Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 21 Aug 2016

1   Account by copper indecent in precision (8) ACCURACY {AC}{CU}{RACY}
5   Fragment ending in fire grate (6) SCRAPE {SCRAP}{firE}
9   Strange trio used to be stranger (8) OUTSIDER*
10 Cross some lengthy bridges (6) HYBRID [T]
12 Lawyer beginning to examine new disc and film (5,9) BRIEF ENCOUNTER {BRIEF} {Ex...e}{N}{COUNTER}
14 Minister's place in corruption probed by a newspaper (8) VICARAGE {A}{RAG} in {VICE}
15 Rigid back (5) STERN [DD]
17 Exhausted, nothing left, diva finally retired (3,2) ALL IN {NI L}{L}{divA} <= <=
18 Deal arranged by assistant in state capital (8) ADELAIDE {DEAL*}{AIDE}
19 Objection about her chat they nastily make up (4,3,7) BURY THE HATCHET {BUT} around {HER+CHAT+THEY}*
22 Reduce block and write (6) DAMPEN {DAM}{PEN}
24 Ominous sign's last one received by nun (8) SINISTER {SI{sigN}{1}STER}
25 Discover sock (6) STRIKE [DD]
26 Criminal seen and stopped by river, caught (8) ENSNARED {SEEN+AND}* over {R}

1   Particle in amoeba to monitor (4) ATOM [T]
2   Larva from crate wriggling over post (11) CATERPILLAR {CRATE*}{PILLAR}
3   Create trouble and upset expert in dried fruit (5,4) RAISE CAIN {ACE<=} in {RAISIN}
4   Basket filled by me with stuff including a dessert (5,7) CREME CARAMEL {CRE{ME} {C{A}RAM}EL}
6   Rodent, shy, heads for protection underground (5) COYPU {COY}{Pr...n}{Un...d}
7   Broadcast just devoid of force (3) AIR fAIR
8  Continuing call to support aim, universal (8) ENDURING {END}{U}{RING}
11 Movement involving church developed real increase in speed (12) ACCELERATION {AC{CE}{REAL*}TION}
13 Time with dog around noon for leader of fashion (11) TRENDSETTER {T}{RE{N}D SETTER}
15 Upright icon hasn't changed (9) STANCHION*
16 Island's obstacle ahead of poor sailor (8) BARBADOS {BAR}{BAD}{OS}
20 Adjust temperature, lacking energy (5) TWEAK {T}{WEAK}
21 Dry area cleared (4) ARID {A}{RID}
23 Ruin force, overthrown (3) MAR <=



  1. That could either be 12A or 13D. In either case I go with you.
    Quite a few good ones. I was bowled by Stanchion & Barbados.
    What about today's special?

  2. Inviting Creme caramel! (spoiled by coypu?)