Wednesday, 1 February 2017

No 11918, Tuesday 31 Jan 2017, Arden

1   Reynard Butcher's free to take responsibility (5,3,6) CARRY THE BURDEN*
10 Try out clothes, we are out of practice (5) RUSTY {US} over {TRY}*
11 Host will compete with coach right away (9) ENTERTAIN {ENTER}{TrAIN}
12 Sick and without a permit, receives help (4,3) LAID LOW {AID} in {aLLOW}
13 Board will allow head splitting (7) PALETTE {PA{LET}TE}
14 Move slowly, after hundred count will be rejected (5) CREEP {C}{PEER<=}
16 Magnus Larsen, perhaps dressed in own gear (9) NORWEGIAN*
19 Timber cut around metal ring — work over (9) SATINWOOD {SA{TIN}W}{O}{DO<=}
20 Supports model to come out on top sporting hairdo (5) TRESS (+t)TRES(-t)S
22 Stiff drink in the Middle East? (4,3) DEAD SEA {DEAD} {SEA}
25 Music on the run? Wrong answer (7) LAMBADA {LAM}{BAD}{A}

27 Time and energy — no American convention (9) TRADITION {T}{RADIaTION}
28 Portray smart shirt (5) PAINT {PAIN}{T}
29 Feudal lord takes time, joining an event held perforce (7,7) SHOTGUN WEDDING {SHO{T}GUN} {WEDDING}

2   Not here to grab money on the wagon (9) ABSTINENT {ABS{TIN}ENT}
3   Two boys meet a Prince (5) ROYAL {ROY}{AL}
4   Take down order — old Koreans perfected it (3,4,2) TAE KWON DO {TAKE DOWN}*{O}
5   Attack, sacrifice bishop and polish it off (3,2) EAT UP bEAT UP
6   Sure, until they turn out to be extremely boisterous (9) UNRULIEST*
7   Foolish to keep reading the text (5) DRAFT {D{R}AFT}
8   Material named — one's interested (7) NANKEEN {N}{AN}{KEEN}
9   Play — play for fifty and one hundred (6) FROLIC {FOR*}{L}{I}{C}
15 Metal parts thrusting hard (9) PUNISHING {PU{NI}SHING}
17 Wine and beer in the past — not a whiff (9) REDOLENCE {RED}{O{aLE}NCE}
18 Sex two times, one on repeat performance (9) ITERATION {IT}{ERA}{T}{1}{ON}
19 Put up notices, taking a small amount of drugs (7) SEDATES {TAD<=} in {SEES}
21 Refuse to stay in Sicily after vacation — there's hardly anything (6) SCANTY {CAN'T} in {Si..lY}
23 The total amount involved in a siege here (5) ALAMO [T]
24 Strange to see one covering a story (5) ALIEN {A{LIE}N}
26 Worried about transport (5) MOPED [DD]



  1. This one is rather clever .. dead Sea and paint clues especially 😀 could not fully parse laid low and redolence. Tks for the parsing..

  2. Solved it last night. As usual, enjoyed solving it.

  3. As the great Sanklak said..the life of a puzzle is ephemeral..a few hours..a day most..such a beautiful puzzle..only having 2 comments shows a puzzle solved by many a day ago has very low interest value although qualititavely a fantastic puzzle..sad