Saturday, 13 August 2016

No 11777, Saturday 13 Aug 2016, Afterdark


1 Revenue from delivering beer to ship (5) SALES {S{ALE}S}
4 Furniture and bed is returned, row on delivery primarily (9) SIDEBOARD {BED IS<=}{OAR}{Delivery}
9 Your old itch often gets scaly at the end (3) THY {iTcH}{scalY}
10 Scarcity; short of resin (3) LAC {LACk}
11 We, on a sign got Jades (7) WEARIES {WE}{ARIES}
12 Upper surface of floor to be repaired; no money (4) ROOF {FlOOR}*
13 Renovate, resettle American, Australian in property (4,6) REAL ESTATE {RESETTLE+A+A}*
15 Dismiss boy at meal, get girl band (5) BUNCH {(-l+B)UNCH} Anno not clear
16 Upset, plan is in the air (9) DOWNDRAFT {DOWN}{DRAFT}
17 Terminated boy almost, rogue, not even immensely big (9) OVERLARGE {OVER}{LAd}{RoGuE}
21 Ground flour union leader obtained for nothing (5) FLOOR {FLO(-u+O)R}
23 Say measure oriental girl on tree having sex appeal (10) EMISSIVITY {E}{MISS}{IV{IT}Y}
24 Cut his head, and other things before (4) ETCH {ETC}{His}
27 Fresh laceration, remove CRT, it’s related to wind activity (7) AEOLIAN {LAcErAtION}*
28 Strange, was aware weekend is lost (3) NEW {kNEW}
29 Retain dress girl discarded (3) OWN {gOWN}
30 Others, including me follow subject without introduction that's most radical (9) EXTREMEST {tEXT}{RE{ME}ST}
31 Tribe to prohibit Tory leader at university (5) BANTU {BAN}{Tory}{U}


1 Lecher sat unknown at the end of the river (5) SATYR {SAT}{Y}{riveR}
2 Soft-pedal loss of leadergive up (3,4) LAY DOWN {pLAY} {DOWN}
3 Eldest sister's description of fabric (4) SILK {Sister}{ILK}
4 Follow and somehow seduce, captivate charmer at first (7) SUCCEED {SEDUCE}* around {Charmer}
5 According to report, proper copyright act issued for an animal part (7) DEWCLAW {~DUE}{C}{LAW}
6 Exasperated with guards stopping bread distribution; postponed (7,3) BRASSED OFF {BREAD}* around {SS}+{OFF}
7 Character from folktale featured in tabloid, beat bear often (3,4) ALI BABA {tAbLoId BeAt BeAr}
8 Residents beat up protestor (9) DISSENTER {RESIDENTS*}
14 Nihilist sweating during exercise becomes boorish (10) PHILISTINE {NIHILIST}* in {PE}
15 Commission split with artist and company (9) BROKERAGE {BROKE}{RA}{GE}
18 Contract given by individual at market to strangle policeman (4,3) EDIT OUT {E{DI}{T OUT}} E from?
19 Rewards for clergy to reinsure regularly (7) REVENUE {REV}{rEiNsUrE}
20 Former spouse to get can, can-opener before time's out (7) EXTINCT {EX}{TIN}{Can}{T}
22 Somehow, our town is no longer acceptable (7) OUTWORN {OUR TOWN}*
25 After University find religion (5) HINDU {HIND}{U} Find=Hind? See comments
26 Clean sore with antiseptic balm initially (4) SWAB (Acrostic)

Ship=SS, Money=L(Pound), American=A, Australian=A, Nothing=O, Oriental=E, Girl=Miss, Sex Appeal=It, Other things=Etc, Girl=G, University=U

Unknown=Y, Copyright=C, Guards=SS, Exercise=PE, Artist=RA, Company=GE, Policeman=DI(Detective Inspector),  Former spouse=Ex, Can=Tin, Time=T

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  1. Replies
    1. Nice spotting Col.
      Nice enjoyable one in quick time. Is there anything hidden (due to the spl. grid with a few 3 letter words) that I could not spot?

  2. A new grid(8th)..nice clues all around.

  3. Nice blogging Ramesh. Thank you.

  4. Replies
    1. Even I am unable to understand those two. While 15A seems to be a blooper, there was something in 18D. Thinking why the word individual came there.

  5. Well, there is. About a month back I have joined Roof and Floor, (a property portal from The Hindu group). So commemorating it :)

  6. Hey.. issues with same clues as above.. not in sync with quite a few clues from AD today - emissivity a new word ! good learning that..