Thursday, 2 February 2017

No 11920, Thursday 02 Feb 2017, Lightning

1   Assemble agents at moon (8) STAGNATE*
5   Agreement on society expelling count (6) CENSUS conCENSUS (Addendum - ConsENSUS) - See comments)
9   Had to split mark (currency) to get cloth (8) MATERIAL {M}{ATE}{RIAL}
10 A fraud getting king to retreat (6) ASHRAM {A}{SH{R}AM}
12 Little bit of time spent on shooter (5) RIFLE tRIFLE
13 For sixty seconds hospital department became famous (9) PROMINENT {PRO}{MIN}{ENT}
14 Few caught in fear (6) SCARCE {SCAR{C}E}
16 A bit silent welcoming cricket match century (7) MODICUM {M{ODI}{C}UM}
19 Seconds away from collapse, boastfully praise companys source of funds (4,3) CASH COW {CrASH} {CrOW}
21 Regularly felt uninitiated insult was for show off (6) FLAUNT {FeLt}{tAUNT}
23 Isolated editor consuming rum (9) ESTRANGED {E{STRANGE}D}
25 Without leader come out and join … (5) MERGE eMERGE
26 … millions that come together to become destructive (6) MALIGN {M}{ALIGN}
27 Slip, say if unread may be misconstrued (8) FREUDIAN*
28 Present split with hesitation (6) RENDER {REND}{ER}
29 Drifters on board craft finally working (8) PLANKTON {PLANK}{c..fT}{ON}

1   Dark hansom breaches walls (6) SOMBRE [T]
2   Its a craft making these items (9) ARTIFACTS*
3   People from Norway carefully move forward embracing resistance (5) NORSE {NO{R}SE}
4   Crush couple of trees – more than enough (7) TRAMPLE {TRees}{AMPLE}
6   Company the British kept? (4,5) EAST INDIA [GK]
7   Certain to contain grand rush (5) SURGE {SUR{G}E}
8   Late, therefore article returned by setter (8) SOMETIME {SO}{ITEM<=}{ME}
11 Arrange shape (4) FORM [DD]
15 Clan greet eccentric figure (9) RECTANGLE*
17 Trickster on breaking vehicle first … (3,6) CON ARTIST {C{ON} ART}{1ST}
18 … about to interrupt ruse on king to make headline (8) SCREAMER {SC{RE}AM}{ER}
20 Endlessly bet salary (4) WAGE WAGEr
21 First letter from FBI set lad free (7) FEDERAL*
22 Songwriter’s selection stolen? Nonsense (6) LENNON [T]
24 Not returning without a left claw (5) TALON {A}{L} in {NOT<=}
25 Feel sorry for doctor, one holding ashes (5) MOURN {MO}{URN}


  1. 5 Agreement on society expelling count (6) CENSUS conCENSUS

    I took it as C(-on,-s)ENSUS

    1. In 2a is 'expelling' OK as del ind? Should it have been 'leaving' or some such?

    2. I don't find any problem. I took it as discharging.

  2. Good enjoyable CW with a few novelties- Single letter def.(21D), seconds away for 2 second letter removals in 19A to name a few.
    Anagrams also neatly done.
    Don't we get 2 from Neyartha?

  3. Very light one from Lightning. NO streaks of flashes!

    Artefacts or artifacts ? both are correct. Has Lightning got Trumped ?

  4. Lovely grid.. especially loved 23A, 2D and 6D

  5. Nice one from Lightning. My favourites were 19Ac & 18Dn.

  6. Two days without my daily fix!New place which will take a couple of weeks to stabilise..just read the comments..nice to note Sandhya's back to provide the anno of the annotable..hope you come often here...shall try managing to come here as often as possible in this changing period of mine..