRMS*
20 Well-planned RF attack's a quick route to advancement (4,5) FAST TRACK {RF+ATTACKS}*
22 Peruvian chief gets rid of Victor's desert plant for a shared religious meal (5) AGAPE AGA(-v+p)PE
25 Arrive with gold in a four-wheeled carriage (6) LANDAU {LAND}{AU}
26 Meditative Greek character, upset at home, is subject to an angry tirade (8) RUMINANT {R{MU<=}{IN}ANT}
27 Celebrity blows the whistle in retreat (4) STAR <=
28 Fixed the profound article on temperature inside a pit (4-6) DEEP-SEATED {DEEP}-{SE{A}{T}ED}

1   Desert colour (6) MAROON [DD]
2   Sleazy criminal disappears with some seafood (5) SQUID SQUalID
3   Plastered with a pastry in the face? (3-4) PIE-EYED {PIE}-{EYED}
4   Look at a space vehicle caught by an atoll resident (8) ISLANDER (~ eyes lander) (Addendum (~ eye lander) - See comments)
5   Turkey arranged bail for a member of an indigenous group (6) TRIBAL {TR}{BALI*}
6   Posses at sea inviting engineers for strong black coffee (8) ESPRESSO {RE} in {POSSES}*
8   Bishop invested in a new red pen with the stipend (7) PREBEND {B} in {RED+PEN}*
15 Colour causing internal turmoil in holy cave (8) AMARANTH AMAR(N<=>A)TH
16 Colour of the meal sent up to the peacekeepers by the hollow deputy (8) BURGUNDY {GRUB<=}{UN}{De...tY}
18 Graduate welcomes representative with a primary pigment for printers (7) MAGENTA {M{AGENT}A}
19 Red-faced knight clears out the northbound routes to accommodate the French (7) SCARLET {LE} in {TRACkS <=}
21 English royal family coaches daughter for a short time (6) TUDORS TU(-t+d)DORS
23 Frown upon geeks smuggling soft Chinese fabric (6) PONGEE [T] Frown had me confused till the end!
24 Tennis stroke's a big success (5) SMASH [DD]


  1. Many new words for parsing made me colour-blind!
    7AC Chennai is known for inclement weather during Deepavali time. Probably that was in Neyartha's mind.

  2. Chennai too is famous for bursting a lot of Sivakasi crackers during Deepavali. Also, probably, it is spelt as Deepavali in stead of Divali as in the north.

  3. Took a while for me to distinguish between Amaranth & Amarnath caves.
    Well prepared enjoyable colourful CW and thank you Col. for an equally good blog.

  4. 23A- Agree with Col. Why frown? I think 'Smuggled' is the T indicator/

  5. Re query at 7ac: The setter is probably nostalgic of his hometown. In Mountain Valley, Deepavali may not be a big event. If it's Deepavali, it's Chennai or Tamil Nadu... Diwali is up north.

    1. You can add Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as well

    2. Do they compete in celebrating Deepavali? Does Sindhu accept gifts from both the States? If so - or if she doesn't and chooses just one State - what is the implication?

    3. Deepavali is certainly celebrated on a grand scale in AP. Telangana districts come second.
      Sindhu will obviously accept whatever comes from either State. Her participation in the welcome celebrations of both States supports this views. It is money that matters ultimately!

    4. I think she will be wise enough to stick to the adage...Kill two birds with one stone!

    5. Regarding Sindhu's welcome, one joke is very popular in FB and Whats'app:

      AP CM Chandrababu Naidu welcomed PV Sindhu by playing badminton with her.....
      Knowing this, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal cancelled his program of welcoming Sakshi Malik.

  6. I had not read the earlier Comments about Deepavali. Was just one of the great minds thinking of small, maybe even silly, things.

  7. Instant CWE: Think of any other colour and come out with a clue.

    1. Aim around a long-playing colour (8)

    2. An interesting resource:

  8. 4d: A small typo. Within brackets, it should be 'eye lander'.

  9. Lovely one from Neyartha..
    An equally lovely blog..the theme words appositely high lighted red
    Loi was Pongee..nicely hidden

    1. +1.
      23 Down was clever cheating like ponzi scheme!

  10. We had a green theme by Scintillator if I'm not wrong and a blue one by Spinner. Now red has been checked off the list too.

  11. A good run from Neyartha after ages!

  12. Replies
    1. The symbol of Flourine is F.
      Refer the link:

  13. Colourful ride today. Enjoyed solving today's puzzle. However, had to google PONGEE, did not understand the Chennai connection on Deepavali as well.

  14. Rather interesting puzzle today too.. Neyartha is rocking :) Loved all the local refs :)!!