Saturday, 18 February 2017

No 11934, Saturday 18 Feb 2017, Gridman


5. Appear to be part of the drama (4,2,3,5) COME ON THE SCENE (DD)
9. Belief I can propagate will be doing good (10) BENEFICIAL {BELIEF+I+CAN}*
10. Stone from Khajuraho palace (4) OPAL (T)
11. Idle around in food shop (4) DELI {IDLE}*
12. A model admitting semi-human beings in flat (9) APARTMENT {A}{{PART}{MEN}}{T}
13. Absurd, scholar being kept out of a kind of vocabulary (7) IDIOTIC {IDIOmaTIC}
15. Spectacle by leaf insect (7) PAGEANT {PAGE}{ANT}
19. In midday exam first of chelas finds little opposition (2,7) NO CONTEST {NO {C}ON}{TEST}
22. Despicable bottom (4) BASE (DD)
24. Sometimes we may have to do this on dotted line (4) TEAR (E)
25. The brain — not a colourless thing as it suggests (4,6) GREY MATTER  (D&CD)
26. He may be stopped by the way by TV reporters (3,2,3,6) MAN IN THE STREET (E)


1. Plot by small revolutionary setter (6) SCHEME {S}{CHE}{ME}
2. I am favourite one with energy to make a complaint (8) IMPETIGO {I'M}{PET}{I}{GO}
3. Shot French girl in the course of physical training (6) PELLET {P{ELLE}T}
4. Nun's fate is fixedlet go! (8) UNFASTEN {NUNS+FATE}*
6. Paper art by alternative police officer's friend in Paris (7) ORIGAMI {OR}{IG}{AMI}
7. Mantri balked at the emergence of a clan (6) TRIBAL (T) 'at the emergence' is a hidden word indicator?
8. Picked up French thing (5) CHOSE (DD)
14. It was worn by clownish member of a class (5,3) DUNCE CAP (E)

16. Try volunteers rising and disrupting Met exercise (7) ATTEMPT {TA<=}{MET*}{PT}
17. Bet term I hurled is to cause hard feelings (8) EMBITTER {BET+TERM+I}*
18. Strict always in group that's cut short (6) SEVERE {S{EVER}Et}
20. Kodava lost old dog (5) CORGI {COoRGI}

21. Deny information put up by tea group (6) NEGATE {GEN<=}{TEA*}
23. Works hard to eliminate wastes (6) SWEATS {WASTES*}

Model=T, Scholar=MA
Small=S, Revolutionary=Che, Setter=Me, I am=I'M, Favourite=Pet, One=I, Energy=Go, French girl=Elle, Physical training=PT, Alternative=Or, Police officer=IG, Friend in Paris=Ami, Exercise=PT, Old=O, Information=Gen

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  1. At last TH has heard us and dropped the same-day-solution process from today!

  2. I did today's yesterday and vice-versa. Yet, Gridman remains the same ! They must get someone from this blog on to the Features section in Hindu. Who better than Gridman ?

  3. The date mentions 16th Feb 2017 instead of 18th Feb 2017...

  4. Very few have 5A to comment today..perhaps because of the faux pas by the online team?
    Atleast relief for the solvers of print edition..

  5. No relief for print edition solvers. I did today's CW on paper yesterday itself and I did today's print edition CW last night on line after reading comments in the blog. So an off day today and looking forward to tomorrow's spl.

  6. My grievance is redressed by restoring the earlier practice in toto.

  7. Seshagiri Row Karry - Say 'our'...