Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 14 Aug 2016

1   Drainage conduit shut up, second half first (8) DOWNPIPE {PIPE<=>DOWN}
5   Nothing in arena apart from one flower (6) CROCUS {CiR{O}CUS}
9   Wet nearly all round island (5) MOIST {MO{I}ST}
10 Harbour extremes of ambition with job bringing in silver (9) ANCHORAGE {Am...oN}{CHOR{AG}E}
12 Academic all shy or nervous about clubs (9) SCHOLARLY {ALL+SHY+OR}* around {C}
13 Declared set of furniture charming (5) SWEET (~suite)
14 Certain popular trick experiment accomplished (13) INCONTESTABLE {IN}{CON}{TEST}{ABLE}
18 Percussionist playing line gently, even with time running out (6,7) EVELYN GLENNIE {LINE+GENtLY+EVEN}*
20 Democrat in error, not following one who's achieved majority (5) ADULT {fA{D}ULT}
22 Hot joints in westward street unappreciated (9) THANKLESS {T{H}{ANKLES}S<=}
24 Pro with merit securing team's first place in Texas (4,5) FORT WORTH {FOR}{Team} {WORTH}
25 Bouquet from Casanova, romantic (5) AROMA [T]
26 Make many holes in puzzle (6) RIDDLE [DD]
27 Note nonsense about man in court (8) CROTCHET {C}{ROT}{C}{HE}T}

1   Servant in habitual action beneath vaults (8) DOMESTIC {DOMES}{TIC}
2   Consider manner in speech (5) WEIGH (~way)
3   Bad temper in scheme restricting English trade union and church (9) PETULANCE {P{E}{TU}LAN}{CE}
4   Groggy, finally managed rest after plain old hangover cure? (7,6) PRAIRIE OYSTER {PRAIRIE} {O}{g...gY}{REST*}
6   Searches for origins (5) ROOTS [DD]
7   One frequently changing ruffled hem on lace (9) CHAMELEON*
8   Nap in cosiest alcove (6) SIESTA [T]
11 Weep over good artist, taken in by false prophet, becoming deviser of codes (13) CRYPTOGRAPHER {CRY}{PTO{G}{RA}PHER*}
15 Payment order revolutionary varied (9) CHEQUERED {CHEQUE}{RED}
16 Interrupt hurried meal (9) BREAKFAST {BREAK}{FAST}
17 Dealer upset to receive stone for songbird (8) REDSTART {RED{ST}ART<=}
19 Boss getting resistance after blunder (6) GAFFER {GAFFE}{R}
21 Pull with energy on large cloth (5) TOWEL {TOW}{E}{L}
23 Manage to rise above hard time (5) EPOCH {COPE<=}{H}


  1. The percussionist in 18AC spoiled the performance. Otherwise, it is musical.

  2. Special at 10:30 by Dr Satyen Nabar